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TREY: The music’s playing here now, and everybody’s standing out there, and we’re all standing in the same room. I can feel all of our hearts beating. If you kind of picture this in your mind, the incredible-ness of all of these hundreds of hearts pounding next to each other at all slightly different rates. What’s going to start happening right now here is, we’ve got the music going, the subconscious is starting to go.

The pulsing that Mike is doing on the bass is slowly going to start unifying everybody’s heartbeat in here. So the hearts are beating, the hearts are beating, all different hearts, and as we stand, we’re standing still here next to each other. You can feel that everybody’s heartbeat is starting to go the same kind of pulse [makes heartbeat sound]. We’re all becoming one [more?], one unit as that happens. As you stand there and your heart’s beating right now, i can sense what’s starting to happen.

People’s hearts are all beating, and they’re kind of all starting to slow down, into this one big rhythmic pulsing [makes heartbeat sound again]. It’s slowly slowing down, the whole room. Everybody that was moving around a couple of minutes ago is starting to slow down, and you can feel your weight going down into your feet. You feel your feet against the floor. It’s something you don’t usually think about: you feel gravity pulling you against the floor. All of your weight going down into your feet. Your hearts are all beating; everybody’s standing.

As you feel this, you can start to feel a lot more grounded, the earth that’s beneath you, your feet touching against the floor. You’re standing there, and your heart is still slowing down. All of your perception can slow down a little bit. Slowly, you can feel your feet connecting to the floor. Now, you can’t move your feet anymore: your feet are now stuck to the floor. You feel they’re actually starting to connect to the floor. Everyone is starting to take root now. Slowly, we’re all starting to turn into plants.

We’re all becoming plants. Like, if you think about the trees, moving slower, everyone’s feet are taking root. Now extending out of the bottom of your feet are roots crushing out of the cement going into the ground, lots of different roots. We’re all becoming like a sea of moss, all trees and weeds and plants, waving in the wind, one big sea of plants out there, connected. You can feel your arms are starting to grow longer and thinner until they’re starting to become sort of spindly vines coming out of your body, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The vines are coming out, slowly at the end of the vines…

The water is coming up through your feet, into your body, and you feel one with the water coming up into your hands, which are now vines. You start to expand, and you feel your hands turning into long green pods. Everyone’s hands are starting to become long green pods, and you realize you’ve become a pea plant.

There’s pea pods growing all over you. We’re all standing, and there’s pea pods growing all over us. Off in the distance, you start to see it, there’s nothing you can do now, the farmer walking towards you, while all of our bodies are starting to turn more and more into pea pods. The farmer’s coming up, and he walks by with a big hoe, he’s scraping the pea pods off the thing. Everyone starts tumbling around into a big vat.

Now the pea pods are in a vat, a big vat, and we’re travelling along across the ground. We’re lying in the back of the tractor, travelling along towards something. You feel the tractor start to lift up and the pea pods dumping out. We’re all tumbling out over the ground onto a big conveyor belt . The conveyor belt is going along with all the pods on it. There’s nothing we can do. As we go down the conveyor belt, it dumps us out into another big container with a big arm in it that’s crushing us around. We’re becoming a huge vat of pea stew.

As we become more of a pea stew, everybody mashed together into one big green slop. Now, we’re getting sucked up into a tube, down the tube, squirted out into tiny little bottles, into a tiny little bottle, and the top comes down on top of us and starts to screw on. Now, we’re trapped, trapped in a jar of pea stew. We don’t know where we’re going. Somebody’s picking us up. The lid is trapped on.

We’re in a jar of pea stew. They load us on to a truck, and it starts to drive us away. Now the truck is rumbling down the road. We can’t see anything, but we feel that we are moving in a car. We’re going down the road, it’s driving around a curve. We’re going around another turn, to the left, and it’s speeding up. We’re stuck in a truck in a jar of pea stew. Suddenly, the truck stops, and we feel ourselves being loaded up. The box of pea stew loaded and out, carried, and the box gets pulled out.

Now it’s glass, and we can see that we’ve been put on a shelf on a grocery store. We’re sitting on a shelf, wondering what’s going to happen next, looking out of the jar of pea stew. We see people walking by. Suddenly, here comes a woman, she’s pushing a little cart. She’s got food, and she’s looking at the shelf. She looks around, and she catches our eye… She reaches forward, picks us up, and drops us into the shopping cart. We go in the cart. We’re rolling along. They pick us up, and we go past the thing, and they check us out. She pays her money, back into the car.

Now we’re in the bag of groceries, driving back towards her house. We don’t know what’s in store, but we end up at her house. She walks into the kitchen; she puts us on the shelf. Suddenly, she opens up the jar, sticks in a spoon, we’re in the spoon now, and we’re going forward. We don’t know, but we turn around… A huge drooling baby is sitting in front of us. They’re putting us into the baby’s mouth. The drool is coming down. We’re almost going into the mouth, but we end up on the side of the lip, stuck to the side of the lip, and she takes the spoon and pushes us in.

Now we’re inside the baby’s mouth. We start to sink down the baby’s throat. It’s getting hotter and hotter, [unintelligible]. We’re starting to digest, getting hotter and hotter, going down into the stomach tubes, going out and down, into the intestines, squishing around. It’s getting hotter, and you don’t know if you can take it anymore. We start to see a light, and we’re going towards the light when, suddenly, we’re pushed out onto a giant diaper. We start to slide down the diaper, sliding down the diaper. We look down, and we see that there’s blackness below us. We’re drifting down.

The diaper is gone now; we’re just floating, floating through the air. Suddenly we realize we’re above… GAMEHENDGE. We’re floating down, and the chutes all open up. We’re floating down in a huge parachute. We look over in the distance, and there’s a huge mountain, a vast mountain going up in the distance. Over on the other side, we see a huge field, a green field, stretching off as far as the eye can see, and a huge forest. We’re floating down, and we look closer over at the mountain.

We see Col Forbin climbing up the mountain, grabbing onto roots and rocks, which are tumbling down around him. He’s trying to find the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. The rocks are tumbling, becoming Icculus’ face, and the Famous Mockingbird is flying down out of the sky. The Famous Mockingbird is landing on Icculus’ shoulder, and he tells the Famous Mockingbird to go off to the castle of the Evil King Wilson, steal the Helping Phriendly Book, bring it back to the people of Gamehendge, thereby save them, salvation, happiness forever, and no more trips in pea pods.

So here he comes, the Famous Mockingbird, flying out of the sky to save the day...
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