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Review by s1177375

s1177375 It’s so obvious when you’re on the other side of it when you listen to phish completely fucked up on weed or fucked up on LSD or just alcohol maybe just drunk as a skunk weed maybe just sober but completely addicted to self and now that I go and see them sober I see that there is something more to life than this there’s more to life than 1 band there’s more to life than any band because no human can save us From our final enemy death-only Jesus can save us from cobain heroin addicted at death or Michael Jackson addicted to wtf knows what propophol even is but It’s supposed to only be used to put people under in like a fucking coma plus Xanax plus addicted to 10-year-old boys asses which is rape which is lost which is the pride of life which goes back to why Boyd Tinsley is out of Dave Matthews band and why Cosby my idol growing up is really just a fucking loser so yes there is more to life than this but it’s about other people it’s about helping peopleHelp that homeless junkie help your neighbors that you hate then you will see were real love is it’s about loving other people and the only way we are able to love God says to death is to die for your friend it is the best form of love that’s what Jesus did for us so if you’re willing to die for your best friend are you willing to die for your wife are you willing to die for that smelly Wookiee Phan beside you in are you willing to die for perfect strangers that are assholes that are enemies are you willing to die for your enemy if you are then you’ll realize that there is more to life than this and then you don’t care if the show’s good or not because you realize that Trey is just grasping at straws’s he’s just trying to find answers that can only be found and not the helping friendly book of Half lies on tour like we wanna Quit because we heard this lady say this amazing quote that I stop singing because I played the best thing I was ever going to play and so then it’s time to stop LIAR that’s not a book the book is the Bible they’re talking about the Bible even I realize it And I only have a degree not from Goddard college but I do have a four year college degree so fuck you but I don’t have alumni blues because I don’t give a shit about my time in college get to Jewish members we know what we’re talking about here we’re talking about the Bible when you say there’s got to be more life than this I want to be an official and just hold up a Bible Right in the middle of More doesn’t matter what version it doesn’t matter what translation who gives a fuck it could be any translation it could be the worst one It could even be the Message which is watered down bullshit but of course it doesn’t have to be king James my favorite cat I named him after the king James Bible it doesn’t even have to be the new American standard which I think is the best or the ESV but you can hold up proudly and I will at the next show I attend And actually request for more out there is more to life than this This band blogging the Internet it’s all just bullshit and you can stop singing that stupid song it is just read your fucking Bible the book that a kill list is always talking about icculus read the fucking book the book is talking about is the Bible that trey refused to read He thinks he’s talking about his legacy we don’t care about a legacy we don’t care the grateful dead Jerry Garcia will be forgotten even the Beatles will be forgotten the only thing you will be remembered cording to scripture is scripture itself the only thing that will last in this world Burns is the 66 books of truth. Two members in the band are Jewish God loves Jews more than any other race wake up people I want to hear fish in heaven the only way to do that is to get these fuckers saved


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