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Review by harpua1214

harpua1214 Alright so this is my fourth show of the tour and total show count way too many to remember. ive never done a review. but here goes.

SET 1: Alumni Blues was a good energetic opener. Well played as everything almost is with 3.0. Sadly TMWSIY>AM>TMWSIY was RUINED by the audience around talking through the entire song. this was a recurring theme of the show Ill talk about later. Mike was great in kill devil falls, set took off during intro to Moma Dance which was funky as ever, song was well played. Gumbo sounded much better than when I heard it in AC. Now Bowie..what is going on trey..this is the second time this tour Ive seen Bowie, and the jam has started to get great, and then Trey smothers it by rushing into the outro. Good besides the rush. Alaska had the longest non set break bathroom crowd ive ever seen. Suskind had some interesting improv, then the obvious fishman antics to end the set which truly need no recap besides WOW purple rain Id never thought Id hear it.
SET 2: This set started off nothing short of great, on par with the rest of the tour. Boogie on up through Rock N Roll should be sought out by anyone who loves this summers jamming style. Tweezer was excellent, My dad though he heard teases of "The Wheel" by Grateful Dead in the Twist jam and while its hard to tell, the jam did seem slightly dead-esque to me (which was great). Taste had some different, interesting improv and Ive never really heard a version like this.
Now where it went wrong and why many will not like this show or bash it. I love horse and silent, and understand the band may need a breather, but it was just an awful choice after how great rock and roll was. You could feel the band and audience deflating during Silent and they never really regained the energy. This Hood, to me, explained why they havent finished that song alot this tour. The "feel good about hood" vocals at the end seem uninspired as if the band didn't really want to sing them. Shine a Light would have been tolerable, and was played quite well, but Show of life...what can I say. If the band felt the need to play a ballad I could have thought about ten others Id rather hear (If i Could, Lifeboy?) and at that point not even the moon coming out over the water during Slave could save the deflation that started with Silent.

Encore was ehh. after seeing the storage jam at super ball I really can never hear Sleeping Monkey the same again as all other versions pale in comparision. and Tweeprise, of course rocked.

Overall I give this show a 3.75 because everything was played excellent, but some problems that are typical of 3.0 were revealed..poor late 2nd set song choices, and certain jams just cut too short seemingly by Trey pushing a segue. Overall still a great time as always.

SIDE NOTE: Ive never seen an audience as disrespectful as this one. Whenever the band wasn't playing loud, EVERYONE around me was talking, and not even talking about the band or music, just bullshitting. Multiple times I yelled "shut the fuck up"(and im not much of a yeller) because people were talking over the music (especially during TMWSIY) and I couldnt hear the band well. Honestly Ive never been so appalled at how little the people around me seemed to care about the music. IF you want to talk and catch up with your friends, get the FUCK out of the concert.


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