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Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads IT: Day Two. How Phishy to open with Daniel Saw the Stone (perhaps a nod to terrhards that had been present a few days earlier at Bustout, Inc. a.k.a. 7/29/03?) Phish can be profoundly loyal; I wouldn't put it past them. The It Chalkdust roams through several sections in a manner similar to the 7/31/13 (Tahoe) Tweezer, in this phan's opinion, though with nothing occluded by woos. The vibe alone seems to have been sufficient for crowd participation; no noise necessary. Weekapaug Groove works really well here as a set-closer. Recall that it previously occupied that position at the Clifford Ball! Mellow Mood is another somewhat queer but welcome choice for set-opener. It would've had me wondering what was coming next, as one pretty much always must with Phish. I remember my first show, a more experienced phan who I'd ridden to the show with encouraged me to help clean up the debris left by less considerate--or forward-thinking--phans, partly upon the basis that "who knows, they might come out for another set!" This was revelatory to me. "You mean lights out doesn't necessarily mean lights out?" I thought. Ghost takes a more peaky approach in its jam, but still boasts the agility that was a hallmark of 2.0 and the It Festival. The ever-lauded stop-start jamming even comes into play--again, the phans were equipped with Woo-X! The tender moments of It seem somehow more compelling to me than the huge jams, upon this relisten (Cf. -> Mountains in the Mist, Pebbles and Marbles.) On the other hand, 46 Days is a kind of transformative, transcendental experience that at the moment is bringing to mind images of the Monolith from Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Phish kind of "breaks through" in a very intriguing way in this jam, kind of dividing the jam pretty much into two distinct halves. My last word on this show (and festival) will be to relate an experience I had with The Lizards from 8/3/03 not long after some friends had returned from It: I "saw," in a Castanedian, Toltec sense (look it up) the limber and pliant nature of a woman's soul dancing to this version of The Lizards as we stood outside friends' house, and well, it's something I'll never forget, and something that I can't honestly say any other band's music has ever inspired my mind to do. God, grant me the serenity to accept the shows I cannot attend, courage to be good phamily at the shows I can, and the wisdom to know that I can always spare some kindness.


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