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BEST OF 2012

Since we here at Phish.net dropped the ball in pulling together a NYE recap, I thought I’d make up for it (just one month later) by giving you one fan’s opinion on the best moments of 2012. These are not the opinions of Phish.net, just my own thoughts. If you agree or disagree, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Best Jam: 9/1/12 "Light." The last seven or so minutes of this jam aren't just best-of-2012 good, they rank among Phish's finest improvisational passages. To those who would criticize the first few minutes of this jam I'd point out that not every note of even the 12/29/94 "Bowie" is pure gold either and, more importantly, ask how you even remember that by the time this is over. You'd think a show with the best jam of the year, an "Antelope" opener, a first set "Tweezer," a 13-minute "Golden Age," a jammed out "Caspian" and a set closing "Mike's" > "No Quarter" > "Weekapaug" sequence would be a contender for best show of 2012, but it turns out it's not even the best show of the Dick's '12 run. In fact, it's not even close...

Best Show: 8/31/12. Ok, let’s get this out of the way: Phish's music is inherently subjective and nobody's opinion is any more valid than anyone else's. Having said that, if you think another show belongs here you couldn't be more wrong. No other show from 3.0, let alone 2012, can match the five (FIVE!!!) top-shelf jams they played on the opening night of the Dick's run. If you disagree, Fuck Your Face. The only real debate here is...

Best 8/31/12 Jam: This show is so good it gets its own category. I've gone back and forth on this one for the past five months, but will stick with my original answer as I walked out of Dick's that fateful night – "Chalk Dust." The last five minutes are pure hose. Of course the same can be said of the "Undermind," and the "Runaway Jim" may be the best start-to-finish jam they played that night. I'd place the "Carini" and post-"Farmhouse" jams a step below the Big Three. And, yet, as good as the "Jim" and "CDT" are, I still don't think this is the best second set of the year...

Best Set II: 8/19/12. The "Crosseyed" > "Light" -> "Sally" -> "Crosseyed" segment has pretty much everything I look for at a Phish show: thoughtful, contemplative type-II playing in "Crosseyed," an insane peak in "Light" leading to a thrilling segue into a funky "Sally" with a surprise second helping of "Crosseyed." Throw in a perfectly executed "Theme" and a cherry on top in the form of a "YEM" closer and meet your best second set of 2012. Now, about that segue...

Best Segue: As good a year as 2012 is, it really wasn't that strong a year for segues. The 8/19/12 "Light" -> "Sally" is certainly on the shortlist of contenders, but the prize has to go to the 9/2/12 "Sand" -> "Ghost." By the time the end of summer tour rolled around, "Ghost has only been played once, on 8/15/12, the opening show of the second leg of the tour. So, most fans figured it would make an appearance at the last show, making for "Ghost" bookends of the tour. Somehow, the smooth transition out of the 24-minute "Sand" opener still managed to catch fans by surprise. So, we've talked about the 8/19 "Crosseyed," the 8/31 "Runaway Jim" and the 9/2 "Sand." Fantastic jams, every one, and yet none can call itself the...

Best Set II Opener: 12/28/12 "Tweezer." Doubling as the best "Tweezer" of 3.0, this version serves as a shining example of Trey's rediscovered patience, as it takes its time building up to two glorious peaks. His entrance at the 17:10 mark is quite possibly my favorite moment of the year. Of course, when Phish played "Tweezer" to open the second set of the NYE run, most of us were expecting big things. On the other end of the spectrum...

Best "Surprise" Jam: 8/28/12 "Limb By Limb." When "LxL" started halfway through the second set, it's hard to believe anyone was expecting greatness. Though the set was promising up until that point, "LxL" isn't exactly a typical jamming vehicle. On top of that, Trey began leading the jam in an oddly dissonant, almost aimless direction. All of which made the jam's sudden transformation into a focused 4/4 tour de force a complete shock. Other unexpected gems include the 7/1/12 "Fee," 6/28/12 "McGrupp" and 9/1/12 "Caspian." Speaking of surprises...

