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Review by Kodiakfloyd

Kodiakfloyd TAB has been really hot this tour! From what I have listened to from Denver Ogden shows and a few taper recorded shows, they really are having a great time...and so are we!!! This First Ave show was the best TAB I have seen/heard in a long time! I'll throw down some highlights below:

Cayman Review: Trey knew it was time to start a show and the best way to do that is build some chemistry and connection with the crowd with none else than a song that can #GetIntoTheGroove. Really groovy version while Trey and Ray Ray were conversating musically building stronger grooves.

Gotta Jibboo: Yes, this meant we were in for a great opening Set 1! Repeated later in tour, Trey didn't take long to give us the sign that he's here to uplift, inspire, beleive, and flat out have a good time! Spiritually calling from the deep Trey busted around some Miles Davis Jean Pierresque notes, playing with our emotions and 3/4th of the way in, he finally released it and I couldn't help but smile! This Jean Pierre "Jibboo" was gladly busted out (again which we have heard before Jan 2013) ;) . Thanks Trey. Ray Ray really dances nicely in this version!

Gone and Magila: JHa, Chainsaw, JamesCasey started to add more depth with these two tunes. Backing vocals, Classic Jazz, finger-in-air dancin horn sections, Magilla flat out has inspiration on this night but a little extra dancing for myself!

Valentine and Pulsing Days: All I can say is both of these songs were played with extra emotion tonight! Definitely impressed with the backing vocals all the way to the raw emotion inspired from the room and connections with the band! Pulsing Days as well was pulled from the energy in the room as Trey caught on and uplifted & inspired a solo with extra ooos and ahhhs but more importantly very soul touching tones!

Dark and Down: Set 1 Highlight alert!! Trey dug deep into his passion for music and uplifted the spirit of straight up wail and crying tones which had so much emotion and energy that the place nearly exploded with Purple Rain! Dark and Down straight up soared into raw real emotions! A must hear! #sand

Mozambique: A shorter version but played with precision and allowed the band to #getbackintothegroove now ready for the entrance of some Money Love and Change!

Money Love & Change: Full band grooving going down! Good solos, good connections, pretty damn good version. Will need to listen agin for more detail but I thoroughly enjoyed this Play and placement! Nothing is more exciting than entering the money Love and Change jam! Listen...bah duh duh, bah da duh duh.... "Entering the jam" feel the excitement!

Frost: I love his tune, love the tone and playing of Trey and Ray Ray, love the placement for a breather before the finish...but unfortunately Trey came up short nailing the tone and solo almost as if he meant to as if he was looking for the sweet spot which he would find later in the show for Greyhound Rising and Architect. Still left me happy but not fully nailed by the band or maybe just Trey.

Pigtail: Yes, I was so happy that Ray Ray caught on tonight (missed in StLouis) but nailed the key to move onto the piano and let it loose! Ray danced melodically at the end of Pigtail and it was great! Great backup vocals and version!

Night Speaks: Love the way the ladies belt out night Speaks! Most powerful lyrics around! Good solid version, lots of groove and Russ always keeping the pace. Very groovy jam as always.

1977: Really dig his cover and how seductive Natalie Chainsaw Cressman performs it. Not only lyrically but the way her body moves as she mesmerizes he audience.

Push On Till The Day: a highlight at any show, Trey dug deep and really Pushed On! The band was right and he energy was high! Horn section was good not great ( they usually kill this part) during the fast paced section which is always a favorite and Tony dropped nicely into he groove which is always fun to get down to! This first set couldn't of closed any better!

Set 2

Curlews Call: I really dig his song and love he way the horns and Russ Lawton always uplift the grooves. Trey seemed to be primed and ready to unleash some magic and this song surely warmed us back up with the fire we would soon be embraced with at First Ave!

#Sand: This was one hell of a version, Ray Rays entrance is always a sign of good things to come as they fiercely flow nicely through the beginning sections. The the jam begins, amazing patience and precision! Reminds me of 11/01/13 Sand where Trey patiently adds soaring notes bending and turning but more progressive as if Dave Gilmour has been instilled with Jimi Hendrix mind. Trey marvelously allows the jam to grasp grooves and explore/improv. Horn section adds nicely into this arrangement and some lyrical stews(for you Umphrey fans) seemed to be added as the jam commenced! Trey patiently danced through the jam with some wails, screams, and mind bending notes as if he didn't want the peak to ever come but alas peaks upon peaks upon grooves laid nicely for the finish. Hats off to Tony for producing and creating one of the best grooves around #Sand!!

Land Of Nod: I was super excited to be hearing my first ever live Land of Nod! A very psychedelic version with some Latin grooves and inspiring horn sections. A very good version different than the studio album definitely keeping me in a dream like state in this 2nd set!

Greyhound Rising: this version had some extra inspiration and Trey nailed the tone and the solo. Felt like Trey finally nailed the tone he was looking for in Frost but seriously inspired the First Avenue crowd. Another highlight!

Burlap Sack and Pumps: Let me just say that James Mugz Casey inspired the free jazz psychedelia movement in this rendition. A much more deep rendition while Trey and Mugz went back and forth taking us deeper into the abyss. Tony as always kept the groove consistent and I applaud this play! A much better version in my mind than Opening night at Ogden. Happy birthday Mugz!!

Architect: A very inspiring Song which seems to have gotten better and better each time played. Trey doodled around and inspired again as the Architect had all of First Ave raising their glass! ;) Love this tune!

Bounce: Absolutely love this song! I knew majority of the crowd didn't know it yet so the beginning section really made the crowd wonder if this was going to have as much energy as the previous tunes, but as the song reached the Bounce Section I knew we were all about to embark on energy! "And Bounce!! Too high too high!!" Very fun song and creative!

Simple Twist Up Dave: what a genius song with Tony always producing more and more grooves! STUD was great full of energy and life! Can't wait to give it a spin again when soundboard mix comes out!

Clint Eastwood: Not much more to say than "JHa!!" She absolutely nails this everytime! Also allows first show/time TAB fans to hear something they may have heard elsewhere but TAB cover version kicks ass.

First Tube: high energy, daring solos, epic improvs and daring leg kicks, TAB and Trey really make this song shine! Another amazing tune created by Tony. Russ and Ray Ray always excelling and the band made this show closer a good one! Having Horns are really the best way to hear this tune!


Heavy Things: Trey on Acoustic allowing Ray Ray the Milkman to serenade us with his happy fingers on the piano! Love these TAB versions as they are so happy and melodic!

Black Dog: Absolutely been killing these show closers as JHa destroys the vocals and Russ always on point. Trey absolutely nailed the guitar sections and Treys solo at the end was trading off back and forth with JHa vocals! Great version...but they always are with this band.

Conclusion: TAB is on fire, really having a good time and destroyed Minneapolis with amazing grooves and happy moods! Absolutely love the band and am happy they graced Minnesota with their presence. Please come back again sooner than later. Hat tip to Ray Ray as I love his playing! Thank you Russ, Tony for always being consistent! JHa Chainsaw and Mugz absolutely played well and vocals always spot on! And Trey, you always inspire, create, uplift and continue to bring the same energy every night! A true inspiration musically.Thanks again and go see TAB!!

Sincerly, The Toolmaster of Brainerd #Getintothegroove #Sand
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