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MOCKINGBIRD MYSTERY JAM MADNESS: ROUND 3 and the Mockingbird Foundation present:

The first annual Mockingbird Mystery Jam Madness Tournament!
The third round started today (Friday, March 31st), just before 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET.

1) Each participant gets one guess per day, with the next day beginning at midnight ET (certain rounds may provide hints if needed, but regardless of hints posted, each participant gets one guess per calendar day). All answers must be submitted (along with your .net @username) to [email protected]do not post guesses or hints, joking or serious, in the comments section of the Blog – guesses posted to the Blog will not be accepted and will be deleted (irrespective of correctness), the affected round may be voided and restarted, and the offending user(s) may have their accounts suspended and be banned from future (M)MJM competitions. No sharing or trading of answers is permitted. This is for fun and for charity, but we want the tournament to be eminently fair.

2) The first 4 participants to answer correctly advance to the next round – if 4 or fewer participants answer correctly, all will advance. The round ends when the number of participants needed for the next round have advanced – if a round drags on due to poor participation or lack of correct answers despite hints, I will give participants a 24-hour deadline to complete the round. The four users who advance will square off next week to see who will go head-to-head for the championship.

3) Our eleven Mystery Jam Monday Emeritus (7+ time) winners are permitted to participate. In fact, of the eight remaining players, three are MJM Emeriti (including @dbertsch who joined the club this week), alongside two six-time winners and two five-time winners. Talk about a minefield!

The champion will win:
1) Two LivePhish codes, each good for the download of any show from (courtesy of our friends at and;
2) A $100 donation to the Mockingbird Foundation in their name;
3) The staff of will do a blog piece about / interview of the winner on their love of Phish and their MJM prowess.

Participants are encouraged (but not required) to make a donation to the Mockingbird Foundation – in the first two rounds, we have received exactly one donation (thank you!) to my knowledge, and it didn't even come from a tournament participant. You know what to do folks!

The first four people to email the correctly identified songs and dates of these four clips will advance to the third round. The theme of this round is "Four for Four." The first four seeds (#1-#4) received the clip around 6:30 PM ET; the other four seeds (#5-#8) received the clip around 7:30 PM ET. Good luck everyone, and those not in Round 3, please don't spoil any answers or I'll have to close the comments!


seed username seed username seed username seed username
#1 @dbertsch #3 @bl002e #5 @12_29_97_4eva #7 @ghostboogie
#2 @cerqs #4 @ChalkDustTeacher #6 @runlikecarini #8 @PhreePhish


UPDATE: As of 5:17 PM ET on April 3rd, I have received four correct answers: three from MJM Emeriti and one from our only zero-time winner in the tournament (who has come damn close on multiple occasions). For those struggling with the hint, once you see it, it'll become blindingly obvious (this isn't a thought experiment or some clever trick – the information you need is sitting in plain sight). I've already stated the theme for this week's round, and in one of the three MMJM blog posts, there's some information that fits perfectly into this week's theme.

I will provide a more detailed update shortly, but our four finalists (in order) are: @ghostboogie, @bl002e, @dbertsch, and @ChalkDustTeacher. The four clips come from the 7/26/03 Piper, the 11/1/09 Light, the 11/28/92 Tweezer, and the 7/23/97 YEM. As far as the hint goes, the stated theme for this round was "four for four" – while that certainly meant "[a] four [clip MJM] for [determining the] four [finalists]," it had a second meaning: "four [clips] for four [regions represented in Round 2]." Without explanation or further reference, I named the four "Regions" in Round 2 (well, the four regions with numbered seeds in them) after Tweezer, Piper, Light, and YEM, and even italicized them at the time of the hint. Those who caught it first, sped to the finish line (all after the hint!). Congrats to all four finalists, and thanks to the four who didn't make it: you all put up a hell of a battle.

If you liked this blog post, one way you could "like" it is to make a donation to The Mockingbird Foundation, the sponsor of Support music education for children, and you just might change the world.


, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 Nice to see the 4th jam make an appearance. I'd like to punch the 1st and 2nd jams. The more familiar they sound, the more punchable they are.
, comment by ucpete
ucpete @mcgrupp81 said:
Nice to see the 4th jam make an appearance. I'd like to punch the 1st and 2nd jams. The more familiar they sound, the more punchable they are.
I'm sure you've heard those first two jams too (and probably the third, which isn't what you think it is), but they're just not talked about all the time (despite the amazing sections I've clipped)... this is likely one of those "I'm kicking myself after seeing the answers" MJMs.
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 @ucpete said:
@mcgrupp81 said:
Nice to see the 4th jam make an appearance. I'd like to punch the 1st and 2nd jams. The more familiar they sound, the more punchable they are.
I'm sure you've heard those first two jams too (and probably the third, which isn't what you think it is), but they're just not talked about all the time (despite the amazing sections I've clipped)... this is likely one of those "I'm kicking myself after seeing the answers" MJMs.

