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Welcome to the 211th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday. The winner will receive an MP3 code good for a free download of any show, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of the mystery jam clip. Each person gets one guess per day, with the second “day” starting after I post the hint. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. Good luck!

Tuesday Hint:

Answer: It came down to the wire, but in the end @mickeyjoe86 was able to identify the 7/27/03 Prince Caspian as this week's mystery clip and will take home a code for a free show download. The Blog takes some solace in knowing that every time Phish plays Prince Caspian, dozens of you will now think of that random fleet-footed ballplayer whose cards I had as a kid and whose name popped into my head the first time (and every time since) I heard the lyrics to Prince Caspian. Oooooooooddibe McDowell'd again! Alas, the Blog does not like getting Fuckerpants'd by the users, so the Blog will be back next week with another deep cut (and hopefully, another hint) for MJM212. All-Time MJM Results


, comment by PhanIAm
PhanIAm Sounds like a '95 Bowie
, comment by IdRatherBeOnTour
IdRatherBeOnTour I'm not even gonna attempt this fucking clue!
, comment by Thisrozeisntfree
Thisrozeisntfree 12-03-97 Bowie
, comment by ShowOfMYFE
ShowOfMYFE 11/30/96 It's Ice
, comment by The_Real_Prince_Caspian
The_Real_Prince_Caspian 8/10/97 Bowie
, comment by The_Note
The_Note stumped
, comment by Honeywatermelon
Honeywatermelon 11-11-1995 Bowie
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 @The_Note said:
Yeah, the tree said the same exact thing to the lumberjack. When I first heard this, I thought there was a good chance a hint would be needed.
, comment by MSphisherman
MSphisherman Prince Caspian
, comment by MSphisherman
MSphisherman prince caspian
, comment by stillwaitin
stillwaitin Tweezer 11/9/91?
, comment by Mnhlove
Mnhlove My Friend 12/29/95?
, comment by Mnhlove
Mnhlove friend, my friend 12/29/95?
, comment by ucpete
ucpete @Mnhlove said: friend, my friend 12/29/95?

but it's wrong
, comment by CadillacRainb0ws
CadillacRainb0ws David Bowie 7/3/94
, comment by akjed
akjed David Bowie 6/15/1995
, comment by beerphish
beerphish per the hint, im guessing this has to do with water...
, comment by freakmonkey77
freakmonkey77 I'm stumped on this jam, but the hint card is from 1991.
, comment by DenverPhan
DenverPhan BBFCFM 11/12/91
, comment by Carl34
Carl34 11/10/95 It's Ice
, comment by drthunder666
drthunder666 8/6/96 Prince caspian
, comment by PearlJamMusic
PearlJamMusic @freakmonkey77 said:
I'm stumped on this jam, but the hint card is from 1991.
I spent time going through shows on his birthday and haven't found it yet.
, comment by negativeseven
negativeseven You Enjoy Myself 11/9/91
, comment by Carl34
Carl34 I think the hint has something to do with his name pronounced oh-to-be. If so gotta be a fuckerpants.
, comment by coryschu
coryschu 7/27/91 Mikes
, comment by slicknick
slicknick 7/27/91 The Man who Stepped Into Yesterday
, comment by PersnicketyJim
PersnicketyJim C'mon folks, you can do this!
, comment by mickeyjoe86
mickeyjoe86 07/27/2003 "Caspian"
, comment by Matty1222
Matty1222 I was checking for shows in 91. I Was thinking maybe it was a show from one of the three states he played baseball in (Georgia, Texas, and Ohio) and nada.

Then there is his name and the meaning behind that. His first name is pronounced "owed a bee" or "oh-ta-bee." Because it also sounds vaguely like a slurred rendition of "oh to be," ESPN personality and announcer Chris Berman dubbed him Oddibe "Young Again"McDowell.

Young again=Can i live while I'm young. It's a stretch.

I'm stumped but don't want the blog to win!!
, comment by PersnicketyJim
PersnicketyJim @mickeyjoe86 said:
07/27/2003 "Caspian"
Got it.
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel For some odd reason I thought it was gonna be a random Reba. Oh well. Nice win @mickeyjoe86
, comment by Matty1222
Matty1222 How did the hint help?
, comment by white_lightning
white_lightning OH TO BE prince caspian
, comment by ucpete
ucpete @Matty1222 said:
How did the hint help?
You said it yourself in your previous comment! "Oddibe" sounds like "Oh to be" -- the first line of Prince Caspian is "Oh to be Prince Caspian".
, comment by Matty1222
Matty1222 @ucpete said:
@Matty1222 said:
How did the hint help?
You said it yourself in your previous comment! "Oddibe" sounds like "Oh to be" -- the first line of Prince Caspian is "Oh to be Prince Caspian".
Thank. Nice selection too. Almost had us.
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