Jam Chart for the 31st of October (62 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1986-10-31 Jam Plainfield, VT 5:45 A really good Trey-led jam opens Set II. Rocking and blues-infused, this offers a glimpse at early improvisation. > to "Bag."
1986-10-31 Bowie Plainfield, VT 10:05 Earliest known live version. Jam is played at a slowed tempo initially, but picks up speed and intensity as it develops.
1987-10-31 Jam Plainfield, VT 8:06 A free-form jam, apparently played together with the band the Joneses opens the show, with Trey on drums at first. The jam structure improves once Trey jumps to guitar, and includes some "Low Rider" teases. -> to "Whipping Post."
1989-10-31 Bowie Plainfield, VT 20:36 The "Mac 'N Cheese" version (see Setlist). Breaks away from standard "Bowie" at about 9:00 into some jarring jamming similar to "DEG." Another early one that gets WAY OUT there and includes a jam on "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group) at about 16:45. Powerful trill section.
1990-10-31 Possum Colorado Springs, CO 9:00 Serious kick-ass, blistering and ripping jam. Straightforward, but so what? Archival release from Live Phish.
1990-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 15:52 Mike repeatedly teases "Wilson's" opening notes in the jam. Tease of "Night in Tunisia" in the vocal jam.
1990-10-31 Reba Colorado Springs, CO 10:16 While compact, Trey uncovers an absolutely infectious groove, and, predictably, an incredible jam ensues. Unpredictably, however, the band arrives at the "note" absent Fish's tomming, with the version abruptly soaring into space.
1990-10-31 Runaway Jim Colorado Springs, CO 6:22 > a strong "Jim," this super, early version, showcases the song's potential - not as a jamming heavyweight, but how "Jim" was played for the better part of four years" A versatile, fiery, "turn-it-up" number, which also functions to illustrate the band's considerable, and emerging, full-band musicianship.
1990-10-31 Tweezer Colorado Springs, CO 9:15 Impressive, though short, early version with "Heartbreaker" teases.
1991-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 16:27 Siiiiiiick jam segment.
1991-10-31 Bowie Colorado Springs, CO 13:52 A hilarious intro with elements of "Wait." Doesn't take long for Trey to get hooked on a repetitive melodic theme, but once the band tires of it, semi-dissonant "type II" improv ensues, though an "Oom Pah Pah" signal puts a stop to it and they return to a traditional "Bowie" jam.
1994-10-31 Simple Glens Falls, NY 8:26 Taking the outro jam up a big notch from 10/29/94, this version includes a switch from major to minor mode towards the end that creates good tension. Simply put, this is the first enchanting, gorgeous version.
1994-10-31 Divided Glens Falls, NY 16:28 Superlative, epic, one for the ages. Hard rocking yet played with extreme precision, this version reflects the band at the top of its game.
1994-10-31 Julius Glens Falls, NY 7:51 Trey goes insane. Truly SICK version. > "Horse."
1994-10-31 Reba Glens Falls, NY 15:34 Thick grooves and beautiful melodies.... A quintessential Reba.
1994-10-31 Bowie Glens Falls, NY 13:07 Essentially "Type I," but this is a textbook, immaculately played version with great tension.
1994-10-31 Antelope Glens Falls, NY 10:37 Well-played, mostly straightforward version. Shows just how strong 1994 was for "Antelope" that this one barely makes the cut.
1994-10-31 Coil Glens Falls, NY 10:05 A spectacular, transcendent end to a spectacular, transcendent show.
1995-10-31 Divided Rosemont, IL 15:06 An inspired version with some really beautiful moments before Trey leads the boys into an overdrive finale.
1995-10-31 Drowned Rosemont, IL 4:48 Debut as part of the 1995 musical costume, the Who's Quadrophenia. Straight forward version with no extended jamming.
1995-10-31 YEM Rosemont, IL 39:45 HEAR AT ALL COSTS!!!! "Fuck You (In)(Up) the Ass" VJ.
1995-10-31 JJLC Rosemont, IL 9:03 Dave Grippo on saxophone. Grippo kicks in where Trey would normally lead the playing and adds rich texture and a jazz sentiment to this fantastic version. Performed in Chicago, of course.
1995-10-31 Suzy Rosemont, IL 7:30 Dave Grippo on alto saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone, and Joey Sommerville on trumpet. Excellent version with a distinctly bluesy feel to it.
1996-10-31 Caspian Atlanta, GA 7:08 Straightforward, but a classic rendering that nicely captures the '96 style of "Caspian" jamming, and differs markedly from subsequent styles of "Caspian" jamming that would emerge in '97, '98, '99, and later. > to "Reba."
