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Review by s1177375

s1177375 This was my 1st show since the show right before bakers 12 donuts the Pittsburgh show w the stellar Caspian and mr completely. And they were about equally a 4 out of 5. The fans got this one right. My shows in Redding 2013 and Camden 09 w lizards and sand and 2 22 03 w a bathtub gin one of the best 20 versions ever and merriweather 2011 2nd night w saw it again 2x into jumping jack flash and Camden night 1 03 right before IT w the nice lyrical mention in ain’t goin nowhere the best SASS I’ve ever heard the only one I heard close to it was their well what was supposed to be their last 2 set show in Camden to end set 2 I’m so glad trey got sober and hired all new none family and none friends. Business and family don’t always mix well and 2009 to 19 these ten years have been far better than all 2004 even the only great show 6 19 04 now those were all better shows than this one but this was still fun albeit much tighter rock w less jams overall. Right in the middle rated to me of the 30 shows I’ve attended not amazing but certainly not 11 29 03 that was my only show that completely sucked. It just was awful. The simple was even bad. So for my attendance it stacked up like 6 out of the 30 not too shabby. As for play by play..... I showed up late missing the opening catchy chords to soul planet. The people on the lawn seemed mildly disappointed as I meandered my way to my page side pavilion seat in section 38. The jam just starts when I arrive to find my seat is broken lol I really like the catchy song and I love the lyrics very joyful and inspiring and it is my 1st one live so I always like getting new songs live to catalog till I hear nearly the entire list from A to Z including covers and solo stuff like ghosts of the and I still wanna hear don’t u wanna go the classic Christian bluegrass song about heaven on a train to it into Let’s Go by Gordon on his latest OGOBOGO album. We got the other 1 that’s great Crazy Sometimes The Soul Planet just got the crowd going a bit cuz it wasn’t rocking or long enough to slay but was ok. Like another reviewer said they set the bar too high at MSG debut w the pirate boat visuals. The Moma dance I was hoping for the 14 minute version over the 7 and we got a hybrid. Not quite the slow beginning funky one but not short enough to be called standard either. Just ok now I’m officially dancing. Kill killed the crowds vibe people don’t love that song unless it goes over 15 min and this one was a straight rocker. So it looks like a Rock show not a bluegrass not a swinging dicks big band not a funky show exactly either just ROCK and roll. Then we get The first song that actually makes me go whoa and scream out loud my pet cat because I own three cats I think people around me were like why is he screaming for a four minute silly song was because of the context and I don’t think I’ve heard any chilling thrilling Halloween songs to that point now I’m officially happy This one’s for Ziggy Shakespeare and king James at home We don’t know at all what p fish is or what that songs aboutThen I go into one of my top 10 favorite songs and back on the train but it does not go 10 minutes like the one at 2 28 03 it was just good not great Like I’d hoped it be because I hadn’t heard it live till tonight. Then they played two rockers songs one I do not like at all To me everything is hollow is by far not only the worst on the play tonight but the worst song on Kasbah and that whole album is just terrible I despise that album I don’t care if it is a parity of Scandinavian bands it’s awful no matter whether it’s a joke I gag I don’t care it’s bad but ghost of the forest album is not bad and about to run is one of the best songs on that album so that I was happy to hear I also really like drift while you’re sleeping and the one they debuted is an encore tonight a life beyond the dream which is a great ballad. The part in about Jaron where he screams liar the second time the second verse is what Eric Clapton’s rock ‘n’ roll is all about I love that song I hope that gets into rotation then they get the crowd really going finally I was going at my pet cat but the crowd got into the show finally during divided sky because the sun was going down right when they hit the mid point where they stop frozen the pavilion Decibel level-goes crazy I’ve heard this song like five times live like Fzappa20 talking about seeing it 1/3 of the time I can relate to that but this one was a much better version than any I’ve heard to this point Trey was really hitting those nice little guitar licks and it was short and sweet but really good Maybe even jam worthy on this site I compare it to 1129 2003 and the Trainwreck version of it this is the first must listen to song of the night. Idk I got to hear that the very similar spot one next to the right it was the set closer at Cincinnati 2003 first night here run like an antelope was the walls and they were just inverted. I’ve heard run like middle of too many times so was the cables actually I was actually happier to hear that it builds really well and this whole set was just a rock set I thought already and that as the ending song the cave really clinched it as a rocker. A very short set break was cool Because I didn’t need to go to the bathroom and I had already had wine and water so I was good to go on liquids it felt like they were backstage only 15 20 minutes tops. Of the 2 They always play together and kill Devil falls and stealing time they always seem to play that at the same show and once again they did it tonight if I had to pick a favorite of those two it’s definitely stealing time both lyrically and it rocks better too. But as a second set opener where the bar is set so I was a little disappointing to say the least I thought man this is going to be just another shitty show. But then they finally did when I’ve been asking for a 20+ minutes song and they picked the one that I would least of expected like lawn boy at Madison Square Garden wasn’t quite that surprising but almost I don’t think there’s been a 24 minute birds of a feather until four nights ago and this one was not disappointing at all and even had the woman section from the audience for they slow it down to nothing but it only went on for about 10 seconds and they did a pussy drop and my pet cat sound made me chuckle when I heard the pussy drop Interrupt into a cat screeching. This is the must listen to song of the night by far !!! Even my wife who doesn’t like phish at all likes birds of a feather antelope steam and parts of mfmf This eagle really soared pecked out all the eyes in Cuyahoga before flying off leaving nothing Left for the vultures to eat it was truly amazing I asked for 20+ and it sounds like they even directly listen to me which is strange to say the least. Even though it’s pure coincidence I’m sure. Our rates mentioned crazy sometimes it’s my second favorite Mike’s solo song off the new albumAnd it did not disappoint had a similar jam to the birds. Everyone seems to hate miss you cause it’s such a slow zone and replacement is good in the middle of the second set to let everybody sit down and go to the bathroom but I like it lyrically because it reminds me of my dad who I missed tremendously as trey does his sister. I can understand the lyrics and the pain and I’m sure other people can to even ones that haven’t lost somebody but it is very slow and almost boring at times I can understand that and yet people love Brian and Robert Even slower so idk plans are picky and pretentious and hard to please Trey and other 3 surely do have strange demands piled up on them. I think Trey knows that we don’t like the song miss you we being the fans in general because I actually do like it but because of that he had to go into another rockin Chalkdust And it reminded me of the want to Camden 03 nice 10 minute rocker and it did not disappoint at all another must listen to into perhaps my favorite sat closer for a second set of maybe all songs a perfect slave and it was very pretty indeed much like the divided it was played really wellAnd as if that were not enough the encore was even better. I was calling two of the songs they played in the parking lot like I called about to run by screaming outlier in the parking lot to guy knew was lying to me and I also screamed out open and melt actually I said belt melt so I called those two but I did not think it would be for the encore which it had not been since 1991 Not a traditional passed out but a bust out in placement for sure and it was a nice long one too with really dark edgy Jimmy which is what you expect from a split open and I could tell they were going to offset right away so I stuck around and they went into a really nice pallet from ghost of the forest very pretty song I hope they play again on the tour because it is nice We can see Trey we can see I CAN SEE life beyond the grave!! For me what made the show just slightly better than the one in Pittsburgh is not that they had a better song than Caspian or Mr. completely birds of a feather was not better than those two but it built so it started out slow and it just got better as the night went on which I like shows like that


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