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dongusbologna Lol.
Tell me you've been indoctrinated by a woke liberal college without telling me.

Time and time again, the most racist people I see are the ones who think they're racial advocates. You people see race in everything and try to make it an issue where it doesn't need to be. Probably has NOTHING to do with your entire livelihood and personality being wrapped up in keeping racism alive and well... (Colin Kaepernick much?)

Gotta give it to you though, you all are masters of co-opting language. You've successfully equated pointing out blatant racism and a desire to not listen to people so obsessed with race go off on divisive rants as "white fragility," just like you've turned capitalism into "the patriarchy" and a "system founded on white supremacy."

Classic argument tactic too, establishing from the get-go that anyone who counters your thesis is automatically labeled an insulting term, and any counter to being insulted allows you to go "see?" You've created a narrative where white people are bad simply for existing and if we point that out or say that it bothers us, we're still in the wrong for doing so - a narrative where even this statement can instantly be disregarded (and with a smug rolling of the eyes) because of my "white cis male privilege."

I remember when being called a racist was an insult. Now, if you simply live in the US (sorry, a nation founded on white supremacy) and have a job (sorry, "use your privilege and ableist ways to support a system built on inequity"), you're a racist simply for "participating" in that white supremacist system.

You people are hilarious. I love that both white people felt the need to identify themselves as "cisgender" when the others didn't mention gender at all. Do you all get some sort of virtue signal points? is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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