Jam Chart for the Year 2004 (73 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2004-04-15 Moma Las Vegas, NV 13:48 Sloppy intro, but the first jam segment (1:55-4:25) is excellent. The main jam absolutely erupts and burns as hotly as "Moma" ever has.
2004-04-15 Roggae Las Vegas, NV 9:17 The jam starts off in very fine fashion, with a cool and different groove, but then veers increasingly toward chaotic dissonance. This darker sentiment is underscored by Page who shifts his harmonic underpinnings to minor mode.
2004-04-15 DwD Las Vegas, NV 16:58 Shaking off a rough start to this version, Trey leads the band into the jam which begins intensely with great thrumming Mike and growling, distorted guitar effects. The intensity gradually diminishes, resulting in more quiet play which retains an ominous sense of melancholy.
2004-04-16 R&R Las Vegas, NV 12:01 Jam mellows after a bit and sustains a decent pulse with nice Page work. "Low Rider" teases.
2004-04-16 BOTT Las Vegas, NV 7:56 Well played, extended outro jam with good segue (->) into "Possum."
2004-04-16 Jibboo Las Vegas, NV 13:56 Sloppy and takes time to peak, but when the band finally comes together and eventually peaks it's a gorgeous moment of clarity that cuts through everything and makes things happy for a minute, before getting goregously goopy and grimy like only '04 can.
2004-04-16 Twist Las Vegas, NV 23:58 Exploratory and multi-faceted jam emerges around 8:00 after some nice variations on the "Twist" theme. Intense, the jam includes power rocking, distortion and effects, and builds to a furious peak before returning to "Twist."
2004-04-16 Wilson Las Vegas, NV 5:18 Trey's voice is pretty beat, but he quickly gets into a twisted, chaotic, octave-hopping, 2.0-style, shoegazey mode, as Mike stretches the groove out over snappy Fishman fills.
2004-04-16 The Little Drummer Boy Las Vegas, NV 0:59 In the chaos that usually precedes "BLAT BOOM", Trey leads the band into a "Little Drummer Boy" vamp, at first festive, and soon going down a more evil path in a minor key, desert rock mood over droning church organs while a quiet, but harsh loop sounds throughout.
2004-04-16 Wilson Las Vegas, NV 0:41 Trey "BLAT BOOMs" his way out of Little Drummer Boy to conclude a unique version of Wilson.
2004-04-16 Hood Las Vegas, NV 19:27 This "Hood" shifts to a rocking "Type II" groove at 8:45, briefly returns to "Hood," then departs into a dark, rhythmic minor mode section before finally coming home to close around 17:25.
2004-04-17 Pebbles and Marbles Las Vegas, NV 18:52 Despite a few brief departures from the norm, this version stays mostly in "Type I" territory through 15 minutes when it downshifts and works its way into a stop-start jam around 16:30. From there, it dwindles and > to "Caspian".
2004-06-17 ASIHTOS Brooklyn, NY 6:22 Debut opens the Summer '04 Tour. The jam section is high energy, but also dark and gnarly, with great playing by Trey
2004-06-17 Moma Brooklyn, NY 14:50 Strong but typical jam cools off gradually beginning around 9:20 and a cool, choppy jam emerges, that many fans may love. Transitions pleasantly but not magnificently into -> "Free".
2004-06-17 Free Brooklyn, NY 10:18 -> in from an epic "Moma Dance." Sick bass by Mike. Maybe the best straightforward version. Great interplay by Trey and Mike.
2004-06-17 46 Days Brooklyn, NY 16:24 Moves beyond "46 Days" into a swirling, more sedate segment. Jam then picks up a nice rhythmic pulse and great groove. The jam grows increasingly energized and intense, with a textbook -> to "Possum."
2004-06-17 Suzy Brooklyn, NY 18:23 Multifaceted jam follows the final verse and refrain. At first rhythmic and plucky, it gradually becomes more intense, then grows slightly spacey, and intensifies again before finally settling with a > to "Axilla."
2004-06-17 2001 Brooklyn, NY 9:02 Second jam is what good 2.0 is all about: the band is locked in and the interplay is fresh and creates an environment for dancing hippies to flourish.
