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User_15475_ Let me start by saying that I think the is the quintessential Phish show of all time. While there have certainly been "bigger" Phish shows (Cypress, NYE 95, etc.), and while there have certainly been "jammier" Phish shows (11/22/97, 07/17/98, etc.), I do not think there has ever been a better Phish show in terms of just going out and nailing song after song after song. Even if you are only a casual fan of this show, then you know that it has at LEAST three top versions of famous Phish songs, and it probably has a lot more than that in all honesty.

Let's start with the most obvious jam here in YEM. I don't think a whole lot needs to be said about this jam. Everybody who has heard it knows that it and 12/09/95 are the premier YEMs of the Phish catalog, and it seems like a narrow majority has selected the Red Rocks 94' YEM as the greatest version of Phish's most iconic song. This is one of those unique, iconic Phish jams where it really speaks for itself. If you've heard it, then you know why it is the best. If you haven't then just go listen to it and you'll understand. It truly speaks for itself.

Next up we have Split Open and Melt. While the Big Cypress SOAMelt ventures off into blissful territory and then slams into a funky Catapult, this version is more of the tension and release type jam. But of course, "tension and release" is a bit of an understatement. This is the most definitive "tension and release" jam ever played by the band. There was an interview with Trey in Fall 1994 where he talks about hoe the band puts certain jams on the backburner during certain tours when they aren't really "feeling" the song. He specifically mentions the Red Rocks 1994 SOAMelt and talks about how the band knows they can never top a version like that. If Trey thinks it's the best... well.... that has to count for something, right?

Third, we have Stash. This one flies a little under the radar compared to the SOAMelt and the YEM, but almost everybody who has actually heard this Stash knows that it is among the premier versions ever played. This isn't some monster Type-2 version like Europe 97' Stash's, and it's not quite like the 11/14/95 Stash (I think that's the date), but it doesn't need to be. It's nine minutes long. Go listen to it and check it out for yourself. The entire jam just builds into the most cathartic (I'm not Mr. Miner, I swear, this is just the proper term here) ending to Stash you will ever here. Almost everybody who has heard it agrees, it is an insane Stash.

Outside of the "Big 3" we also have a number of amazing segments of music. It is hard to call any Tela "the best one ever," but it is hard to find one more perfectly nailed than this. I remember hearing a Phish fan at this show talk about how he cried when they played this version. I think that says it all. Indeed, the entire It's Ice>Tela is one gorgeous segment. The funky jam out of Ice just blends so fluidly into Tela. I wish they would play it like that more often.

A lot of people consider the Maze played at this show to be the best ever. I see this all the time. Personally, I prefer 06/18/94, but since so many people love this Maze, and it is really the heart of the second set, it is worth mentioning.

We also have a Fluffhead that I consider to be the best one ever played. Outside of one version in 1999, Fluffhead has never been jammed really, but you will not find a tighter more well-played version than this one, although 06/22/94 is an amazing version as well. The entire second set opener that precedes, 2001>Antelope, is quite unreal.

I could keep going, but then I would write about the entire show. Take it from me, RR1994. This show is A+ Phish.


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