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TREY: A strange thing… A strange thing is starting to happen. I can feel it. Everybody… is starting... to split... into two people. That’s right, right now, some of you might not even know it but every one of you is starting to split into two different entities. It's basically like a soul is coming out of your body. You might not even know it, but suddenly there’s two people looking at each other for every one of you. And as soon as it comes out of your body, one of them is starting to shrink. And I can see it, I don’t know if you can all see it, but right now that separate soul from your body is all coming out, and this whole entire crowd is starting to shrink.

Leaving the empty shells of your body behind as the whole rest of them start to leave. Your souls are getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. And, everybody starts coming down the backstairs, the souls there. They’re all coming together and getting ready in the back to go for a little walk. I can see it right over there now. A tiny pack… of tiny little souls, walking down the aisle way, and these empty shells of people that are still here in the room don’t even realize this is going on. But, the whole crowd is now this tiny little group about 1 inch tall, and they’re walking up the aisle pushing away beer cans and trying not to get stepped on by these huge enormous feet that are all around them.

They’re making across and wading through puddles of, of... sweat and spit, and, suddenly they get up and they’re coming up and they come across this huge velvet curtain down in the front. They crawl under, going into the orchestra pit. Finally, they’re up against the stage and everybody, we’re all up against the stage now, and somehow we’ve gotta get up the stage. We start throwing huge ropes up the stage, tiny little soul people. Tiny little soul people crawling up the edge of the stage, one by one, helping each other up, pulling the ones who can’t make it up onto the stage. There they are. Boom. And, they’re going up.

The tiny little soul people leaving the empty shells of bodies behind, they’re crawling up the metal leg of the drum riser and up onto the drum riser, wading through the carpet, going to the drum riser. And, one by one, everybody starts shimmying up the, shimmying up the cymbal stand, shimmying up the cymbal stand... until the whole group is standing on top of this one cymbal right over there, and they look down and they see it below them, the target that they’ve all got to jump for, this huge, knotted, ugly mess of hair that they’re gonna dive into. They’re standing there and one by one they dive off into it! Boom! Dive into it! Boom. Dive into it. [grunting]

They’re all, they’re in Fish’s hair. They’re climbing through Fish’s hair. Oh my God. It hasn’t been washed in weeks, they’re, sticking to the roots of the, sticking to the roots of… oh! My! Oh! He’s trying to shake them off, he’s scratching his head and he’s trying to get them off and they’re climbing through the... his head is rocking back and forth and… oh! Oop!

Quickly, they’re taking refuge down beneath his earlobe… One by one they hang over on his ear lobe and... One by one we all start to go into Fish’s ear. We’re climbing into Fish’s ear right now. Oh my God! It’s dark in there, ooh, the smells, it’s incredible… Trying, pickaxing through the huge clumps of wax and chopping through the hair and getting closer to Fish’s brain. We’re all getting closer to Fish’s brain. Oh my God! And, suddenly, as we, we see his brain in the distance but there’s a black void and we’re so excited to be part of Fish’s brain that we run out, into the void and ah!

[Sighs] And, we’re dropping through the void. We’re dropping through the void of Fish’s head and [laughs] suddenly, the parachutes come out, the whole crowd, we’re, floating down, in the blackness, and we look down below us… And we see... [dramatically] Gamehendge.

A great field stretching off into the distance and the tiny rhombus to the side, the forest going off in the other distance, and the... huge mountain rising up above. We’re floating down with our parachutes… And we look over at the mountain. A tiny speck we see on the mountain, right over there. And, its… Colonel Forbin. He’s climbing up the mountain.

Colonel Forbin’s climbing up the mountain and he’s trying to find the great and knowledgeable Icculus. He’s trying to get the Helping Friendly Book...

[Trey delivers in sing-song along with band’s backing]
He’s trying to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
He’s trying to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
He wants to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
He’s got to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
He wants to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
He’s got to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
And the things start to shake and the rocks start to fall
And everything’s telling him
Now he’s trying to get Icculus and the Helping Friendly Book
And now he’s trying to get Icculus
And he’s trying to hang on
But the rocks are hitting him in his head
And now they’re knocking him on the head
And over in the distance he sees the Famous Mockingbird flying out of the sky
Gently down, landing
Circling all around
Coming down
Lands on Icculus’s shoulder.
Icculus whispers to the Famous Mockingbird
Whispers to the Famous Mockingbird
Go steal the Helping Friendly Book from Wilson’s castle so that all the Lizard people can be free and live in peace and tranquility with nature for the rest of their life.

And so, the Famous Mockingbird, takes off into the sky…
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