Jam Chart for the 31st of December (92 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-12-31 Runaway Jim Boston, MA 6:47 > from "Coil", "Jim" offers a nice, stark contrast, illustrating the band's versatility. Mike's line (later picked up by Page) is fun and infectious, before the song's sustained and collective calm explodes into incredibly fast play - even for early Trey.
1991-12-31 Stash Worcester, MA 8:37 Another great early version that stretches the "Type I" boundary and is well-played and loaded with tension.
1991-12-31 Llama Worcester, MA 4:35 > in from "Esther." Page is sick; Trey is very demented.
1991-12-31 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 7:30 Eons before there was life upon a "Soul Planet", there was "Runaway Jim". > from "ALS", this New Year's rocker blends some imaginative aspects of the year's strongest versions, before, as was so often the case, bleeding into crazy, frenzied play from Fish and Trey. A fitting finale for one of 1991's finest songs.
1991-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 13:00 A very popular early version, which I grossly underrated in the 1990s, like an noobtarded asshat.
1991-12-31 Mike's Worcester, MA 7:42 The first jam is solid but typical for this period. But the 2nd jam, which breaks into a great percussive and rocking groove is really the first noteworthy instance of the 2nd jam. In nearly all prior versions, the 2nd jam had been little more than chaotic, dissonant playing.
1992-12-31 Weekapaug Boston, MA 9:39 Beginning around 4:00, the jam settles into an improvisational section with excellent contributions by all four. After returning to the standard, the jam features intense and top notch "Type I" rocking.
1993-12-31 Reba Worcester, MA 11:21 Phish caps 1993 with a fan favorite. Trey dazzles, his playing incredibly fun and infectious, matched by Fish on his blocks. A festive, celebratory groove ensues, before building to a shredding peak. An exclamation point on a terrific year for "Reba."
1993-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 12:15 Trey repetitively hits a lot of notes in staccato-fashion in this jam (that Mbird Board and Working Group member Drew Hitz adores, and thinks I'm an idiot for underrating in '94 when I reviewed this version). While definitely an above "average-great" version (it sure ends well!), this jam IMO just isn't competitive with versions I've rated 7/10 and higher in the legacy jam chart. It's listed in this current jam chart in Drew Hitz's honor.
1993-12-31 It's Ice Worcester, MA 8:50 "Peaches En Regalia" teases and Random Note signal in this version.
1993-12-31 Possum Worcester, MA 12:30 "Peaches en Regalia" teases, good on-the-spot variation, a great rhythmic breakdown midway, and a fiery ending add up to another top notch '93 "Possum."
1993-12-31 YEM Worcester, MA 22:04 Sweet theme in the jam.
1993-12-31 DwD Worcester, MA 3:38 Jam segment only following "Auld Lang Syne" (Released on Live Bait Volume 3).
1993-12-31 Hood Worcester, MA 13:20 The jam starts with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and delicate soloing, which builds into a frenzied guitar-led jam.
1994-12-31 Maze Boston, MA 16:33 Spacey intro with a "Digital Delay Loop" section to lead off. Intense Page. Extended Trey section is really more of a full band jam than as typically presented. Eventually gets back to "Maze" proper for a red hot finish.
1994-12-31 Mike's Boston, MA 8:47 "Mike's" -> "Buffalo Bill" -> "Mike's." While the 1st jam is standard, incendiary '94 material, the 2nd jam has solid, varied improvisational play before the ->.
1994-12-31 Buffalo Bill Boston, MA 1:56 -> in from "Mike's Song." A nice version of "Buffalo Bill" is sandwiched in a solid '94 "Mike's." The -> back to "Mike's" is great stuff.
1994-12-31 Mike's Boston, MA 1:48 -> in from "Buffalo Bill," the return to "Mike's" is several steps better than "normal," well worth checking out.
1994-12-31 Weekapaug Boston, MA 10:35 Typically strong '94 fare includes "CYHMK" jamming, a funky breakdown section with Page on clavinet, strong exploratory play by all four, and an "Auld Lang Syne" tease as this "Weekapaug" heads for home.
1994-12-31 CDT Boston, MA 10:19 Fiery, powerful and precise '94-style jam with an unusual and spacey outro jam tacked on.
