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Review by phindMYface

phindMYface ******FIRST SHOW/ WORST SHOW LOVE ********5 STAR RATING IS SCEWED AND destroyedddd!!!! In all seriousness , this means so much to you its the worst show him love...he has put himself thru the ringer just to hear you whooo just once l!!! !!

--- the only reason it gets 5....--Relistened Only once...refuse to lose the grip on the magic ....around 3 years ago. I knew it would be a shakin the rust off kind of night....-and the buzz on lot was that the boys would rarely leave the comfort zone of any given jam so early into reunion....the bar was lien ....and that I was bound a song I didn't like but that being said it was THE turning point of my life and has led to nothing but positive and
...Ill never forget what a wild road trip this was, crew noobed out the whole damn place but we had eachother to keep our status as low profile as possible( cuz you know, you give a shit when your 18), never forget the songs ,people and love felt (although looking back on my first over a wook... step,I apologize by Lem, not sorry dr funkenwook..THE FUCKS YOUR PROBLEM ... Says the wooks be pants lol ---you youn rockin J's

I had been listening to phish since age 7 (Billy breaths & Rift Christmas THX SANTAKathy)...Rift spoke volumes go head my aunts boyfriend atthe time ....and now my favorite person save my wife, to hit shows with.... was as 90's tour bro as they come :every festival(cypress icl.) every Halloween, New Years, and Coventry ....so he hands me his (awful) copy of Went on a random weekend. He knew (9) I wandered always has great hair he's gotta be older I've never asked me? haven't looked back since ...
Throw in countless crew , Pham love , the headiest of _______(insert what you'd like) personal struggles and triumph alike , growing in to our own...a beautiful wife and baby boy ...a dash ofnGrateful80's parents(my dad would say ... No jerry no grateful dead...plain and simple) !!---gives you the lead into to my absolute worst show ever!!!! And it was the best thing to ever happen to me so here we went everything led up o here so let's dive in

Noob Love: from Mansfield 09: Show 1

Stealing Time? Sounds great
BOTT? Wow this is a nice start to the
?!? JIBOO ! That was on my list of songs I'm hoping for (first show edition) list
Golgi - only the finest dance moves till this day.
The crew and I would take the time to look at eachother and just smile ...no need for words everyone was glowing ...the crowd was elated from our point of view ...
sorry vets, this isn't what you left behind was it?--jaded origins???
2011/12 is around the corner

To this day 'll take that Caspian as mine.... Ya ya ya-...its Caspian .. . But it was OUR Caspian ... It gave me a chAnce to break into their candles !!? Lmao a back to it ......That slow wishwash riff was hittin the soul! This years(2016) tour mean move over 09 so ill keep this one close (goosebumps thinkin bout it. The--- I have arrived, its beautiful , take it all in while you can---moment) I never prefer Caspian at my shows ... I prefer moments of appreciating what it is we're seeing and living and for me , that asociates with the social stigma you've been riding to your righteousness ....

Set break --boombow chocolates from sexy lot chick in full effect ... wasn't sure how to react with other fans ..just discussed amongst ourselves how we were feelin, favorite jams , and how and we were dumbfounded..... Felt as tho only 4or5 (pretty short for real) minutes passed

SET 2:

Face officially needs to be scraped from the pavement first time live ...fluff head/'hood are fantasic:

Fluff is just an all time favorite of mine, pretty fuckin lucky first show song selection wise but wait...

Scent of a mule 😛 My first show was surely a stacked

...only thing I wished not to have seen my first show....
*****heavy things_
--- only fitting I was slapped right back in the face with it !----Immediate Phish karma ya noob!!!

That is the phiest of my night -was my personal highlight but bug holds a special place as that beautiful second realization (Caspian 1st) it HITS NEVER saw another show again that atleast i did once and I soaked in every moment possible

Encore: 🤔...?.🤔..?..🤔.? Contact!!! 😃My friend exclaimed as it bopped through the night playfully ...
Then into the most excited Julius has given me....what can i say, noob.me ... Boogie on down tourb and - bounce out of here with some soul...
I spent all that time waiting , hopeful...abuzz ... I had reached absolute bliss... my first show ...✅ not one best best version acitually it was that night and we got him to the next day ....we love you guys thank you for coming back...and staying there haha

Love all of you guys old and known Alex is the one who has one
Of the deepest appreciation for the band the phan an.stop whooing! We're not in Tahoe anymore now......orlllll
Thank you guys for having more patience with my keyboard phone ss had a a lord fun and ya know what wemdouldnuaenrhensippoertnqhsr

At this place out of a really meaningful place....you guys have played every song better and better since the night bedore... My costume i could just be mikes missing shit . Look thanks guys Im with you guys I till I can't physically do it lol but i do have a deep appreciation for Tahoe tweezer
What i KNEW.... And you know you known i love bass w a gun!!whoo!'n
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