2004-06-17 Weekapaug Brooklyn, NY 11:53 After a quick "Mainstreet" tease, the jam briefly settles before picking up a serious head of steam, transforming KeySpan Park in Brooklyn into a blistering and raging quick-tempo rock fest.
2004-06-18 CDT Brooklyn, NY 15:39 Breaks away from "CDT" at about 6:00 and by 8:00 has morphed into a very subdued, quiet sentiment. The jam gradually rebuilds momentum and pulse and returns to "CDT."
2004-06-19 Wolfman's Saratoga Springs, NY 11:36 Really a great version that gets somewhat beyond the typical format with continued improvisation before coming home.
2004-06-19 WotC Saratoga Springs, NY 20:11 Straightforward until 12:55 when the jam breaks into a nice "Type I" outro jam. This jam settles briefly, then builds into a great "Type II" jam with some melodic licks from Trey that preview the catchy riff he seizes on in the following day's "Ghost."
2004-06-19 ASIHTOS Saratoga Springs, NY 17:58 Outstanding "Type II" version. The jam probes the sea floor until finding oceanic bliss around the 9:30 mark. Trey lays back crafting rhythmic textures, while Page deploys the clavinet. What follows is a calming sense of murky haze before the jam gains momentum, ultimately returning to the song proper. > to an exceptional "Piper."
2004-06-19 Piper Saratoga Springs, NY 32:40 A multi-section improvisational super heavyweight. The jam begins with a low-key, "Piper"-like groove, settles, then builds into an angry and rocking section that eventually bursts into a "Tweeprise" Jam. From here, the jam settles into a couple of great and swinging, lower intensity grooves that -> to "Jibboo."
2004-06-19 LxL Saratoga Springs, NY 11:51 A well played version. Following the typical "Limb" peak, there is a sort of celebratory, almost euphoric power jam that is both unusual and adds extra mustard to this "Limb."
2004-06-20 Waves Saratoga Springs, NY 16:00 Although the jam between verses is standard "Waves" fare, the band moves into an excellent 7 minute plus jam following the final verse that is rhythmic and upbeat, with multiple movements and "Maze" teases.
2004-06-20 Drowned Saratoga Springs, NY 21:52 A high quality, multi-faceted jam with building intensity. The later jam segment sounds somewhat like the jam portion of "Kill Devil Falls," which wouldn't emerge for another 4 years.
2004-06-20 Seven Below Saratoga Springs, NY 19:08 The original Seven Below>Ghost combo. This one starts out very dark and brooding, and it slowly rolls into an up-tempo romp!
2004-06-20 Twist Saratoga Springs, NY 20:06 -> in from "Ghost." Excellent multi-section jam starts at 5:45, breaking into a funky, pulsing section. The jam picks up a nice swinging vibe, intensifies and grows "HOSE"-like, then ends with a brief power rocking > fade.
2004-06-23 Gin Noblesville, IN 18:25 The customary "Gin" jam breaks into a low-key groove which eventually returns to "Gin" to end.
2004-06-23 Nothing Noblesville, IN 10:40 You wouldn't expect a song like "Nothing" to yield such a brooding jam, although considering the date, it may not be a complete surprise. Either way, this improvisational version is a unique experience, and concludes with a long tug-of-war segue -> "46 Days".
2004-06-23 Scents and Subtle Sounds Noblesville, IN 12:16 No intro. At first sedate and soothing, the jam grows increasingly dissonant and tension filled, with an almost growly anger to it. Very improvisational version that includes an "NO2" tease.
2004-06-24 Loving Cup Noblesville, IN 7:30 A rager to open the show!
2004-06-24 DwD Noblesville, IN 17:35 Nice easy-going rhythmic groove which eventually morphs into a celebratory jam before -> "Rock And Roll."
2004-06-24 Tube Noblesville, IN 12:40 Extended rocking groove held together by Mike and Fish with Page and Trey adding texture and melody over top.
2004-06-24 Timber Ho Noblesville, IN 9:29 A stormy and intense version in which Trey and Fish take the mule for an extended ride.
2004-06-24 WotC Noblesville, IN 12:23 "Type I" version includes a "DwD" jam from 9:10 - 10:25.