1994-12-31 Slave Boston, MA 11:21 Trey and Page add a big exclamation point to end the final frame of a fantastic year for the band.
1995-12-31 Reba New York, NY 14:14 NYE's huge "Reba" finds the band recovering from a botched composed section to create a classic. Measured and magisterial, Trey leads the band as they blaze from one side of harmony to the other, the musicians collectively working their way through starts and stops - and all points inbetween - to build a bliss-tinged climax. Wonderful.
1995-12-31 Drowned New York, NY 12:27 A top highlight of this glorious and storied concert. A careful listen reveals extended "Fire On the Mountain"-like jamming from Trey in the post-"Drowned" section, as well as a bona fide tease near the ending and -> into "The Lizards."
1995-12-31 Runaway Jim New York, NY 15:53 Fish is phenomenal in this grand, melodic and driving jam that turns '95-style funky before rebuilding to "Jim."
1995-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 14:48 Wrapping up a historic 2nd set, the 1st jam segment is strong but fairly pedestrian until Page starts to signal the impending "DDL Jam." The 2nd jam begins with a slightly funky tone and strong Fish. The sentiment grows dark as Page shifts to piano, and the foreboding sense of impending doom is rendered complete as the jam blows into a cacophony and -> to the "DDL Jam" at 14:48.
1995-12-31 Digital Delay Loop Jam New York, NY 5:05 -> in from a stellar "Mike's Song." The dark and brooding nature of this jam serves as a fitting close for this historic Set II, before an improvisational and uplifting "Weekapaug" opens Set III.
1995-12-31 Weekapaug New York, NY 17:43 "Mike's Song" and "Weekapaug" separated by a setbreak. Masterpieces, both of them.
1995-12-31 YEM New York, NY 25:50 Two awe-inspiring jam segments. A fucking masterpiece! (No B&D section.)
1997-12-31 Emotional Rescue New York, NY 15:21 Compared to Hampton, a snappier, more uptempo funk groove unfolds and intensifies in the later stages with brief rock flurries.
1997-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 14:00 Yeah, this is a badass version alright, with a monster, Mike-led groove (it is after all, Mike's song). It's got funk, but not as much as some of the other '97s. And it's got power. At around 9:40, there's a stop, and then a 2nd jam of sorts begins, delicate bliss mode play that sets up well for the "Piper" that follows.
1997-12-31 Weekapaug New York, NY 17:56 Among the longest "Weekapaugs" to date, this version provides a fitting capstone to 1997. After 14 minutes of balls-to-the-wall, but largely in-the-box jamming, Trey, then Mike, then Page -- and after some Trey banter -- Fish, take solos to send the crowd hurtling towards 1998 (and "2001").
1997-12-31 Maze New York, NY 17:22 > in from "Tweezer." Despite its duration, at various points this version seems to lose its bearing, especially from 13:10 on. But it's well worth checking out. Includes a "Birdland" tease and is unfinished with a > to "Prince Caspian."
1997-12-31 Loving Cup New York, NY 8:57 This is how to close a third set on NYE! Crazy-raw, rough playing by all!
1998-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 16:06 The 1st jam is pretty chill and just grooves along with typical melodic lines. The 2nd jam kicks in at 7:35, and immediately drops into serene and melodic heartfelt playing. The band seems completely at ease, enjoying the warm and upbeat nature of the jamming.
1998-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 15:45 Orgasmic "sleety" symphony which breaks down into throbbing B&D industrial metal that ratchets abruptly into "Ha Ha Ha." [The jam moves beyond the typical structure, breaking into gritty and pulsating play that bridges the ambient sound of '98 and sparser grooves of '99 and '00 quite well.]
1998-12-31 Tweezer New York, NY 14:45 Amazing -> "Cities."
1998-12-31 Cities New York, NY 8:31 Segues out of "Tweezer." Good funky version that gets eerie and spacey at the end before transitioning to "Velvet Sea."
1998-12-31 Antelope New York, NY 15:24 Jam breaks away completely from "Antelope" at 6:30 into a nice, slighty dark foray. Returns to the standard by 8:00.
1998-12-31 Simple New York, NY 18:31 Follows "Auld Lang Syne" with the sounds of balloons popping on stage. The initially straightforward jam grows rocking and dissonant, then eventually calms to a quiet space.
