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Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1: The weakest of the three first sets, but all three first sets are above the line of quality for a typical modern era first set, so there's nothing wrong with that. Wingsuit is its typical fiery self, Gin reaches the same boulder-rolling-down-a-hill propulsive quality of the last couple of Type I Gins, and Tube continues its Chula Vista-led renaissance with another powerful piece of dark funkiness amidships. Good stuff to start off.

Set 2: *cracks knuckles*

- Crosseyed and Painless makes for a remarkable bookend to the oceans-deep groove of the 1/17/16 version, with even the regular Type I jam full of burbling fire, until Trey makes the move to major key and the band heads into the same kind of upbeat hose that 2015 made into a specialty. But, just as quickly, they shift to a more relaxed zone, with Mike flipping on an effect and Fish incorporating the cowbell into the mix as Page heads to electric piano land and Trey playing some warm 70s style notes. Fish switches the beat up and they REALLY go 70s jam style, as Trey really cranks into his soloing and the band heads for a superb peak (goodness me, all four of them are just on fire in this segment). Mike gets his chance to fire off the meatball as the jam goes out in a blaze of glory, and we go into...

- Steam, and while this isn't quite 12/28/12's version, a) it's very well placed, b) it includes some absolutely ferocious soloing between verses, and c) Trey plays some really beautiful notes at the end of this version, making it stand out quite a bit from the pack. Trey then latches onto a familiar riff, and after some buildup we get a genuine segue into...

- Piper, which incorporates an Xeyed tease in the usual jam, then seems to be dying away after a high-octane regular Piper jam, but Fish decides that he can see the fabled 4.6 on the horizon, so he keeps the jam alive and Trey decides to move over to Marimba Lumina and we get a *fiery* percussion-driven jam (I know some of you all, including one or two rather, um, *assertive* reviewers on this page, are over these sorts of jams, but when they play these sorts of jams with THIS much energy, they are real hard to hate IMO). Both Mike and Page decide to head on over as Fish really goes Incredible Hulk on his kit, and we get a true Drums segment, with the three other band members riding shotgun to Fish having one of his truly great moments in the sun (seriously, he's absolutely KILLING IT during this segment; it's proof positive that our favorite band's got one hell of a player on the sticks). And after they get that out of their system, they head into an utterly gigantic Jam segment, growling and nasty and replete with more Xeyed teases (it actually sounds a bit like the famous Dear Mr. Fantasy segment of the 7/31/13 Tweezer), and that leads into...

- Light, and this Light just roams all over the map in glorious fashion, dying away into beautiful proto-ambiance (love what Mike is doing here), rebuilding into a more relaxed take on the usual Light jam before pushing back to the usual powerful jamming we expect from Light, giving us YET MORE Xeyed teases in the middle of some absolutely blistering hose (it's about here that you can surmise that all those teases are a reference to the lack of a setlist gimmick for this run), then collapses into a really cool little Trey riff as the jam dies away (it reminds me a bit of the end of Oasis song D'You Know What I Mean? - thank goodness I figured it out, or else it would STILL be driving me crazy), from which emerges with a perfect grace...

- The Lizards, and it's not the tightest version of The Lizards, but who really cares *that much* at this point? And, to bring the proceedings to a massive close, the band goes with...

- First Tube, with the now-expected Xeyed teases squeezed in there. Walls makes for a great finale to a wonderful run.

Final thoughts: my favorite show of the run, but that doesn't matter that much - this is a pantheon show for the modern era, one that we'll be talking about for a very long time hence. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
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