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JFox913 You new age wokesters with your ill-conceived ideologies are what ruins the scene, not just the music scene. It was only a matter of time until you accused the music and the listeners of being racist... For sake of you having something to write about and attempting to virtual signal and build a name for yourself in the woke world, let's pretend all the white attendees have been standing at the entrance gates making sure people of color don't come in or feel welcomed if they do... Music has always been about, THE MUSIC! It brings all of us together, at least until you moron's came about and seek to divide us over the color of our skin, rather than let us naturally commune together in our appreciation of the same sounds. So here you are, reviewing some dipshit professor's idea of racism and pretending that the absence of certain colors at a show must denote undertones of racism... Did it ever occur to you that no-one has ever blocked anyone from enjoying the music of phish? Did it ever occur to you that some people enjoy a certain type of music more than another. Music comes from culture, culture connects us to the music. When reggae came on the scene, do you think the industry or Bob Marley, or Toots, sat around wondering how they can appeal to more white people so their shows are more equitable?...Or NWA, do you think they were concerned not enough white people were showing up to their concerts... But because Phish's fan base is primarily white, it must be an issue...(a racist thought in and of itself). If you heard the sounds, and you liked the sounds, and it transported you somewhere full of joy, why can't you just enjoy it. Why is there all of a sudden some need to make sure a certain percentage of a certain color are listening to it? And an absence of that, must be the result of racism, rather than people simply listening to sounds they prefer over other sounds that simply don't do it for them... And then when a guy like me says what I've just said, you go, "oh, it's because of his white fragility". Which is another way of being racist and claiming that because of the color of my skin, I must interpret something a certain way... I must be too stupid to understand my faults, because of the color of my skin I can't even see my faults.... The only racists here, are the one's that had to bring racism into a perfectly fine journey of souls engaging in joyful bliss together under the sounds of the music. Shame on all of you involved in trying to pitch this, for going about your day constantly trying to find wrongs, rather than enjoy and celebrate our differences, our cultures. We don't all need to be the same, we don't all need equal representation in things like music preferences. We just need to be, and we need people like yourselves to stop telling us we're broken because we like what we like, and don't like what we don't like. Like someone said above, the entire concept of white fragility is a form of racism. If you put me into a group, and say that I behave a certain way, or don't understand a certain thing, because of the color of my skin (i.e. "white" fragility (not black),,, THAT IS THE PUREST FORM OF RACISM! should be appalled they even shared this garbage. The very fact that people dumb enough to try and spew this garbage are now phan's and come to the shows, just reconfirms we'll let anyone chill! Even if they're too young or their brains too underdeveloped to understand their mistakes, their fragility if you will. We'll try to guide you fragiles through this journey until you have been around long enough to realize how stupid your ill-conceived premises are in our realm of love, love of the sound ;) is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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