2004-06-25 Wolfman's East Troy, WI 14:35 Excellent, improvisational "Type II" version has some awesome Mike early on followed by funk, then some deep, dark and far-ranging exploration before miraculously finding its way back to "Wolfman's" to close.
2004-06-25 Seven Below East Troy, WI 27:04 The longest version of "Seven Below" is arguably not the best version, but it has some very engaging improvsation. While the boys are ambitious, they never really catch onto a theme, so it seems a bit unfocused at times. If you want a better, albight shorter, '04 "Seven Below," check out the 6/20/04 SPAC version.
2004-06-25 Weekapaug East Troy, WI 11:10 The jam settles down noticeably around 3:00, with good quiet play by all four, before Mike builds a nice meaty foundation for Page and Trey to play over. As the jam returns to familiar ground, Trey leads an inspired, extended and celebratory peak.
2004-06-26 Boogie On East Troy, WI 12:43 During the outro, Mike has a brief solo, and from there, Trey and Page take off, while Fish and Mike stick to "Boogie On" for a bit. The latter two don't hold on for too long before joining the hard rocking, very optimistic (for 2.0) jam with a -> to "Ghost."
2004-06-26 Ghost East Troy, WI 16:03 Euphoric space-disco firehose dance party in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. [-> in from a strong "BORW." Improvisational and exploratory jamming morphs into a bouncy upbeat groove which grows increasingly celebratory. > to a strong "Free."]
2004-06-26 Free East Troy, WI 12:05 > in from a big "Boogie On" -> "Ghost" combo. This one has a really excellent jam.
2004-06-26 Piper East Troy, WI 16:13 A snappy, somewhat dissonant but rocking groove develops and gets out there. Page and Fish are excellent.
2004-08-09 CDT Hampton, VA 19:00 Breaks free and clear of "CDT" into a serene, very melodic, Trey and Page led foray. Starts to build in energy and pulse, then abruptly veers back to "CDT" at about 18:00. Must-hear, especially for any 2.0 doubters.
2004-08-09 Gin Hampton, VA 21:06 A thrilling, intense, Must-Hear version, right on the heels of one of the best versions of "Chalk Dust Torture" ever. No comparison with previous eras, this is uniquely 2.0-style jamming. -> to "Runaway Jim."
2004-08-09 WotC Hampton, VA 17:34 Aggressive, in-your-face "Type I" version.
2004-08-09 Bowie Hampton, VA 12:29 A nice shift to major mode early on, then Trey, Page and Fish depart to extreme dissonance land. Not the prettiest, but it ain't straightforward.
2004-08-10 Bag Mansfield, MA 16:16 Almost immediately breaks away from "Bag" proper into an upbeat, fierce jam that has a hazy summertime vibe to it. After settling, the jam grows increasingly upbeat and energized. Really an excellent version.
2004-08-10 BOAF Mansfield, MA 20:55 A quiet, brooding jam emerges with strong improvisational elements. After about 13:00, the jam morphs into a rolling, celebratory and euphoric phase. Although Trey repeats a theme over and over and over again, it's mesmerizing and wondrous. This first-set-closing version may not be for you, but it's MUST HEAR all the same.
2004-08-10 Weekapaug Mansfield, MA 11:35 An improvisational version breaks free of the standard at 5:00, launching into varied rocking and funky jamming, with Trey yelling "Go!" repeatedly in the background at one point. After returning home, this version also includes an unusual slowed down ending.
2004-08-11 Suzy Mansfield, MA 9:10 Most excellent version with incredible Page action on the B-3 during "Suzy" and great Fish. The band then extends the jam following the final verse with a -> to "DwD."
2004-08-11 DwD Mansfield, MA 15:51 -> in from "Suzy." The jams gets well removed from "DwD" into quiet and dark exploration with great Page and Mike.
2004-08-11 Antelope Mansfield, MA 11:39 Very different version with no real peak and no "Rocco" section. Instead the jam fades after 9:30 into a really nice little melodic groove that > "2001."
2004-08-11 Waves Mansfield, MA 10:57 One of the best played standard versions of 2.0.
2004-08-12 Piper Camden, NJ 12:28 A really nice, mellow and low-key movement beyond standard "Piper" develops, energizes, and > to "Sneakin' Sally."
