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Review by Pitts

Pitts This tour closer was predictably awesome as the band was coming towards end of tour with a full head of steam. Song selection, psychedilia, Type IIish form-breaking expansions and transitions. I felt like the band was giving those hardcore heads who trekked it out for a Wednesday night show a real treat. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that they were coming off that sick midwest Deer Creek/Alpine Valley portion of summer leg 2. Those that were there really wanted to be there and you could tell the band recepricated, loved the venue and felt right at home. Note to tour manager, Jones Beach in August is much better than Jones Beach in June. Didn't seem as much of a police state as last year, I don't know about the lot scene. Mike-O Esquandolas was hot. Also kudos to Kuroda. Ok, so here we go:

Down with Disease (8:33) - Nice, different old school opener, set the tone for the show that the band came here to play.

Sample in a Jar (5:28) - Nice, continuing with our old school theme.

Guelah Papyrus (6:11) - Keeping the show old school, mellow until

Poor Heart (2:17) - Mike-O picks it up with some bluegrass. I am such a sucker for this song.

Ocelot (10:34) - Great, remarkable, long drawn out version.

Chalk Dust Torture (6:29) - not a crazy stand out but good for where it was placed

Bathtub Gin (11:15) - beware, this Gin has tons of personality, drink responsibily. I think the audience may have been getting too excited. Listen to Trey slow it down a little bit, it actually sounds funny.

Tube (4:13) - always great to hear this song, picks up almost any set, since my last show was Greek III it kind of felt like deja vu where it was placed.

Destiny Unbound (6:28) - Awesome. Cactus was killing it! One of two set I highlights for me.

Joy (5:23) - This is where the people to my left first sat down in their seats. Still a lovely song that trey sings beautifully.

Run Like an Antelope (11:42) - Everybody knew it was coming. And I knew that I would have to catch these guys on a Wednesday to hear my favorite phish song. Phinally. Phenomenal. I haven't heard the Alpine Valley, but this one was a monster. Lots of energy and it felt great.

Axilla I (3:53) - I'm personally not a big fan of this song but it got the set pumping for the craziness that came next...

Timber (5:24)> - Woah This Timber's gotta roll!!! Man was this tune solid. And roll they did, the band was rolling in and out of light and 46 days and my friend, my friend in type II fashion. One got the sense that something remarkable and special was happening here.

Light (13:37)> - Awesome psychedelia. Although Greek III was almost four minutes longer, this version's psychedelia stood out more for me, phish went to uncharted waters here.

46 Days (6:58)> - Greek III again, but the combo works! Proving that they can rock this song out from coast to coast.

My Friend, My Friend (5:51) - If there was light just a view songs ago, then here came the dark. DARK. DARK. DARK...Powerfully dark. One of the highlights for set II for me, this was THE darkest version of my friend, my friend I have ever heard!...and I'm a darksider. Trey just sounded maniacally evil. It was devilishly awesome!

Harry Hood (14:05)> - Fanastic Hood all around, at least I thought. Glowstick wars, Page.

Tweezer (10:24)> - The band chose to blow the show wide open so they dropped this. If you had just one funky bone in your body, then you couldn't stop getting down and moving your ass to this ode to funk.

The Horse (1:14)> - Again, great transitions by the band. There may have been some minor slip ups here and there but I think Set II will be noted for how the band was just seemlessly rolling in and out of songs like the waves in the nearby Altantic Ocean.

Silent In The Morning (5:11)

You Enjoy Myself (19:23) - What else did you expect? Come on people, this is the tour closer. Awesome version. Mike-O was so fucking hot. Love watching his fingerwork on the big side screens (SPAC you could learn from Jones Beach). I think I along with some others started the clap a little early, cutting the song off a little, sorry about that.


Suzy Greenberg (5:33) - again Greek III and I have to say, Greek III version with its powerful encore still retains the title. But quite frankly,they could have played anything because everyone was so satisfied, fulfilled and blissed out.

Tweezer Reprise (3:58) - You could feel the heat. Great show. Thank you Phish for a great summer!


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