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Review by glade555

glade555 This is my first review, so bear with me. When we got to the show, we went down to will call straight away cause we had tickets waiting for us. We found out the tickets were waiting backstage for some reason, so we have to go down there. We ending up waiting until a minute into Tube until we got our tickets, which were very close, and very slanted onto Page's side.

The first set opener was amazing, never heard tube live before. I wasn't listening intricately to the details, but it sounded great through my passive listening. When that merged into Oh-Kee-Pa, I knew this wouldn't be a standards show like I was thinking it would be. They launched from that into Greenberg. This is my first live show this year, I have been on the couch tour until now, but we all heard that Suzy from the Greek, and while this one didnt have the same intensity, it was still pretty amazing. Then funky bitch and reba, nothing spectacular to say, but nothing BAD to say either. and then I saw Trey talking to Mike, and there it was. Fuck Your Face. This was only my third show (I'm 19 and paying for college, shows are second priority) so I pretty much ruined those pants when I heard it. Could this become a standard? Hopefully.

I must have lost track of time, because that seemed like the end of the set. But no, they launch into three of secret favorite phish songs. And then the great Circus, which was a surprising segue from a Taste, which, BTW, had some spectacular piano work from page. He was on fire that night. And when Lawn boy came about, it was just perfect timing, the whole first set was Page and Cactus just being on fire, with Trey taking a bit of a back seat, which sounded just great. And eventually they worked to Antelope, which, along with Disease and Mikes, were the three songs I said they would do. Trey was on fire, and in the "lyrical" part, he changed the Marco Esquandolas into something else. I couldn't make out what it was though, can anyone help me out on this?

So anyway, after that first set, I was just blown away. And the bonus was, we found out we were in the wrong seats, so we got to move more toward the center, which was very good. Unfortunately, we were by some very nice phans originally, to be moved into a very weird group. One piece of advice I have for all phans.... IF YOU GO TO A SHOW, DON'T JUST MAKE OUT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND THE WHOLE TIME WHILE IGNORING THE SHOW! Someone with lawn seats would have valued the pavillion seats more than this couple would have.

They opened up with the Sloth, which is one of my favorite semi-rarities. From Disease, I was hoping for the regular ending with the "this has all been wonderful...." stuff after the jam, but the jam significantly lacked that. not in a bad way, but in an unexpected way. The jam quickly slowed down, and after a while, I noticed that they were playing What's the Use?. That alone was enough for me to freak. And to go from that into SOAM....wow. Just wow. This was definitely Mike's and Page's show. The interplay between all the members was just astounding. I like what I'm hearing and want to hear more, which is the best anyone can ever say about any band, really.

So from Soam, into Mike's...I get excited for a minute, but that turns down after I realize Hydrogen may come with it. Looking at the song performance histories, It's interesting that Hydrogen has been played 4 times this year, in comparison to 8 Mike's. Could they be scrapping the song? I personally want it gone, I don't like it. One of the few phish songs I don't like. BUt anyway, they merge from that into Dirt, which was just beautiful. The guitar solo seemed a bit off, and that seemed to be the only flub I heard all night. And to merge from that into Sneakin' Sally....I think they did that song as a tribute to Richie Hayward, as the original backing band on that song was Little Feat. My buddy thinks they teased some Little Feat during Funky Bitch, but I didn't hear it. The groove was right on, and I thought they would end the set with that, which I would have been fine with. But to play Bug, the first Phish song I ever learned on guitar...I cried when I heard the first notes. Wow. Just wow.

So my buddy wanted to leave before the encore to beat the rush. I told him to stay, that the encore will be fantastic. And it was, hearing a Quinn. They seem to be adding songs into their sets more frequently now, I mean a Fuck your Face and a Quinn in the same night is unheard of. And the Quinn was just fantastic. 12 hours later and it is still in my head.

Going back to alpine tonight for my fourth show, and I couldnt be more excited. I like what I'm hearing, and want to hear more.


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