1998-12-31 Hood New York, NY 17:55 An extended and very unique intro to 7:30. The delicate and spiraling jam foreshadows the sound and tone of '99.
1999-12-31 Tube Big Cypress, FL 9:23 Great lead work from Trey and some nice fills from Fishman in this one from Big Cypress.
1999-12-31 SOAMelt Big Cypress, FL 20:01 Multi-section, improvisational groove-based jam, including typically dark "SOAM" grooving, funky upbeat major mode jamming, and a -> to "Catapult." Vastly different from 7/15/99.
1999-12-31 Catapult Big Cypress, FL 1:17 -> in from an excellent "SOAM."
1999-12-31 DwD Big Cypress, FL 23:41 Laid back but joyful millennial celebratory groove. This is feel good music. Unfinished with -> to "Llama."
1999-12-31 Gin Big Cypress, FL 15:47 A very different "Gin" begins with extended vocal jamming through 9:25, then shifts to an enchanting groove.
1999-12-31 Twist Big Cypress, FL 13:15 A tranquil ambient groove emerges with delay loops and an eerie Page solo on the Fender-Rhodes. -> to "Prince Caspian."
1999-12-31 R&R Big Cypress, FL 30:23 In the final 5 minutes, the band breaks into an upbeat, high quality groove. But this payoff seems unbalanced given the 25 minutes of repetitive, intense "Type I" jamming and dull, droning groove-based action that precede it.
1999-12-31 YEM Big Cypress, FL 22:22 Crowd-assisted CHEESECAKE VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-12-31 C&P Big Cypress, FL 20:14 This is one of the center-piece jams of one of Phish's most storied and highly-lauded sets. This one quickly hits a slow groovier jam. With a good foundation set by Gordon and Fishman, Trey and Page have ample room to explore several gorgeous and melodic passages.
1999-12-31 Sand Big Cypress, FL 21:45 The masterpiece of the '99-'00 style "Sands" from the early morning at Big Cypress. A dark groove develops with all sorts of eerie effects added to the mix. Trey's lead work is scintillating and gives the jam an ominous feeling until it segues into the blissful "Quadrophonic Toppling". A must-hear jam from the band's ambient era. "My Soul" tease from Mike.
1999-12-31 Quadrophonic Toppling Big Cypress, FL 14:33 -> in from a serious "Sand." Beginning with a bouncy ambient jam, "Quadrophonic Toppling" morphs into a lush, serene and blissful groove. A top highlight of a storied show with many.
1999-12-31 Slave Big Cypress, FL 15:11 The longest "Type I" version. If you like a slow, really stretched out "Slave," this one is for you. But the peak is nothing remarkable, in fact it sort of collapses under its own weight.
1999-12-31 After Midnight Big Cypress, FL 20:01 -> in from "Drowned." A patient, sparse, and well-textured groove-based jam.
1999-12-31 Piper Big Cypress, FL 19:03 New millennium Swamp Worm (it was played about 4:00 AM on 1/1/00) opens with all guns blazing before settling down with a Mike and Page led groove including "Bug" teases from Page.
1999-12-31 Roses Big Cypress, FL 35:03 Launches into phenomenally intense improv almost from the start as it embarks on an at-times-breathtaking journey. Eventually grows dissonant before briefly regaining its feel-good vibe.
1999-12-31 2001 Big Cypress, FL 13:40 35th song in the second set is the infamous "Hood" fake out. Breakdown at 5:40 is sicknasty and Trey sounds as fresh as he did in 1983. Second jam features a reggae filth groove.
1999-12-31 Meatstick Big Cypress, FL 8:44 Closes out the Big Cypress festival with a short ambient outro.
2002-12-31 Piper New York, NY 14:55 Phish ended the Hiatus with this unusually placed set opener. Listen to the crowd's excitement and roars of approval as the band returns to the stage. Trey leads the boys in this fiery, and (appropriately) upbeat version, which features a "Low Rider" tease, a jam segment between verses, as well as the ending coda which was uncommon by this date.
2002-12-31 Waves New York, NY 10:30 Debut. Jam section features soaring guitar soloing and great complimentary piano from Page. Nice Page led outro jam after the final verse.
2002-12-31 Seven Below New York, NY 7:40 Debut performance and part of NYE spectacle.