Best Bustout: 7/3/12 "Skin it Back." At 1,417 shows between performances, this is literally the biggest bustout in Phish history. Honestly, that would probably be enough to win this coveted honor in and of itself, but what makes this a runaway winner is the execution. They didn't simply go through the motions here; this was the full jammed out treatment, among the highlights of leg one of summer tour. You remember the first leg of summer tour, right? Lauded at the time as the most consistently strong run of shows in the 3.0 era, it was largely forgotten in the wake of the even stronger leg two and NYE shows. Any ‘Best of 2012’ list would be incomplete without mentioning some of those highlights, such as...

Best Leg1 Jam: 7/8/12Piper.” This one isn't really close. A transcendent version that has the unfortunate circumstance of living not just in the shadow of the aforementioned leg two jams, but also big brother and first ballot Phish HOF inductee, the 6/19/04 "Piper" (a.k.a. the original SPAC "Piper"). Let's round out this list with some other jams (not mentioned above) that shouldn't be forgotten...

Best Antelope: 7/3/12
Best Birds: 6/15/12
Best Boogie On: 6/7/12 (arguably the most underrated jam of the year).
Best Bowie: 12/28/12
Best Carini: 12/30/12
Best Disease: 12/30/12
Best Ghost: 8/15/12
Best Gin: 12/29/12
Best Golden Age: 7/3/12
Best Hood: 8/15/12
Best Reba: 6/17/12
Best Rock and Roll: 8/15/12 (honorable mention to the nearly as good 8/24/12 version)
Best Sally: 7/6/12
Best Simple: 8/18/12
Best Slave: 12/30/12
Best Stash: 8/22/12
Best Twist: 6/22/12
Best Wolfman's: 12/28/12

Oh, ok, one more...

Best Encore: As I see it, there are four contenders here: 4. 6/23/12 "Lizards." A perfect exclamation point to an outstanding set. Alas, points deducted for the lyrical flub. 3. 7/8/12 "YEM." Sure, it's been a long time since Phish played a truly original version of "YEM," but it's still a pretty big deal as a tour-closing encore. 2. 12/30/12 "Harry Hood" > "Show of Life." This "Hood" is so damn good it might have taken the top spot, if only they hadn't followed it with "Show of Life." Phish giveth, Phish taketh away. 1. 12/31/12 "Driver," "Iron Man." This pretty much does everything an encore should. The only way they could have improved on it was to cap it off with the one golf joke they left on the table: "In a Hole."

In a Hole
In a Hole

Meme Credit: @pzerbo

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, comment by lunamoon
lunamoon Love the meme
, comment by harroldHOOD
harroldHOOD Great review of 2012! This honestly had me smiling ear to ear simply because no matter what anyone says or argues...2012 shows this band is firing on all cylinders and making new and interesting music. 30 years in and they're still doing what they did in the 80s...captivating people with new awesome music.

i absolutely love this band.
, comment by KernelForbin
KernelForbin Great list here that I mostly agree with. Good stuff! I would definitely have to put DCU Boogie on the "surprise" jam list, that thing packed a hell of a punch that no one saw coming.