Oh, I know it's a kicking yourself version. Good choices. I've heard all the jams and the tour where the 3rd jam occurred seems pretty evident but I can't search for all the BBJ wannabes of that tour.
, comment by ChalkDustTeacher
ChalkDustTeacher I think that I have the first three but the last one is going to be my demise...
, comment by ChalkDustTeacher
ChalkDustTeacher And of course I found it minutes after posting! Submitted my answer but I'm not 100% certain about all four and someone might have beat me to it.
, comment by PhreePhish
PhreePhish I think I'm just about beat. Found one last night but that's it. I'm probably overthinking it.
Had to work all day today and have functions afterwards. Might be able to look again at 11pm? Spot will probably be taken by then.

It's been a wild ride!
, comment by cerqs
cerqs I figured out the theme a bit to late. Good luck guys!!
, comment by cerqs
cerqs Another thing really quick I must've skipped over that piper from 2003 about 10 times. I don't know how I missed it
, comment by runlikecarini
runlikecarini Unfortunately life prevented me from sitting down with these clips until last night. I didn't get the hint yet so I listened to so many songs throughout 93-94 looking for that 3rd clip. I understood the hint when I sat down today. I could honestly tell right away which songs were which (because Light is only 3.0, Piper is post 3rd clip and I just knew that third clip would be buried in a tweezer somewhere early 90's, finally that last jam just had to be a weird yem). I found Light pretty quickly and was in the middle of the '03 Pipers when I got the email from Pete. Had fun playing and looking forward to next year! And good luck @Chalkdustteacher, I'll be rooting for the underdog for sure!!
, comment by ChalkDustTeacher
ChalkDustTeacher I was wondering how long it would take for ucpete to mention that I have never won an MJM - I am way out of my league here but enjoying it immensely!

The last clip through me waaaaay off. It did not sound like the baby grand to me and before the hint I was checking early David Bowie intros. What a bizarre version of YEM. Bizarre enough that I should have remembered it.
, comment by ChalkDustTeacher
ChalkDustTeacher Oh man I must be tired. Have to live up to my handle here and correct my last post - *threw* me way off.
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 Definitely pulled a Lloyd Christmas with the hint; "Samsonite, I was way off!" but that's what happens when you are multitasking. That 11/28/92 Tweezer sounded familiar and I am appalled I didn't recognize it since it was one of my favorite early collector days shows due to the solid Mike's Groove. Page is excellent in that show FYI. I remember seeing snippets of the Phish Indio festival in the Phish movie that played in theaters back in June 2010. Makes me wonder if they threw that Piper in there. Can't wait for the Phish DVD deleted scenes MJM. Good luck to the winners and do not take the brown acid before the Finals.
, comment by PhreePhish
PhreePhish Congrats to the final four!

Before the hint I was checking tons of 2001 and Bowie opening 'space jams.'
(Btw @ucpete, any 'space' jams (no drums) are really hard to find for the most part!)
Misread the hint as usual and looked all through @ucpete's shows again.
(I swear I know them better than you do now and you were there! West coast bias!! J/K)
Found the 11/1/09 Light but that's it.

Bravo! Didn't really know the other jams at all.
I take solace in knowing that I'm one of the eight best "Phish Jam Guessers" in the world this year.
And now that I'm knocked out, don't forget to donate when you're knocked out!
, comment by 12_29_97_4eva
12_29_97_4eva Big thanks to Pete and congrats to the Final Four. I also over thought the hint. I figured maybe the "four for four" was a reference to Pete's fourth hint in last round's MMJM - shows he attended. I know instinctively that this would only apply to a couple of the songs - the last two just didn't sound like post-99 shows - but away I went searching west coast shows Pete had attended. Found the Light that way. Only when I realized the hint was in reference to the division names did I scramble to find the others. By the time I was halfway there, I was a defeated man, languishing in shame.

This was a ton of fun. Someday I shall conquer my remaining two MJMs and reach Emeritus status. One of the top five items on my bucket list is to host an MJM myself and torture everyone.
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