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s1177375 Going to ask for some bustouts and the songs that I've been missing after 20 shows there are still a few songs that I have not heard live still have yet to hear Jesus left Chicago the squirming coil has still eluded me and I'm still waiting for discern I love the song discern and they don't you want to go first ever since 1995 would be nice as a blue grass / gospel tune tube top flop and it makes no difference from trays solo band as far as like 80's covers I'd love to hear another mirror in the bathroom teas in between chalk dust or some high-energy tube been thinking about to recently that makes me think about tube and Tube this guy wrote a post about it and how the 2003 and for was lackluster because Trey was on drugs which is absolutely true but for some reason certain songs actually sounded better when he was high on heroin bathtub gin in the bathtub gin in 2003 on the winter tour was freaking amazing and the tubes the one both at my second show where his hotel almost burned down and the show in 2004 at Alpine are no not Alpine at Noblesville I think it opened the second set I want to say just as it did in Cincinnati for me I like really long tubes really long 7 belows really long bathtub Gins really long golden age anything where they have a chance to explore different kinds of jamming and that requires a minimum of 20 minute jamming yam is a perfect example of a song I like that still has parts and still fits with new in the orchestral Style but it only has the Jam at the end with the bass jam after they do the as soon as they're done with the trampolines that part is the best part of course but I like all the rest of it where a songs like Divided Sky and stash I think could be much better if they had a Jam part stash has a jam in the 1995 version in Orlando I want to say and the one in Toronto but stash only works if you go into the 20-minute range and Divided Sky doesn't really have room for a jam but it's such a great song anyway but it just gets old hearing it live because it's the same over and over whereas you got a song like 7 below which has just the four-minute song and then you can go anywhere with it and what I like about songs that are slower like you got a song like fee or two versions of me well those could go on and on and they could be really beautiful medleys at the end like the one at Camden 2009 I got to be honest I don't like the new cast of odd but I also didn't like free when it first came out in 1995 and they didn't have the base Jam Mike didn't do anything with it at the end it just went into this like really almost like a mic song dark dissonant jam and I hated it I love the song The Core parts of the Verse Chorus Verse Chorus bridge but I didn't like the jam I also didn't like it was another song I didn't like when it first came out and get it's gotten way better I'm trying to think what it is the Halley's Comet is only good when it goes into a jam because that's just way too repetitive it's like hearing heavy things I just don't want to hear heavy things most the time oh I remember the other one is taste nasty taste that when it was actually known as the fog that surrounds was not as good as song but that's what's great about fish they get better when they tweet the songs lie they have to tweak their stuff and they had Fishman singing over top a tree or in the or you can say below tray in the background and he's doing the other parts of the song and they got rid of that and they change the name of the song and they also made it tighter and it ends with the letter e and ends with a nice crisp ending and they didn't have that before I just kind of droned on and on and limb by limb is an example of a song that actually started better in 1998 and has gotten worse it needs to be a tighter ending and it needs to have a nice long slow build to a crescendo like a Harry hood jam I would like to see a limb by limb that just goes completely crazy like the Prince Caspian at Pittsburgh in 2017 that would be something to say but I've never seen limb by limb go to 20 minutes it can go there I don't know if Trey has it in him to do it so I never bring a poster but I may just have to bring a poster and I'll put it down immediately so that I have a chance of it getting play because I've heard trece you know if you leave it up after they start another song that's the best way to not get it played well I want to obviously get the song played that's on the card so I either don't bring your card and I hope that it subliminally gets into trays head this way or ice cream it but that never works unless I'm sitting front row and this is me hit and I know it sounds like babbling because I'm using the Google thing is that I actually typing but I also have a better way of getting what I need to say out this way I love fish I love the fans I love everything about it except for the hard drugs the opiates the cocaine teeth for example I'm okay with the LSD and the shrooms course I'm okay with the weed and I'm okay with the DMT and I'm on the fence about Molly Molly's kind of in the middle for me but everything Molly and above is kind of the dangerous stuff in my opinion anything addicted basically says Xanax is addictive so that's bad I don't want the fans on addictive s*** because I know how destructive it can be for your life I want people to genuinely feel the joy the trade talks about in the song Joy you can't feel that if you're high on something some chemical that is making you feel happy but you're not actually happy sober I hope they make it into heaven because I want to hear the best jams go on forever literally and not just feel like they're going on forever for what's actually 70-odd years peace and love can't wait to see you at Blossom the wooden capital of the world
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