Best Gin goes to Dick's for me.
, comment by harroldHOOD
harroldHOOD Also completely agree on the best show of the year and probably 3.0 - nothing compares to the FYF show
, comment by BoozyGreenherbs
BoozyGreenherbs Worcester Boogie On Jam should be heard by all.
, comment by ledzepmaster
ledzepmaster I still prefer the 6/7 Carini. You also forgot about the Fluffhead encore.
, comment by RoundTheRoom
RoundTheRoom Great read, thanks! I have to hear the Long Beach Hood...I figured no way there was a 2012 Hood that beat out MSG (which is really, really good).
, comment by RyanW
RyanW I'm sorry but 12-30 was a killer show, and that Hood was amazing, but I saw nothing wrong with them playing Show of Life afterwards. I thought it was great placement actually.
, comment by bathtub23
bathtub23 great reviews but i think the segue of birds-> back on the train from 6/15 should have at least been mentioned!
, comment by RoundTheRoom
RoundTheRoom @RyanW, I'm a huge fluffer of 3.0, 2012, and 12/30, but Show of Life is best left shelved. It added nothing and actually subtracted a bit. I walked out of MSG elated regardless but if they had left the stage after Hood, we might be talking about the set + encore of the year (no low points, sans 20YL, which fit in OK in the midst of the darkness; I thought the BDTNL placement was perfect, actually, given the mindf*cking we had just gone through... Needed that major key jamming to remind us that everything was going to be OK).
, comment by jaylimmo
jaylimmo "Best Segue" doesn't even mention the 6/8 "Sand" > "Nellie Kane."
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen @RoundTheRoom how does it subtract? It's not mid second set, it's not slowing down momentum it's the end of the show. I thought the show was over after Hood. I was happy to get one more no matter what it was.
, comment by rhopping5
rhopping5 FYF Runaway Jam sounded too much like the DCU Roses are Free jam to start the tour, giving the Roses jam one up.
, comment by NoFIller
NoFIller Biggest bustout is still Charlotte '10 Fuck Your Face. Why? Its a Phish original. Phish can dust off covers all day long. Its original tunes that truly should get the nod for bustouts.
, comment by Oblivious_Fool
Oblivious_Fool I feel like the Taste > Ghost segue from 6/7 Worc gets overlooked a lot. That was magical.
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead LOVE that Limb!
, comment by ry007d
ry007d Great work making sure that 8/22 Stash made the list. Every fan should take a listen to that version... I've seen shows since RR '93, and I'll be a part of any argument that suggests there are markedly better versions. :-)
, comment by mahimahi
mahimahi The whole second set of 8-22-12 was super.
, comment by YaMer
YaMer @RyanW said:
I'm sorry but 12-30 was a killer show, and that Hood was amazing, but I saw nothing wrong with them playing Show of Life afterwards. I thought it was great placement actually.
Actually it was probably required by NYPD before they'd let us leave the building and hit the streets of NYC. Agreed.
, comment by Purple_Humpback_Whale
Purple_Humpback_Whale honorable mention to best segue Waves> Bug 6/28/12
, comment by Purple_Humpback_Whale
Purple_Humpback_Whale @Purple_Humpback_Whale said:
honorable mention to best segue Waves> Bug 6/28/12
awesome read too! another reason to love .net & community!
, comment by bobramen
bobramen Awesome job with this one. My smile crossed from ear to ear as I read this and remembered all the good times that were had this summer. This summer will hold to be monumentally important because the music that Phish created over those couple of months allowed a whole younger generation of music lovers to get IT. This summer is a testament to how resilient this music is, and will continue to be. Long live Phish, and equally important, their phans. Much Love Everyone. Hopefully the next time I see you all is on the brilliant, beautiful Bethel Woods lawn. PEACE!
, comment by kyediggs
kyediggs Wow this is the first time Ive ever fully agreed with anyone on a recap like this. The FYF show I mean its the first show in a long time where the ENTIRE show is a highlight! Carini, Undermind, Emotional Rescue and every other song even Farmhouse was great. Light at Dicks by far best jam (although being a SPAC lover I love the Piper) but it doesnt come close. And without a few bad notes at the start we wouldnt have the rest. No one is perfect not even the Phish from VT. Great review!
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray @Purple_Humpback_Whale said:
honorable mention to best segue Waves> Bug 6/28/12
I'm also surprised that the McGrupp from this show wasn't mentioned. I had never heard a jam in McGrupp before....thought it was noteworthy.
, comment by RoundTheRoom
RoundTheRoom @conradjohansen I think it took a little bit of air out of the room. Nitpicking. The show (set) was tits. Cheers!
, comment by itsice88
itsice88 @jaylimmo said:
"Best Segue" doesn't even mention the 6/8 "Sand" > "Nellie Kane."
Yeah, that's an almost unforgivable omission
, comment by Spirit
Spirit 6/8 sand-> Nellie Kane all day

i also think 6/16/12 set 2 should be up there for set 2 of the year. and maybe its just a i wasnt there but i have listened to the shows but i think san fran is FLUFF personified. TBH i think the whole leg 2 is overfluffed with the exception of the dicks run, which deserves all the praise. dont get me wrong, leg 2 raged hard, and harder than leg 1 at times but its been fluffed so hard. I have to disagree with Light being jam of the year, im so in favor of that 9/2/12 Sand, its otherworldy.
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez man, normally when i see a big 'ol list like that, i have a few points of disagreement. brother, i've got nothing, except the aforementioned sand-> nellie kane segue. in fact, i think that may be the best segue of 3.0. sand--> ghost is one hell of a "jam," but as for the segue itself, i would say it's pretty "basic." i would probably take all that business on the front half of st. louis's 2nd set over the sand--> ghost (just in the segue department).

