Jam Chart for shows in the city of Chula Vista, CA (16 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1999-09-18 Tweezer Chula Vista, CA 14:10 Short, but VERY sweet.
1999-09-18 Tube Chula Vista, CA 10:29 A laid-back jam with Mike in the driver's seat featuring some staccato playing from Trey and Page.
1999-09-18 Boogie On Chula Vista, CA 21:30 The intial funky jam seems to be coming to an end at 9 minutes, but the jam picks back up and grooves for a few more minutes while Trey plays lead before the jam shifts to soaring, melodic "hose". Returns to "Boogie" with breakdown solos from Mike, Trey, and Page. Must-hear.
1999-09-18 Meatstick Chula Vista, CA 12:57 Spacey wah-groove in the outro. > to "Free."
2003-07-08 DwD Chula Vista, CA 18:59 Very "Type II" version in which Trey seems to play a less dominant role mid-jam, letting Mike and Page funk it up.
2003-07-08 Hood Chula Vista, CA 18:11 "Type II" version leaves "Hood" at 9:25, breaks into a low-key groove that gets rocking, then dissonant, and heads home.
2014-10-25 Piper Chula Vista, CA 9:23 A very nice compact version which still manages to include some form of intro, bridge, second refrain, and a darkish and pulsating jam which has a '99 - '00 quality to it.
2016-07-23 Tube Chula Vista, CA 9:18 "Did they jam out Tube?" YES. Witness the beginning of a new era of abundant "Tube" jams with this version, which, at the time, was one of the most improvisational versions to date, as it moves from funk to a hard-rocking groove with a big peak.
2016-07-23 2001 Chula Vista, CA 9:45 A slightly extended intro features a killer mu-tron "California Love" jam. Some off-kilter playing from Trey during the second half.
2016-07-23 Hood Chula Vista, CA 12:46 Trey modifies his tone early on to great effect, and solos quite strikingly. As the power grows, Fish, Page and Mike serve to colorfully and dramatically paint a wonderful, Trey-penned sketch. The powerful peak leaves everyone feeling good, and underscores why we all love this band so much.
2021-10-23 Fluffhead Chula Vista, CA 17:22 "Fluff" is tough to play, and few versions approach Phish perfection. Here, however, the band delivers. The technically challenging sections are super clean; more interesting than this, however, is the tempo, with Trey and Page noticeably at ease. Plausibly because there is no deliberation, the band finds innovation, the jam not only "Arriving," but passing through an extended passage of really cool play to deliver a -> into "NICU."
2021-10-23 NICU Chula Vista, CA 17:00 A very neat and surprising -> out of "Fluffhead", and a tremendous jam befitting the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre. After an extended take on the usual "NICU" jam, Mike suggests minor key and things get good and dark, before they slide into something more tropical, allowing Trey to weave in the "NICU" solo we all know and love (as he will several times in this show). The band snaps into a quicksilver groove at Fish's urging, which gives way to an effects-laden pitch-black zone, before briefly brightening and then dissolving into ambiance and a wonderful -> to a surprise "Bye Bye Foot". Nearly twice as long as any other "NICU", and well worth the run time.
2021-10-23 Tube Chula Vista, CA 15:20 Precisely at 5:15 the jam flips to major forming an upbeat "Weekapaug"-esque groove, and Trey slips in the first of three "NICU" teases. After some transition riffing at 7:00, the next segment launches with Moog waves from Page and beautifully coalesces into a fully-baked bliss jam from 8:00 - 10:00. Then, another round of minor funk (w/"NICU" tease) gets heavier with delays and leads into the last verse and one final "NICU" tease > "Slave".
2021-10-23 NMINML Chula Vista, CA 16:12 As was his wont in 2021, Jon Fishman takes this jam over. He puts on yet another master class in drumming. Trey's soloing over Page's synth gives the jam an ethereal feel. Fish faithfully follows Trey wherever he leads during this one, and stands out the entire time. > into "Free".
2021-10-23 Free Chula Vista, CA 16:30 > out of "NMINML". Trey weaves in one of the many "NICU" teases from this show into the first jam, then he suggests minor-key and Page follows him on synths, leading to a lower-boil groove replete with repeating loops and Mike goodness. The band climbs out of the muck and returns to a more upbeat rock jam, with the loops still going, and very neatly returns to "Free" proper.
2021-10-23 Piper Chula Vista, CA 17:55 Excellent -> out of "Sand". A driving, almost composed jam segment emerges from "Piper" proper, Trey hitting on a particularly catchy 70s-esque riff and Fish kicking into third gear. The beat switches up and Page moves to his synths as a new sound emerges, Trey going to his effects to really add substance to the on-stage roux. Fish picks up the pace again and the band moves into a hard-driving rockout, and then a cloud of ambient noise settles over the stage as the jam dies away and Fish hammers on his kit. But rather than end the jam, the band deepens and thickens the ambient cloud, everyone firing off whatever effects they can, Mike going to the drill to add some ear-splitting nastiness. Extraordinarily reminiscent of one of the more wicked improvisations from IT. A true Monster Jam.
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