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Review by phearless

phearless My 4th Phish show (hung out in the lot the first night and sat by the creek to hear the show perfectly) , it sucks being born in 1992. but now on to the review.
1st set

Chalkdust- the guy next to me called it and it was a pretty standard version with a mediocre jam. nothing to write home about.

Guelah- one of my favorite tunes, I went apeshit when Trey started playing
the opening riff. Absolutely perfectly played, The Asse Festival section was played with perfection.

MSO- ahhh some phishy bluegrass=) loved it.

Axilla I- a nice rocker, totally got the crowd going crazy. played with tons of energy too.

I Didn't Know- As soon as they started it, I wen't apeshit!!! That vacuum solo was awsom. Ever since listening to Colorado 88 millions of times, I've been dying to hear this live. I thought Fish was actually singing the last verse/chorus with it too?

WOTC- now this songs been shelved since Coventry.... AND THEY COMPLETELY NAILED IT!! Not much of a jam to it, but they mastered the composed sections. Stellar version.

Stash- this was very well placed in the set, and it was a complete energy booster in the crowd (thats how it appeared to me). The jam was short, but it was sweet.

Train Song- a nice breather to a smokin' hot first set.

BDTNL- The first song off the joy abum off the evening, and it was more of a sing-a-long. I didn't care for the jam, I've heard way better jams to this tune, but the overall playing of the song was great. IMHO this is the best song off Joy.

Ocelot- Now I was somewhat frightened about where this set was headed (especially since this is not a song I really care for) but the boys honestly had a very nice jam, Trey was finally playing with the band, not just throwing out solo after solo, but playing very very melodically, as was Gordo.

Curtis Lowe- the only cover of the evening was very very well played.

Wilson was wilson.

Possum- a great choice for the first set closer, and they had an AMAZING jam with Gordon dropping bomb after bomb, Page also rocked this one.

Overall, set 1 gets a B for the lack of jams, but it's still a B because of the absolutely stellar playing. Highlights are Guelah, I Didn't Know, WOTC.

Set 2

Halley's Comet- I called it during setbreak, and I was excited as the last chorus was sung that this jam was going to go somewhere, but then out of nowhere comes

Light- are you kidding me? Did they seriously just go into light? This was the worst past of the show in my opinion, I mean to butcher what i thought was going to be a great Halley's jam with this was depressing nonetheless. The jam in this song was decent though, and it had a weird eerieness to it toward the end of it just like the Toyota Park version earlier this summer with Page doing that electronic-ish synth thing with Gordon playing notes.... I'm just not a fan of this song.

46 Days- alright, I love this song personally and was extremely happy to hear it played. Short jam, but it was a rocker. Trey lead this one with his amazing new guitar (anyone else love it as much as i do?) and before we knew it, we were in a

Maze- Another amazing song selection in perfect placement! this was one was with Page alllll over it, he was going to town on his organ during the jam. Trey started to do some amazing solos too, truly an absolutely awesome version of this great tune. After it was over, Trey went over to Page and Trey must've said the tune to play, and then comes the

Meatstick- ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!!!! This is an all-time favorite of mine, and it was all Mike on this one. Never, have I heard the band play this funky. This version was short, but it was soooo funky and ridiculous with the Japanese lyrics. Awsome choice. Trey started to play a riff that sounded familiar but I couldn't put a label on it, and Page teased Dave's Energy Guide, but before I knew it the Meatstick jam now was

Mango Song- Wow, this is a completely mindblowing second set. This is just classic Phish, they completely nailed this one too. A PERFECT placement in the set too.

Fluff- this one got the WHOLE crowd going crazy!! completely apeshit. okay now this set is shaping up to be a great one, and they also played this song with perfection too, especially the Fluff's Travels section. This song was played with an astounding amount of energy, and the whole crowd yelling "OHHHHH YEAHHHH" still gives me goosebumps=) I thought this was going to close the set, but then comes

Julius- wasn't a fan of this song really until I heard it at Toyota Park this summer, and this version was wayyyy better than the one there too. with Trey leading the jam all the way playing amazing solo after solo, with the band (especially Fish) staying right with him playing just as stellar as Red. Amazing jam to this one too, especially the last 3 minutes of this song are awsome.

Overall, set 2 gets an B+ in my book. the jams were there, and the playing was NOTHING short of spectactular! Highlight for me was Maze>Meatstick->Mango Song>Fluffhead.


Contact- ahhhh I love this song and I was completely ecstatic to hear it, it was very very well played and then out of nowhere comes

Slave- WOW! Couldn't of asked for a better encore then this, and the jam to this tune was so ambient, soft, and melodic it almost made me cry because it was so beautiful.

Overall this is the greatest band in the world, and they should come back to the midwest soon!!!


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