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Review by Kurtzboy

Kurtzboy Second show for me, and it was quite the treat. It was a beautiful night in Cinci (with the exception of some rain) and it fit the show perfectly. Song by song breakdown:

Set I:
AC/DC Bag: Typical opener, full of high energy though.
Punch: I was surprised to see this one as the second song. I'd called it as the second set opener. Either way, a throughly pleasing Punch with a couple cool fakeout endings.
Bathtub Gin: You know you have a good show when this one shows up as the third song. Tasty playing from Page and Mike in particular. Wonderful solo from Trey taboot.
Taste: I have to be honest, this one doesn't do that much for me. It's too....busy. But, I still enjoyed the instrumental section with a sweet Trey solo.
Lawn Boy: Absolutely love this song. They should let Page sing lead more.
Mound: WOW! Second show and a Mound? I was pumped and shocked. Overall, they nailed the complex time/key/mood changes that have plagued this song in most of 3.0. Fantastic song.
Jibboo: Trey shined on this one with a solo that reminded me of the AC version. Pretty cool and tight return to the chorus before....
Reba: This was one of the first Phish songs I'd ever heard (first show I bought was 10/31/94). So, it was nice to have everything brought full circle. After a fairly short jam, I figured that that was the end of set one.
Fee: So, imagine my surprise when Fee started. My friend, Ellie, had been banking on this one. So, you can imagine her excitement when she saw Trey pull out the megaphone. Pretty typical Fee, until the end. After the final chorus, I saw Trey mouth something to Mike, and they started playing this pretty and ethereal melody. I was stunned. Combined with the sunset, I'm pretty sure that this was one of the prettiest moments I've ever witnessed.
BDTNL: Then, Number Line started. I love what they've been doing to this song this summer, and this one was no exception. Truly a great way to cap off set one.

Set II:
Carini: When Carini started, I immediately thought of my buddy Harry. He had decided to skip this show because he only knew 8 songs (I'm training him). This one was his favorite. Oh, the irony. Overall, nice hard-rocking Carini with a wonderful segue into Tweezer.
Tweezer: Best Tweezer of the tour so far. Mike owned his bass. Sweet little ambient section towards the end too. Blended into Free almost seamlessly. At the very least, seek this Tweezer out.
Free: You could just see this one coming. Nice, if standard Free. Had the whole crowd singing along.
Crosseyed: Another surprise. Boy, do they get funky here. They could play this song every show and I wouldn't mind. Whereas Free had everyone singing, Crosseyed had everyone dancing. The energy coming from everyone and the band (When did Fishman get so damned good?) was palpable.
Light: I like everything about this song besides the lyrics. Like BDTNL, I love where this song is going. Watch for this, BDTNL and KDF to become the next big jam vehicles. There was nice ambient esque jam that carried surprisingly into Boogie On. Somewhere this tour, Light is going to reach 20 minutes. You heard it here first.
Boogie On: Nice, funky and danceable Stevie Wonder cover. The dude next to me was pumped to hear it. I've never envied Mike so much as when he starts this song. I was hoping to hear that slow down trick that they did at Bethel, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.
Julius: Instead, we got Julius. I love it when Phish gets bluesy, and this Julius was no exception. There was a hot Trey solo and I figured that this would close out set 2.
YEM: Me and Ellie have never been more pleased to be wrong. I'd seen this one before, but she hadn't. This was the one song (besides Fee) that she wanted to hear since she first got into them. Wonderful funk groovin in this YEM, and they were the tightest that they'd been all night. Which is saying something. Spooky vocal jam followed (I've never been a big fan of vocal jams), which was perfect, except for some annoying drunk lady that actually tried to imitate Phish during the vocal jam. Of all the times to sing-a-long, this was not one of them.

Encore: The encore was pretty standard, but fun nonetheless. I enjoyed myself, and I'm in the process of begging my parents for Superball tickets.


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