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Review by Splinter

Splinter Hampton 10-20-2013

So I did not attend the show, though was able to watch the stream and I have re listened twice today.
Julius is the way to come out of the gates. They stood up early and said “Don’t take another step” unless you’re ready for some funk. Dropping a sweetly danceable, Jazzy Julius Jam getting everyone’s blood pumping preparing them for the tasty funk bombs up next.

Funky Bitch, I ain’t got nowhere to go! And I don’t want to go anywhere with Page tearing up the keys on this hot number. The pure Phish Funk Soul comes out for this tune most every time and Hampton III was no exception. Mikes kept the Bombs flying and his voice sounded way better than the previous night. Being the second song of the night it was good to hear Mikes voice so strong so early. Page was steady and hard hitting whilst Trey shredded nice and neat like. Keeping it crystal clear and whaling away. Fishman kept it steady as always.

Back On The Train was the perfect choice for the next song in my opinion. I didn’t see it coming which is always nice. I like they played this at Hampton, it leads me to believe we’ll be seeing it some more this tour which is always good. Funky breakdowns and some real cohesion among the band. This is my style Phish. Amazing song selection so far, flow from song to song is crucial. Keeping with that they slowly make their way into

Roses Are Free which I will never complain about especially post Funky Bitch. I had to resist all the urges that made me want to shout whilst the kids were sleeping and I had the show on full volume on my headphones. Strong version of Roses and I love a first set version, it lets you know you made the right choice ditching your loved ones and your obligations to go to the Phish Show and it will in fact be an unforgettable night. Just kidding. Everyone got a little time to play in this flower of a song. The jam was spacey and short. Not the best Roses but it was solid.

Sample In A Jar was next to bat. It was not a surprise to see Sample in this slot. Normal stuff here but Sample is a great song that makes the crowd feel as one. I feel like BOTT and RAF are serious dance numbers and Sample is a feel good song. It really does bring a sense of togetherness. Trey seemed to slip a bit in the beginning of the solo but he brought it back nicely and almost blew the top off of this tightly sealed “Jar”. Not a super long version but you could feel the band was into it. After some discussion they decided to drop

Ginseng Sullivan. Keeping a nice pace they nailed this song like normal. A mood lightener after some funk and rock. Just some good ol’ folky bluegrassy fun. Then the lights went away!! And out came those dirty old

46 Days with a hard rock and roll working mans feel. Trey has really become a master of this tune. Displaying an almost 8 minute Rock and Roll anthem about his old light man. 46 days was a nice slap in the face of Rock. So much energy coming off the stage. The attendees where a lucky group of phans. Trey switched gears and downshifted into

Divided Sky. Which should go down in Phishtory for the lighter pause. This was an amazing moment which I believe was sparked (pun intended) by pter (Saturdays Child). He or she relentlessly posted about getting the lighters going during set break night II of Hampton. This carried over to the Divided Sky pause. Shear awesomeness. I bet the band really appreciated the love. Good work Saturdays Child. Other than the sick pause Trey played the song near flawlessly and it was a beautiful moment for everyone (band included) I’m sure. This is what Phish is about. Great song, beautifully executed. The almost 20 minute version led me to believe that this monster would be the set closer. I was wrong, they were just simply opening the door for

Bold As Love. Bold is right. Page is a beast stepping up for this one on vocals. He does an amazing job at covering the great Jimi Hendrix. Page has the soul boy, he can let those love songs fly and we appreciate it, every note. Just ask the axis. You know what I’m saying. Play me out Trey!!!!

A much needed set break happened.

Paul and Silas was played due to some dudes dressed as Where’s Waldo making Trey think they were dressed in Prison Stripes. During set break they must have decided to rock it out for these guys only to find out they weren’t dressed in prison stripes at all. Ooops. Either way they played a great version of the song playing that jail house ,snappy dappy folk funk. ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Tweezer was an absolute Powerhouse following P and S. Turning the mothership inside out with deep dark jams. Kuroda doing his thing and doing it well providing a spacey ,funky light orchestra or buffet of heady lighting if you will. Enough to melt the most sober person face this was. The band seeks and destroys. They pushed the envelope and proved they can find new places to go. It’s so interesting watching them try to weave elegantly in and out of different formations of jamming. Experimental Phish is just Phish doing what they do best. I love it and I want more. Let’s just say Tweezer verified why they call Hampton The MotherShip. I thought this set would open with

Golden Age, though I was wrong again. They placed it after Tweezer. Why? Because Phish knows better than me. This Golden Age was defiant and mean. They tore into it fast and didn’t cease. I’m not the biggest fan of the versus but the chorus is catchy. Once they hit the jam they split the thing open. Exposing the middle gooiness of Golden Age. All the good stuff came pouring out. Wave after wave of knowledge vibrations.

Piper was to follow. Spreading immediate anxiety through the audience in anticipation. Knowing what is to come, the layering of vocal attributes and the intoxifying musical arrangement that waits. Trey played crisp the whole way through. They sailed their way through the jam not to disappoint. This was a solid Piper and fit the set list perfectly IMO. You’d think this set was shaping up for a sick 2001 next. Right feel and darkness to the jams. They are in the Mothership. It’s all adding up but to everyone’s surprise they rolled up their sleeves and segued into

Takin Care Of Business with loads of energy coming from the stage. Lights a Blaring and guitar a rippin!! Page banging the shit out of the ebony and ivory on the Grand. Trey belting out lyrics and playing that Rock and Roll. Mike keepin steady while Fish kept that sweet backbeat. Gotta love a cover they have obviously practiced the shit out of. They were really feeling the crowd which made the music and energy that much better. Once they finished taking care of business they dove into what we all knew was coming. Welcome to The MotherShip!

2001 was sweet. A little flub from trey but otherwise it was tight. Mike laid some nice bass lines in there that were new to me. I enjoyed Mike very much on this number. Page is always solid on 2001. I wish Trey would let him just GO for it longer. I feel like he cuts him off more often than not. But either way this was a standard 2001 from my view. I’ll take a Standard 2001 any day though.
Sand was next on the list. Being they are playing Sand more and more over the past few tours is making the song that much better every time. They have been so many places with it now I think they feel very comfortable jamming this all day. And I’ll listen. Smooth imagery of hourglasses and gun shot wounds. Questioning religion and your conscience all at once. The lyrics along with the riffs of this tune are BAD ASS. Sticking with the feel of the show this was another great pick for song selection. Performed with concentration and skill Phish nailed this one.
Slave To The Traffic Light was the pick for Closing the second set. A perfect choice. One of my favorite Dark, funk ballads. This is as heavy hitting as they come folks. Everyone played with love for the crowd. Trey played the solos great and the funk element was exactly where it was supposed to be. Rounding out a solid set with one of their best tunes.

Encore Break

A Day In The Life……Sick. Always sick.

Tweezer Reprize was of course the only way to go out. Great and powerful as always. Short and to the point. Step inside.

This is my first review of a show. Go easy on me.


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