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DeepBlueSky This kind of crap is exactly what most of us go to see Phish to escape.

This kind of crap is exactly why so many Phish fans don't like this website.

I really feel sorry for the people who wrote this crappy article and those who believe it. You're clearly unaware and/or ignorant of a great deal of history, have bought in to some really big lies, and have a profoundly negative outlook on the world as a result. So much so you're imagining negativity where it doesn't exist.

I can appreciate to a degree that you're trying to do good in the world as you see it, but please realize that walking into a room generally full of happy people and calling them racist and/or fragile for disagreeing with you is far from the best way to go about it. It's more than a little disrespectful. Also, please realize and respect that Phish shows are the happy place of escape for most who go there. Escape from the various type of BS we all deal with elsewhere in life, especially including modern political BS.

Trey's quote zothound posted above applies in spades, and that philosophy is a part of the reason that many of us love this band. Someone mentioned Fishman's social media as validation for this article, and perhaps any other political crap ever posted here. It's not. Fishman is either smart enough to keep his politics largely away from the scene or Trey and the rest of the band keep him in check. My money is on the former so the latter isn't even necessary. (I have oodles of respect for Fishman as a person, and salute his political efforts away from the scene even when I disagree with them, but if he ever made a point to bring his politics into the Phish world anymore than the band already has (which is to say: not much at all), the band would start losing longtime fans.)

While you may not mean to be, you're close to the worst I've run into on the 'scene'. The worst being a couple of coked up belligerent dudes I've bumped into at a couple of shows. Fortunately though they aren't here pushing their agenda of being coked up and belligerent, and have so far refrained from insulting everyone who doesn't agree with their outlook on the world. You, have not refrained. So in at least that way, you are the worst.

Your preaching philosophy belongs here as much as anyone else preaching whatever. Please do not mistake my criticism of you as just a mere disagreement with your racist philosophy. I'd have as much disdain for anyone coming here to tell us all that we need to support X or not support X that has nothing to do with the music or seeing it, and then telling us if we don't there's something wrong with us. Even if I agreed with what they were asking us to do.

I'm sure a great many other people feel the same, whatever their color, sex, shape, size, or philosophies happens to be.

We are here for the music, and the happy people. Not those who want to live in misery. If you're miserable, find a happy person and let them inspire you.

This is your song too, come out of the gloom please. If you insist on not doing it, please stop trying to bring the rest of us into it, all the while acting like your gloom is the superior place.

While I can stomach a little of it, seeing this more than once now garners a response (the first I saw of this racist crap was in the STTF issue I read on the train to NYC for NYE).

There were a number of great things already said in response to this article, but this I especially think deserves repeating: "...remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr fought for equality and Nikita Khrushchev fought for equity. Fight wisely and good vibes."

If that quote doesn't make sense to you, or your don't understand it's relevance, or if you can't see how the authors of this article are supporting racism, please spend a lot more time than you already so far have in life reflecting. Please also spend a bit more time as well learning yourself what cultural Marxism is.

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