2004-08-12 Sneakin' Sally Camden, NJ 10:54 > in from "Piper." Similar to 7/17/99, where an easy-going groove picks up steam and energy by the conclusion.
2004-08-12 Scents and Subtle Sounds Camden, NJ 21:14 No intro. Very improvisational version that ranges from edgy and propulsive to subdued and ends with increasing dissonance and space-like strong effects.
2004-08-14 WotC Coventry, VT 15:19 Jam breaks from the standard at 11:00 into a mellow groove that builds energy and > to "Runaway Jim."
2004-08-14 Runaway Jim Coventry, VT 12:23 Very improvisational, "Type II" version with a -> to a very improvisational, "Type II" "Gotta Jibboo."
2004-08-14 Jibboo Coventry, VT 15:23 The yang to 4/16/04's yin. Tight playing for '04. Dark and grimy up front, but once it pushes through to the heavens this "Gotta Jibboo" is breathtaking.
2004-08-14 Antelope Coventry, VT 13:10 Jam segment rages practically non-stop, and Tom Marshall assists with the "Rocco" lyrics.
2004-08-14 Bag Coventry, VT 20:07 Nimbly textured and surgically precise like the big '97 "Bags?" No. Highly improvisational, well played AND a great listen? Absolutely. This version is MUST-HEAR, like 11/21/97, 12/30/97 and 9/14/99. The Coventry "Bag" is full of "2.0-style jamming," is played very well overall, and it's highly listenable. -> to "46 Days."
2004-08-14 Bowie Coventry, VT 12:57 Trey talks about writing "David Bowie" for 4 1/2 minutes before the song - well worth hearing. The jam itself is pretty decent with a nice little shift to major mode and an intense ending.
2004-08-14 Twist Coventry, VT 16:36 A decent jam develops which has an underlying Mike and Fish fueled groove that continues almost throughout. Trey at times uses a lot of distortion, and his seeming lack of direction gives the jam a disjointed feel. Great -> to "The Wedge."
2004-08-14 Stash Coventry, VT 20:42 While the composed section is far from spotless, the jam is very good and multi-dimensional, including a nice move to major mode followed by some great exploration. Unfinished with a > to "Free."
2004-08-14 Free Coventry, VT 9:54 Some sweet Mike bass, then gets very quiet with just Mike and Trey playing, then Fish and Page jump back in.
2004-08-14 Drowned Coventry, VT 26:06 Very raw in parts (at least Trey), but a serious piece of improvisation nonetheless. At the 7 minute mark, the band gets very quiet and almost stops. Trey plays solo for a stretch, and briefly addresses the crowd. Around 12:30, the other band mates rejoin in a very upbeat and rocking jam that accelerates into near fury by 21:30.
2004-08-15 CDT Coventry, VT 13:46 Extremely improvisational version which leaves "CDT" behind near the end and -> to "Possum."
2004-08-15 DwD Coventry, VT 19:02 Very unusual version. The first jam segment is strange, spacey, and Trey sounds off-key at times. Then there's a second jam following the closing riff (without vocal refrain) which has some interesting moments and is pretty soulful.
2004-08-15 SOAMelt Coventry, VT 31:04 Skip the composed section (ugly) and go straight to the jam (released on Live Bait Vol. 5), which is excellent, extended and improvisational. The final 6 spacey minutes are a combination of sad, eerie and haunting, with a hint of optimism near the end. Unfinished with a -> to "Ghost." One of many great jams from the morass of Coventry.
2004-08-15 Ghost Coventry, VT 17:30 Through a crack in the fabric of space-time a horde of flaming orange locusts cascaded down the fetid slope of manure, became a cyclone of debris, limbs, and offal in the muddy bowl then coalesced into a sheet of light which rapidly withdrew upslope back into the void of infinity. [-> in from a strong "SOAM." The jam breaks into an angry, rocking groove that grows dissonant, tension-filled, and includes Trey's eerie yelling and digi-guitar effects.]
2004-08-15 Piper Coventry, VT 9:25 Blistering, fierce, machine-gun Trey, akin at times to Hendrix at his best!
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