2002-12-31 WotC New York, NY 18:17 Debut, which includes an excellent "Type II" section beginning about 11:00 that eventually returns to "WOTC."
2003-12-31 Weekapaug Miami, FL 11:50 Following an "Auld Lang Syne" tease, the breakdown section begins at about 4:00 and is percussive and rocking, with "Jungle Boogie" vocal quotes from Trey as well as teases. The return to "Weekapaug" is intense, mildly dissonant, and includes a "Divided Sky" tease.
2003-12-31 Stash Miami, FL 22:20 Excellent and very improvisational version that gets far, far removed from "Stash" before finally coming home. Multiple sections, including quiet rhythmic stuff, effects-laden space, and some great upbeat jamming.
2003-12-31 Runaway Jim Miami, FL 22:14 Serious improvisation here with multiple sections, most fairly intense, but also including some quieter ones.
2009-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 14:15 Subsonic (wow Gordo!) quantum-tunneling rock drill with an "Auld Lang Syne" jam that finds its way to the dentists office. [Great Mike early-on gradually builds to a nice peak. Then the jam shifts to a solid, snappy section replete with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and more, and -> to "NO2."]
2010-12-31 Sand New York, NY 10:23 Staccato jam with great full-band interplay gives way to a more typical guitar-led conclusion.
2010-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 13:48 May this one find you when you are feeling down, it will lift your heart and your feet from the ground; building the euphoric bridge that allows you to cross that river of tears. [A strong straightforward version. By shifting to D major just before 7:00 and staying in that place for over 6 minutes, the bliss or release section is accentuated.]
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 10:47 Short, but very fun. "Manteca" sandwich and goofiness everywhere. Trey briefly cracks up at start of vocal jam when Mike says "Crab in my shoemouth" instead of WUDMTF.
2010-12-31 Manteca New York, NY 0:32 -> in from "YEM." "Manteca" is sandwiched in the "YEM" jam.
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 6:04 -> in from "Manteca" to continue this short but fun "YEM."
2011-12-31 Steam New York, NY 10:35 Performed during the NYE "gag" (stunt), this exceptional version ends with a ferocious "Llama"-like jam leading up to "Auld Lang Syne."
2012-12-31 Wedge New York, NY 9:04 Not only is "The Wedge" used to help pull off the golf gag, this NYE version is highly atypical in that it features lengthy and notable late-show jamming, playing that would remain unrivaled until July 20, 2014.
2013-12-31 Reba New York, NY 12:09 Back on the bus, pretty, direct, and straightforward play makes this "Reba" a highlight of a career moment. As usual, Fish is great, shuffling through various tempos and rhythmic shifts. Mike bounces around the room, and Page is particularly on point, his play lilting and airy. Trey opts for patient, sweeping sustain, which opens space for sweet syncopation, before alighting upon a perfect series of cascading notes, measured trilling, and the "note."
2013-12-31 Light New York, NY 16:49 Exceedingly good version. As with most of the 2013 Holiday Run the version itself doesn't stand out with noticable highlights, but the entire version is well above average. Focused throughout with a great peak.
2014-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 16:35 A tall and tasty tropical sun splashed sugar rimmed whipped cream topped boat drink shared with old familiar friends provides the expected results. ["Ghost" jamming turns blissful, settles into serene, quieter musing, energizes and returns to "Ghost" before finally turning funky and spacey and > to a strong "Theme."]
2014-12-31 Theme Miami, FL 12:49 A fresh and varied take on the typical "Theme" jam leads into a stop-start section that turns percussive before "The Birds" stylings lead the attack with a smooth -> Cities.
2014-12-31 Cities Miami, FL 10:35 -> from "Theme", this "Cities" jam starts with some nice staccato work from Trey, passes through a Manteca-like section, and settles into the 3.0 Type II bliss zone.
2014-12-31 Martian Monster Miami, FL 8:11 This excellent version focuses less on samples and vocal manipulation, while integrating a more nuanced sense of dynamics. At around 6:00, the band creates a brooding psychedelic mood, which culminates with guitar loops sounding triumphantly over the bass bomb-enriched, final chord repetition. Once again, "Martian Monster" closes out a highly regarded, hose-heavy set.
2014-12-31 Tweezer Miami, FL 17:08 Beautifully-interactive melodic jam that soars for quite awhile!
