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Review by PhillyPhilly

PhillyPhilly Why do we see this band so many goddamn times??? Tonight’s show. Chef’s kiss. Larry David “prettay prettay good” meme. This was a Phish show folks.

Blending, and for my money surpassing, both the depth of jamming from Friday night S2 and the rocking peaks of Saturday, Phish delivered an epic Sunday throw down in Camden, slamming the calendar on June with authority.

And at this moment I realize that not one GotF or Kasvot song made an appearance tonight.... take from that what you will....

The Curtain is one of my favorite show openers. Aside: my other favorite opened the encore?! The “With” jam is beautiful and introspective. Just a lovely way to settle into a show.

Fast Enough for You bust out follows, and would be the first of many rare tunes this evening. FEFY is very nicely played, complete with tight soloing from Trey.

The fast paced cow funk of Buried Alive follows, another song which is high on my list of favorite show openers. Buried Alive gets the room shaking, and revved up for a funky Camel Walk. Nicely played, we funk our stuff, and then we get a Reba.

The Jersey crowd is pumped for this Reba and, after a not quite perfect but held-together composer section, the band rewards with a beautiful peaking Reba jam, the first really big peak of the night.

Wet whistles complete, we get to pump our fists and belt out the familiar lyrics of Sample. Trey rips a firey solo, much to our collective delight.

The next song to bust out is Pebbles & Marbles. Extremely well played version to my ears, especially given its rarity. It’s brought to a soaringly triumphant peak.

Tela is a cool down, I suppose. Another relative rarity, not perfectly played but soulfully played. A lullaby the breezes whisper.

Mango Song, fuck yes! Another bust out?? I love me some Mangoes, this one was no exception.

Driver, wow. String of bust outs continue. First time seen for me. This is a gorgeous song that I never thought I would get to hear.

Bowie straight up rips faces. Huge, huge closing string of peaks.

This was one hell of a S1. Friends are collected and dispersed again during set break, and before long the lights hit for S2.

Mr Completely! The Phish versions of this TAB beast have been very successful and tonight’s is no exception. Deeply funked out jamming ensues, stretching to the 17 min mark.

Twenty Years Later. No one saw you coming huh?? In fact mild disappointment could be seen on a few faces when this song rang out, presumably being less than thrilled with the setlist location. Instead the Camden 20YL snatches the ring from Reading ‘13 to become your new best-ever version. This 20YL was many things. A Funk Beast. A polyrhythmic psychedelic mind fuck. A multiple peaker. What do you want from your huge Phish jam? Listen to this 21+ min 20YL and ye shall receive it.

Instead of the expected cool down we’re ready to put our Metal faces on for the BBFCFM. This Creature shreds straight into the Sunday Tweezer that we all felt, and many called, all night long.

The Tweezer chords send Camden into a frenzy, and the band responds with a straight-up shredder version of this marquee song, recalling memories of the S2 closing version at this same venue from ‘09.

Finally, we cool down in the Shade. My first time seen for this pretty ditty.

What is this funk pounding rhythm that emerges next? Most Events Aren’t Planned??!! Sick deep S2 song choice, and a funk party ensues.

Makisupa Policeman continues the late set funk, including a short but sweet Mike solo followed by a brief Mike v Trey duel.

Chalk Dust > Suzy is just more rocking party music for a Camden crowd that could not get enough this weekend.

PYITE? What are you doing in the encore slot?? Rocking shit a little more is the answer. WTU? Another very non-standard encore, beautifully and delicately played, quiet and patient, before emerging for the big orchestral peak. Julius, hello, finally a familiar encore face!

Julius rock will give way to a Tweeprise bomb, obviously ?? No! Tweezer ICBM remains in its tube, guessing launch codes will be entered for SPAC.

Camden has to settle for a triumphant, deep, inspired, rocking inferno of a Sunday show to cap this three show run.

The band is officially on fire. Miss the rest of this summer tour at your peril. You’ve been warned.


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