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Review by OswegoDevo

OswegoDevo Welcome to beautiful wastelands of East Rutherford NJ!! Tripping hard on purple oregon mushrooms (Thanks Dar for getting those from Layla!), led me to believe for the longest time while outside the lot that I was actually stuck in the "Dolldrums" from the Phantom Tollboth, the creatures from the muck were tearing at my legs, trying to pull me into the deep, and I was simply terrified! Once me and my girlfriend of the time (this was our first show together, we use this show to measure how long we were together, which ended around 6 years later) got into the arena, the first thing I could hear was the opening hook of the Down with Disease jam that just sent the crowd in the arena into an absolute FRENZY!! The energy level toppled off the charts at this point, fueled by Trey's screaming licks which moistened the panties of both girls and guys alike! For whatever reason, that particular hook at that particular moment, really stays with me always...I still get goosebumps when I listen to recordings of it years later.

Now, after attempting to ingest a lit cigarette, and climbing off the balcony (purple mushrooms are evil/awesome!) I made my way to the bathroom where a guy was talking about BB King, and he kept trying to tell me BB King was actually playing with Phish. I didn't believe him. I thought he was trying to mess with an obviously tripping kid..than I heard BB King playing, and I thought that the power of this guys persuasion, coupled with psychotropic compounds, had actually made my mind believe that BB King was playing, and my mind was playing BB King......I looked over, and the guy on the urinal on my left looked right at me, and had a priceless look on his face, his pupils were as wide as the night sky, I felt like I could just fall into them..He than asked me "Dude, am I tripping? Or is BB King playing right now...? Still not conviced, I headed back to me seat to find that yes, in fact BB actually was playing with Phish on stage.....that whole debacle in the bathroom was probably more exciting than actually hearing BB King play. Now we must give him respect, he is absolutely a legend. "The Thrill is Gone" was great. But honsetly, we all didn't travel from points all over the world to here standard issue, dynamicless blues....We wanted Phish!

Set 2 was Fantastic! It had been a long time since my last Halley's Comet, which was very special. Harry Hood was great < Sample/Chalkdust were SICK!! But than, as sometimes they do, they decided to drop the LAMEST encore ever, Farmhouse. hahah, I wasn't mad, I just found myself laughing my ass off on the trip back to the car.....Good show overall, very easy to pinpoint because of the presence of BB King....oh and just for the records, East Rutherford NJ might be the grimiest place on earth.


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