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TREY: Welcome to the show everybody. Ok, we’re going to start things off right now the only way we know how, and that is to give you… That’s right people, the Vibration of Life is going to start everything off here right now. We’re going to take it from there. I think you’ve been hearing me talk about the Vibration of Life a lot lately. It’s because we’ve really been doing some research into the Vibration of Life and coming up with a lot of things.

For those of you who don’t know what the Vibration of Life is, first i’ll tell you about it then i’ll give it to you. Everything that we see and hear is a vibration so all day you’re being bombarded with vibrations. There’s radio waves right now and tv waves zipping through your bodies. There’s electricity and sound and light. Sounds vibrate at a certain frequency. For instance, the frequency that Mike is giving you right now -- he’s trying to get it tuned in there; you got it?

Now if you start doubling the sound frequencies higher and higher up into the light frequencies -- light is also vibrations -- so what we’re going to try to do here is give you the Vibration of Life. We’ve realized that the sound, the Vibration of Life -- oh wait, im sorry, i’m not finished telling you here. There is a certain vibration that people theorize is the glue that holds the universe together. When people who are healers, they say that their hands vibrate at this rate. It’s seven beats per second, and that the universal tone is seven beats per second. By doing two different tones that clash with each other, we can hit you with seven beats per second and fill you with the Vibration of Life. We can tune you into the Universe, charge you up, and get you ready for the rest of the show.

FISH: Vibration!

TREY: Now what we’ve realized is that, like I said, if you start [Mike begins Vibration] -- there it goes! The Vibration of Life…. Ah, can you feel i, can you feel it? It’s filling you up with the Vibration of Life. Now what we realized is that the Vibration of Life auditory is powerful enough, but when you combine it with the perfect light spectrum... see, people also theorize that certain colors can penetrate people’s auras. So a different color has different power over you. Red has a certain power; blue is more serene. What we’ve realized is that with certain colors -- Chris will now bathe the stage in red -- what you’ll feel is even more powerful, the Vibration of Light. This is so powerful that the blind can suddenly see, the deaf can hear.

FISH: Can you feel it?!

TREY: It’s got to be all red though, Chris, got to be all red. Nothing but red. The other colors will interfere. Get rid of those there, just red, we want red. Oof. Ahh!!! Yes! Can you feel it? Can you feel it?! Ok, so the red with the Vibration of Life can heal the sick, can bring joy to the sad. What we’ve realized is even more powerful is when you combine green light, you can actually send yourself to Gamehendge.

FISH: Ah yes! I’m there, I am there! Testify! I’m in Gamehendge!

TREY: I can see it! Can you see it? I can see it! The mountain rising up in the distance, the trees in the distance, the forest, the green field, a large black rhombus floating in the middle of the stream, I mean field. I can feel it. We can all feel it. We can see on the side of the mountain the tiny figure of Col Forbin climbing up the mountain. But, something is wrong in Gamehendge, something is wrong. The power of the Vibration of Life tells us that something’s slightly off kilter. The fact that Evil King Wilson has taken over Gamehendge. So what we’re going to try to do is bring the Vibration of Life back to purity in Gamehendge because the Famous Mockingbird is gonna fly out of the sky, try to steal the Helping Friendly Book back, bring it to the people of Gamehendge, and bring us back to the perfect Vibration of Life.

So here comes now to save the day, The Famous Mockingbird. You can hear him up there, there he is...

FISH: He’s wearing the protective glasses...
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