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An amazing night of music!
Check out this entire show, with a well-played first half (check out the 'Ghost' and 'Mike', if looking for highlights) and a phenomenal second set that is loaded, with a 20+ minute KDF, a rotation-hungry Monster, a sweet and delicate Twist, and loads of fun between the set-closing Reba and Gin. Totally no-regrets 5/5 at the time, and upon relisten

Relistening to this show from three months ago:

What a show! I hadn't heard much of the newest material except once or twice prior to this two show run I was doing with some friends and some friends of friends (who I would spend most of Magnaball with. such a blast!). Anyway, we ended up on the lawn, Page side, with good views of the stage, and with plenty of space for all of us to dance without running into our neighbors.

The "Caspian" was nice, I thought Trey was going to start into Bittersweet Motel to start the show in a real weird way, but I started reading the Narnia books when i was 6 so I always like getting this song. Also, to be afloat upon the waves would have been better than Hotlanta weather during shakedown street.

Getting "NMINML" as a second song was a treat for me, as I really dig the roc kin' grooves and think the lyrics are pretty funny and almost Dead-like and can speak really well to those in the expansive mindstate. Anyway, I approve (for those who were keeping track of things i approve: NMINML is a thing i approve. As is keeping track of things I approve of, but its kind of weird that others might also be keeping track of those things) Nothing exploratory in this version, but fun!

A first set story with a 3rd song "Ghost" is one I've never been told (sorry...). This particular ghost is pleasant and relaxed, with some nice Trey and Page action at about ten minutes, building gradually before slowing way down and coming to a stop.

"The Wedge" and "Moma Dance" are fun dance tunes for me to get my groove on, so I don't remember much about this part of the show, other than spinning around and shakin it (and jigglin' it) a bit. On the re listen, Wedge is well played.

During the brief pause at the end of the song, I think to myself that Trey sounds pretty great so far this summer, FTW practice and performance seems like it did 'something' for him.

That pause is quite brief as the funky opening to the Dance starts, and I return to the shoulder shake, head bop, and hip groove that everyone in the crowd seems to go to as their default dance move. or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, the first quarter is just straight up 2015 groove funk sound. Relaxed would be the word. Not quite languid or burnt out by the heat, but funky, swampy sounds.

The new Gordon/Murawski song "How Many People Are You" is a nice new way to accelerate. Only the second time they've played it (Phish, I mean, and to crowds - MGB played it many times this summer), the lyrics are Cactus to the bone. How many people like you get caught in the buffer? Trey has a brief solo in the final jam section before the return to the chorus.

The odometer gets pushed down further when Fish starts the opening notes to "Rift." Which has become one of my favorite studio albums by Phish due to the feeling that it has a somewhat organized theme (the dreams/nightmares of an evening), and because I like almost all of the songs off of the album. This particular "Rift" is well-excuted, but nothing particularly noteworthy occurs.

Brief Trey Banter at the end.
"We'd like to pick up the tempo now"


The person next to our group asked me what they'd play and I thought they'd joke with us and just slow it waaaay down with a Sleeping Monkey or a Lengthwise. Instead, we got "Mike's Song". They mess around quite a few times, slowing it down, letting Fish go a bit wild once, Trey screaming, starting it with a funk, and then going into it for real. I think they made the right call with this song! No second jam, but fun and makes me wish they had taken this one a bit into space before bringing it back and playin around with filters. Page is groovin', Mike and Fish are keepin' it movin', Trey briefly explores with ideas and sounds. Only my second "Hydrogen" comes next, the first real breather song in a set that goes from funky to rollicking as the sun sets and the temperature cools down! The last notes of Hydrogen go into the "Groove", and its Mike all the way to start this one!

Overall, a fun first set! I probably overuse the words 'funk' and 'groove' to describe it, but that's just what I hear. It's a pleasant sound, and an enjoyable, well-crafted set that's for sure!

The setbreak is a good time to relax and take stock of our surroundings. The people are having fun, drinking, smoking, and carrying on, like they are known to do. After the show, the first thing my new friend Nick will ask is "so who called the 45 minute KDF to open the second set?"

While not quite 45 minutes, this is the most exploratory KDF to date (as 'jamming charts' notes). I had only listened to it once or twice since Magnaball (which has dominated my musicbox), but it's still just as good!

You can hear Trey raring to go, he signals KDF a few times on his guitar before the count off starts. This is the first time I've seen it as a second set opener (it opened the rocking 10/16/10 show), and its great. I am particularly entranced with all of the Mu-tron effects during the "Manteca-like tease", at around 14:00-15:40 minutes into the recording. I've relistened to that section dozens of times since then, and that sound is what got me to go back in the recordings and start looking for other Manteca teases [and other Mu-Tron uses] (thanks phish.net!!!!). And the arena-rock Tweeprize-esque build to that ending! Sick nasty!!! What could possibly come next after that mind melting???

Your spaceship is about to blast off!
I love the Monster, the first time I ever heard it was during NYE, my face melted to the floor and it has since become one of my absolute favorite numbers. It seems like they have a blast playing this one (but when are they not having fun up there??) That hot Trey/Mike guitar quantum entanglement action! I love when they mix it up - it's one of the things that got me into this thing!

> "Twist"
"Woo"! "WOO"! This one gets into a pleasant space groove pretty quickly. Trey is just so oozy that it lays an almost ambient texture, and Fish is so delicate, and it's all just beautiful. So great after 35 minutes of mind melting to open the set. And the build -> BOTT! It seems like Fish is the one to most noticeably have to 'grab on' to the segue, but that's probably just me hearing things that aren't there. Regardless, it's a nice -> !

What train are we getting back on? Touring? Sobriety? Life? a literal train? It probably matters if it does.

-> "Reba"

well played, and made me realize that this set was probably not going to have a breather at any point, which was A-OK with me! Trey plays nice and delicate at points before the jam cuts off.

Bathtub Gin starts off, which is nuts as a second set closer! And then Trey starts whistling Reba! LOL! Great! Enjoy yourself Trey! So many teases during this Gin, beyond the built-in Gershwin tease by Page!
We're all in this together! An euphoric, high energy section in the middle characterizes this Gin, inspiring that feeling of "this is where I'm supposed to be, forever!" and "thank you for validating my life choices!", and capping off a most excellent set from start to finish! As this song was coming to a close I was shouting "Third set!" so I missed Fish quoting KDF and the random scream. There was no way I wanted this night to end, they were on such fire! I had totally forgotten they would play an encore. Thank Icculus for another show tomorrow night, and that tickets were going to be sold at the door. "we're excited we get to come back another night, we hope you'll be there" - I agree, Trey!
A beautiful-to-my-ears "Farmhouse" encore, my first after twelve shows, and one of my favorite phish ballads, a song which makes me so appreciative of the trust, love, and kindness that I experience with my friends in the beautiful extended family this community offers. Followed by the typically arena-rocking "Character Zero," and the knowledge that tomorrow would bring another night of completely new music to jam to!

The walk out of the venue was probably the worst part. We took the wrong exit out of the actual arena, ended up walking an extra thirty minutes around the perimeter of the venue, before getting in the car, having all my smart-phone using friends realize they have no batteries, my dumbphone lacking a GPS, and we lacking directions to our motel. So the entire rest of the evening was pretty horrible, but the show itself was awesome, and I thought it was the best show I'd ever been to at the time. Can't wait to see them again!
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