1996-10-31 Reba Atlanta, GA 13:58 > "Prince Caspian," this fan-favorite and Halloween thriller features notable full-band play, but is wholly dominated by Trey. Forceful and pointed soloing bends, but doesn't break around 11:00, with Trey shaping his tone and Fish breaking down the beat. Huge guitar builds and swells until arriving smartly at the "note."
1996-10-31 C&P Atlanta, GA 10:00 First version, with horns, and Karl Perazzo on percussion. Tight, fierce, and ends with a percussion solo.
1996-10-31 2001 Atlanta, GA 6:50 Karl Perazzo percussion craziness, with a lovely amount of loops throughout.
1996-10-31 Simple Atlanta, GA 15:03 With Karl Perazzo on percussion, a great rhythmic and funky groove grows out of "Simple" before groovily returning. -> to "Swept Away."
1996-10-31 Suzy Atlanta, GA 6:28 Karl Perazzo on percussion, Dave Grippo on saxophone, and Gary Gazaway on trumpet. "Born Under Punches" tease from Page. This excellent version has a completely different feel to it than 10/31/95, despite the similar addition of horns. This one has more of a jazz-like vibe to it, as well as strong percussion.
1998-10-31 Sneakin' Sally Las Vegas, NV 10:56 Funky '98-style jam emerges, where Page on clavinet is the star. Rocks along until morphing into some more ambient, serene space, before a fantastic -> to "CDT."
1998-10-31 CDT Las Vegas, NV 8:22 -> in from "Sneakin' Sally." The -> is fantastic, and this is an excellent "CDT." It's "Type I," but very solid.
1998-10-31 Weekapaug Las Vegas, NV 11:45 A pretty wild "Type I" jam with a super-charged ending that threatens to get out of control, but is ultimately well-executed.
1998-10-31 R&R Las Vegas, NV 13:12 Debut as part of the Velvet Underground's "Loaded" Halloween costume. First run is an upbeat rocker with an extended jam that stays pretty close to the "Rock And Roll" theme and groove. Released on Live Phish Vol. 16.
1998-10-31 Lonesome Cowboy Bill Las Vegas, NV 10:05 Fiery jam segues into a magnificently enchanting, psychedelic horizon.
1998-10-31 Wolfman's Las Vegas, NV 30:11 Haunting Halloween Masterpiece. At 9:50, the jam descends from low intensity funk mode into 14 minutes of dark, chilling, effects-laden improvisation. A few movements to resurface are rebuffed, and the jam remains deep down until 24:00 when a bluesy shuffle provides some cathartic relief. -> to "Piper" which further brightens the mood.
2009-10-31 Loving Cup Indio, CA 7:23 This version is FIERCE, what with horns and soulful backup vocals!
2009-10-31 BDTNL Indio, CA 11:46 Standard "BDTNL" concludes and the band breaks into an upbeat and rocking outro jam that > to "Fluffhead."
2009-10-31 Suzy Indio, CA 11:37 Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals, and Dave Guy, David Smith, and Tony Jarvis on trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, respectively. Outstanding, stretched out (but otherwise straightforward) version.
2010-10-31 Stash Atlantic City, NJ 13:28 Features an unusually melodic, major mode groove that builds beautifully before returning to the norm with great tension.
2010-10-31 Wilson Atlantic City, NJ 7:56 Looney vocalizations preceding "BLAT BOOM" lead to an extra-large, type 1.5 version, in which the band quickly hooks into a thematic blues rock riff. They collectively toy around with the riff, pushing the idea into a soupy mire, before dipping into a mystical Halloween outro where Trey recapitulates the blues rock riff over lush organ drones.
2010-10-31 Julius Atlantic City, NJ 9:17 With horn and percussion accompaniment. Fantastic version. The percussion and horns are added in a particularly complementary arrangement that makes this one a real standout.
2013-10-31 Stash Atlantic City, NJ 10:05 Excellent short "Stash" with mounting tension. Like a '93 or '94 version!
2013-10-31 Wingsuit Atlantic City, NJ 6:12 Debut of the song leads off the "musical costume from the future" set at this Halloween show.
2013-10-31 Fuego Atlantic City, NJ 10:47 Debut. First version hints at future jamming potential for "Fuego."
2013-10-31 Wombat Atlantic City, NJ 6:34 Debut with "Abe Vigoda" and the Abe Vigoda Dancers.
