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Review by BrandoMcfluffsocks

BrandoMcfluffsocks This review was really hard to start, because this show left me speechless. This show was the perfect end to a great birthday.

Set 1: Unlike most people, I was perfectly content to get Line'd for the opener, because I personally like the song. After The Line, Moma Dance all the way to Undermind are typical set 1 fun energy building songs. There is nothing ridiculously impressing here, but all of the songs are executed very well. The highlight of this "Phase" of the set is the Kill Devil Falls in my opinion.

Free->: This third "phase" of the show is where the band starts to really pick up the steam and get hot. Free and 46 Days bookend a ghost pepper spicy hot Reba that is an absolute must hear. As hot as this Reba is, don't sleep on Free and 46. If these three songs were a burger, the bread would not be conventional white bread.

Set 2: As everyone on MTV cribs ever would say, "This is where the magic happens!". Blaze On all through to the last note of Cavern is IT. The Blaze On's second showing featured a rock and rolling jam that cools off in to a slightly demented psychedelic landing pad, that would ultimately lead to being the band's take off strip for the rest of the night. With a very Fukuoka-esque segue, the band slides in to Twist. The songs proper, is a very high energy version (unlike Fukuoka) with very precise harmonies by all members. To start the jam, Trey dips his toes in the crystal clear water by playing some very familiar but patient Twist licks. This goes on for about a minute or two, before Trey goes back to the end of Blaze On dementia theme, with a dirty coal covered growl like guitar tone. This jam has it all (as does the whole set), the grunge of a 2.0 show, the patience and interplay of a 1.0, and the mind bending psychedelia of 3.0 show. After an attempted ending by Trey, Mike keeps the fire going and they change keys in to a calm blissful stroll at about minute 10, that ultimately rockets off in to oblivion with some of Trey's new found Jerry like GD50 likes combined with some delay for a wonderful peak.

Segue in to Light seems very natural. The lyrics for Light almost put in to words what the band achieved with music in the last 5 minutes of the Twist before it. Also similar to Twist, this version is extremely high spirited, but starts deceivingly mellow. Personally I thought it would be the landing pad to cleanse their pallet. Luckily, I was wrong! It ventures in to a dark funky haze with multiple Manteca teases, then slyly changes keys in to an upbeat major romped reminiscent of the notable Dicks Light from 2012. Unlike the Dicks Light, this jam has no superstar. Every member contributing to a greater whole. The last few minutes of this jam, it seems as if they are almost all soloing with each other. This one is an All Timer.

Light segues nicely in to a sentimental breather, which is Joy. Although I am not totally crazy about this song, I was extremely impressed with this version. In a lot of ways, I actually feel that this song is the highlight of the show! You can tell that the band really meant every lyric in this song. It felt like they were talking to the crowd, themselves, and their fans as a whole. This solo just wraps this whole songs in to one giant musical smile.

Harry Hood is executed finely, as well as a unique interpolated beginning. The jam, starts with a patient bliss, as do most worth while hoods. This jam also features a somewhat subtle Reba tease that slides them in to a minor/major purgatory, before diving straight in to dark waters to build tension, before a very soft almost restart segue back in to familiar hood territory with a glorious ending!

Cavern a good version, with precise playing by the whole band, but seems to be an afterthought even as it as happening, when compared to the hour and 30 minutes of bliss that happened before it. This version is interesting, in that my favorite part of the song, is actually from the banter of the song concludes. Cavern ends, the crowd explodes, and Trey yells "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" with more sincerity then I've ever heard him speak with, let alone anyone.

Encore: Zero'd. This is a raging zero! Nuff' Said. Just listen to it. Way above average but nothing crazy.

Call me crazy, but I think this show could be released as a live album, and get some traction even with the general public. Similar to albums like A Live One or NYE 95'. LISTEN TO THIS!


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