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PhishOregon @MrStevietRI said:
This is fucking bullshit. This band doesn't know what type 1 or type 2 jamming is. They don't care what 2.0 or 3.0 is. They played zero classics during this run. No bowie, no foam, no reba, no divided sky, no fee, no dinner and a movie, no gp, no rift, no mound, no it's ice, no col forbin, no tela, no harpua, no ffm, no glide, no ctb, no gumbo, no nothing. Just the usual shit. This band used to ooze fusion chops, emulate Zappa and yes and Santana and all the greats, but this last 20 years have been crap. My sister in law did liquid acid with the band in their limo at great woods in 2000, with trey' s friend Hammond, from school. They were full of shit then, and now. Trey can't figure out one fucking melodic lick compared to the old days. This band exists to pity his existence. Tom Marshall should find a better composer to write for.
No way this is real. A weird trolling effort, "liquid acid" man whose sister hung out with Trey's "friend from school" (and who also has a super hot girlfriend who lives in Canada that none of us know?). Come on, brother, you're making us old folks look like......well, old folks.

Here's the thing: no good band keeps playing the same old stuff for decades on end. How boring would that be for the band and for (most of) the audience? You sound like one of those guys who thinks Bob Dylan should have never gone electric or that the Dead of '70-'78 was a betrayal of the (liquid acid!) Dead of '67-69. Both facially terrible opinions.

If you want bands that play the same songs they started with and without meaningful changes over the course of several decades, there is likely a band out there for you. They're playing state fairs and casinos across the land.

Me? I loved Phish in the 90s but I'm thrilled by what I witnessed in the latter half of 2018. If you didn't delight in the multi-layered genius of the KV prank--and the uber phish-iness of it all--then I'm not sure what to say.....other than I hope you enjoy listening to Junta and Colorado '88 on headphones, alone. Each to their own, of course. But you kinda sound like a jerk coming here right after this amazing fall and NYE run to put all the noobs in their place for experiencing joy (in 2018 of all years!) while watching an amazing band back at the top of their game.

Here's a New Years resolution for you: Try a little bit of that liquid acid yourself and dissolve that ridiculous ego of yours. Then come back and give another listen.

P.S. They played Glide II on 12/30. And it was gorgeous. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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