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Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam Bathtub Gin Review:

Timings are from the AUD....

5:29 jam LIFTOFF-Standard stuff, Page on piano, Fishman working the ride cymbal
6:45 Trey finds a melody and plays 'around' it, eventually settling on trills/triplets at 7:10...Mike follows with a SICK bassline, including some slides that really funk it up. Fishman throws in a splash or two and Trey's trills and patience help to build the sound.
8:00 Trey continues on trills but throws on some effects. He goes for the "release" at 8:30, though he quickly returns and continues to play around the riff.
9:00 Sweet release, Trey hits the resolve. It seems like he's going to solo but then he continues the trill an octave higher. At this point, Page is matching him, absolutely going off and destroying the piano.
9:52 Another peak. Great interaction with Trey and Page. Trey can't seem to get off the triplet pattern he has been noodling around with but he uses it to his advantage, creating several mini-peaks.
11:15 Jam gets nasty. High energy, Fishman is hitting the splash and Trey is bending some high notes.
12:05 Here is where a typical Gin would end. If it resolved here, we'd be happy, it'd be a standard '98 Gin, nice peak, good tension, happiness all around. But no, this jam fizzles into a funk breakdown.

12:40 Trey puts on some effects, Page switches to his keyboards. Trey eventually gets on the wah, Page layers his keys and his piano to set a nice soundscape, aka, the funk scratch.
13:30 Band drops to minor. Funk is deep, total patience shown by all members.
14:10 Here is where I lose my shit. Fishman changes to the cowbell(or block?), you know something nasty is gonna happen.
14:40 Mike drops some bombs with a delay. Ladies and gentlemen, the Cactus Show.
15:35 The bombs Mike drops here remind me of a Pink Floyd sound. Page switches to the organ, Trey comes off the wah and adds some rhythmic sound before releasing into a solo. Meanwhile Mike keeps dropping bombs with the delay.

17:15 Fish switches back to the ride cymbal, Trey takes the lead with the solo.
18:30 Page is doing some nice work switching up his keys. Trey goes back to his wah and Mike once again, takes over.
19:15 Page switches to piano, Mike drops some awesome double note bass riffs. Page's switch to the piano really adds a new dimension to the jam. Fish picks up on this and starts doing that thing he does where he just abandons his "beat" and plays fill after fill.
20:00 Holy mother f-er, shit goes down. The band locks in and vamps on a nice groove.

22:50 Return to major and the Gin theme.

Overall, the version doesn't have a raging peak but it does have a lot of funk. The first 1/3, which is typical Gin jamming style, doesn't feature the straight ahead rapid fire soloing from Trey, rather it relies on layering.


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