2013-10-31 Winterqueen Atlantic City, NJ 6:23 Phish debut includes Page nicely jumping around from the Fender-Rhodes to the B-3 to the piano, and a rock driven jam from Trey.
2013-10-31 Carini Atlantic City, NJ 18:41 Serious heavyweight version kicks off with rhythmic and swirling playing. The jam brightens for a stretch, then IT builds and builds as the "HOSE" is turned on. Finally the jam recedes delicately as the spigot is turned to "off."
2014-10-31 SOAMule Las Vegas, NV 10:32 Page and Trey in a rocking, guitar-accented piano showcase > ghoulish and spooky Halloween jamming > klezmer > weird chanting by Mike > conclusion.
2014-10-31 The Dogs Las Vegas, NV 4:10 Promising debut. Following Laura Olsher's narration, Phish explodes into arena rock, replete with full-tilt guitar histrionics.
2014-10-31 Your Pet Cat Las Vegas, NV 4:25 Debut. Following Laura Olsher's narration and "screaming" sound effects, a plucky Trey leads the band into a jam that, prior to "Tube's" resurgence, would not have sounded out of place in a, well, "Tube" jam.
2014-10-31 Martian Monster Las Vegas, NV 14:00 Debut closes the legendary Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House Halloween set. This version includes extensive use of vocal samples, many of which are tempo and pitch-shifted, sounding at times like a "YEM" vocal jam performed by hamsters. After a crunchy encounter with the hungry landing committee, the longest version so far ends with a four minute fadeout of the spaceship blasting off towards the planet Mars. Your trip is short!
2014-10-31 Sand Las Vegas, NV 18:02 A multi-section winner, featuring extended funk jamming, a rocking peak with a "School's Out" tease, and a great -> into "Tweezer Reprise."
2016-10-31 Sand Las Vegas, NV 12:57 Around the 8 minute mark, Page leads the band into a "Type II" segment of glorious, major-key play.
2016-10-31 2001 Las Vegas, NV 11:30 At the time, the longest 2001 since the MJ version, and best since Darien 2011. Trey leads out in the second jam and the MGM turns into a DMT paradise. Things get evil, spacey, and the band quotes "Fame" while Mike liquefies the crowd. Monster version fitting of the monster 2016 Vegas run.
2018-10-31 Halley's Las Vegas, NV 9:57 A solid, medium intensity exploratory groove emerges from the typical "Hallley's" outro, with nice interplay between Trey, Page and Mike.
2018-10-31 Cool Amber and Mercury Las Vegas, NV 6:23 Debut.
2018-10-31 ASIHTOS Las Vegas, NV 9:24 Compact bliss jam full of sustained whammy guitar leads over a bed of wavy electric piano.
2021-10-31 Ghost Las Vegas, NV 26:30 "Ghost" gets its almost-always-spot on Halloween night and it does not disappoint. At 10:30, the band locks in after searching around. Fish's play drives the jam and Trey's soloing leads the way. The upbeat jam slows considerably at 14:00, with the ensuing play sounding reminiscent of a "BASOS" jam. From that, emerges a murky, effects-laden jam. Mike's bass playing towards the end is a highlight in the longest version of the song since the IT Festival.
2021-10-31 KDF Las Vegas, NV 12:30 Trey's favorite delay signals this version will break the mold, and a fully-formed, feel-good jam quickly emerges. A bit of the 2021 "Sci-Fi Soldier" sound creeps in before the final lyrics and becomes more pronounced in the outro until > "Free".
2021-10-31 Bowie Las Vegas, NV 12:02 Quite the version in that it keeps the intricacy and speed of the traditional "Bowie" jam but in a major tonality and then swerves back to wrap in normal fashion.
2021-10-31 Carini Las Vegas, NV 12:25 Religions could be founded around the eternal question, "shall thy lumpy head be happy or angry this evening?" This gracious offering promptly responds with fleet-footed and upbeat major key jamming that shows adept and confident peak building. A massive wash of heavenly synth tones blasts from the PA at the 8 minute mark; this pleases his lumpiness, who then gets angry at its departure and turns for darker pastures. After the many moods of the great drum tech is expressed, -> "Lonely Trip."
2021-10-31 Soul Planet Las Vegas, NV 14:16 Deep in the third set of the Halloween show, the band still has enough creative juice for one more killer jam, as Fish kicks up the tempo and Page does some fine electric piano work, before a slower and more contemplative jam emerges. Fish picks the pace back up and the band enters anthemic mode, Trey's funky new filter adding extra spice, then things get darker and nastier almost out of nowhere with a stomping and powerful jam. -> into "Death Don't Hurt Very Long" out of the muck.
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