2015-12-31 KDF New York, NY 13:38 Around 6:30, Trey leads this one into the "Type II" zone, where it remains for the duration as it drifts through some low-key psychedelia before a > to "Piper".
2015-12-31 Twist New York, NY 16:17 The final "Twist" of the year clinches its title for "Jamming Song of 2015". Like the Shoreline and Mann versions, after a relatively straightforward first jam, the band comes back home to the opening riff before taking off again. After some probing and warping and abstracting of the riff, things grow darker and sparser, before Fishman steps on the accelerator after the 11 minute mark, Trey goes Pink Floyd, Mike Meatballs, and Page plays Cap'n Crunch, leading to a Tweezer Reprise-like peak.
2015-12-31 NMINML New York, NY 21:02 Awesome NYE prank version. The jam begins in a mellow zone with sprinkles of bliss. After a sparse, ambient section, Fish kicks things back into a solid groove, before "Drive-In Jam"-like effects and sounds overtake. Must-hear Phish. Note: a few minutes were probably pre-recorded as part of the NYE "gag".
2015-12-31 Blaze On New York, NY 15:35 There's a reason Phish chose "Blaze On" as the song to open 2016, and this version delivers the celebratory goods. Like the past few versions, near the seven minute mark, Trey's chording sends the jam out into a world of spacey effects. These effects are reeled in quite quickly this time around, and Trey opts for a clean tone as he plucks beautiful trichords high on the neck and leads the band through a major mode passage that takes on a rough edge to it, grows percussive, and winds back to finish the tune.
2015-12-31 Bowie New York, NY 11:29 Clever major/minor mode contrasting by Page and Trey at a couple of different points, plus some good old fashioned tension provide the finishing touches for a solid year for "Bowie."
2016-12-31 Twist New York, NY 11:37 -> from Carini and with crunching power chords, this "Twist" initially wades in familiar waters with its emphasis on the upbeat bluesy song structure. Midway through, the band enters a slightly different movement that is more apt to trills and melody, not too dissimilar from a good "Gin." From here, the band strolls down a multifarious valley constructed on the infinite possibilities of Phish. A 3.0 "hose" climax awaits before > to "Piper."
2017-12-31 Jibboo New York, NY 14:58 The most exploratory "Gotta Jibboo" since 7/4/00. After standard quiet interplay at the beginning, Page gets funky on the clavinet and Trey heads for funkier and bluesier pastures, until on a dime, the band modulates the key, and a light-hearted and bubbly jam warps time and space to ring in the new year.
2017-12-31 ASIHTOS New York, NY 18:54 Serving as the anchor of NYE's nautically themed set, this jam rides a current of warm major-key play into a funky groove and then sails to a swell peak before receding into the depths.
2018-12-31 Seven Below New York, NY 17:41 Quickly takes on a more assertive and slightly darker tone with Trey and Page employing a variety of sounds to color the jam before reverting to major at 7:00 with some light and airy play. This section gradually intensifies and gets more rocking as it progresses, ending with a thick, locked-in groove and some "woos" before > "Twist".
2019-12-31 Halley's New York, NY 12:27 Featuring wonderful interplay between Trey and Mike in particular, eventually the jam's key modulates and Trey solos melodically, and then the jam grooves and concludes in an "On Broadway" -esque fashion before "Caspian" abruptly begins.
2019-12-31 Wolfman's New York, NY 10:44 Funk-driven groove emerges on the back of Mike's slap bass. Page switches from plinko Clavinet to Hammond to drive the groove home.
2019-12-31 Light New York, NY 12:31 Quickly drops into a low-boil minor-key zone, then heads into more upbeat waters. Swerves into a swaggering and funkier zone with Page doing work on the keys, then delves into a sprightly calypso-adjacent jam thanks to Mike's strong work. Trey takes the jam into more anthemic territory, and this blistering rockout ends with a nice peak. A compact version that still finds multiple moods. > into a ferocious "Twist".
2019-12-31 Twist New York, NY 11:32 A massive runaway freight train that builds up power from out of the verses (thanks to Mike's muscular basslines) and then picks up the pace at Fish's urging, with Trey hitting on a cool repeating chord pattern, before exploding into a flash of improvisational pyrotechnics. Some real heavy duty jamming in this NYE "Twist".
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