either way, that's one hell of a list and a damn fine 2012/year end wrap up. bravo sir.
, comment by HotPale
HotPale Wow...great analyses of many shows...toast agree with 8/31/12 as best show...I cried during YEM and puked during FYF! The culmination of that show and my feeling of collective oneness with everyone there was too much for me to handle! Best show for sure! One of their best ever!
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez @HotPale

there is no finer sign of an intense night than an evening that involves both tears and vomit.
, comment by Bigmankrivs
Bigmankrivs I agreed with everything, but after some festering I wouldn't put 8/19 as the best second set. For me, that one is reserved for either Spac 1 or MSG 1; not sure which one yet.
, comment by funkbeard
funkbeard Bestsegue also left out 6/29/12 Klipsch Sand-> Twist. Where the hell did that come from?
, comment by Fluffhead
Fluffhead Very glad Skin It Back was chosen as Best Bustout. It was huge. Does it count that I was at the entry gates of IT and heard it/saw it/danced to it?

That being said, I still think 2/28/03 Destiny Unbound and 3/6/09 Fluffhead were the greatest bustouts ever.
, comment by fromsliptofall
fromsliptofall @Spirit said:
6/8 sand-> Nellie Kane all day
There's a point where you hear Nellie teasing, creeping through and the jam begins to take on a cheery disposition and then its gets pulled into a dark alley for a moment before Nellie really takes hold transitions into the song... in mind head this makes sense one of my favorites.
, comment by smoothatonalsnd
smoothatonalsnd So happy you gave some love to the extremely overlooked 6/7/12 leg 1 opener.

Not only the best Boogie On of the year, but an excellent Carini (in a year of stellar Carinis) and the tremendous Ghost that led into Boogie On. Throw in the surprise Buried Alive reprise to close the show, and you have an extremely overlooked gem
, comment by CreatureoftheNight
CreatureoftheNight I'd give the 7-01-2012 Light my vote for the jam of Leg 1 and Piper is my favorite Phish song. I'm glad Long Beach got some love. We don't get very many shows out west, but the boys play their hearts out for us!
We are so lucky to be nit picking such amazing highlights. Listen to almost any 2009 show and hear how far the band has come.
Thanks for the effort and getting the conversation started. Here's to a lucky 13!
, comment by LukeyCharm25
LukeyCharm25 I gotta go best segue to Sand> Nellie Kane from Worcester. With a little over two minutes in Sand I remember Trey playing a kind of funked out, simplified version of the Nellie Kane riff. If you listen back you can hear some people in the crowd react, knowing what was coming. And when it did - perfect execution.

Worth mentioning I feel is the Atlantic City Tube. SPAC Tube w/ Psycho Killer was a massive highlight IMO, as well as a serious bustout. And the way it was laced with the Tube style explosive funk and then when Trey starts laying down some very tactical plinko after they exit Psycho Killer - exquisite. Not what I was gonna talk about though - AC Tube. Reminiscent in my opinion of '97 cow funk but clearly laced with the beefed up sound of 3.0 - fire.

Lastly the Worcester Boogie On man, been said multiple times in here but it truly can't be said enough. What a curveball. In a sequence of Carini/Taste/Ghost/Boogie, I truly doubt anyone expected Boogie to be the heavy-hitter. After almost 3 minutes of straight-ahead funk it would have made sense to bail on it but then Trey started playing that little riff over and over and continued to build on it, layers of goodness, staying in this groovy sort of anti-climax limbo. The repetitive nature of the section of the jam made it all the more profound when Trey finally laid into it - and just kept on going through multiple peaks only to drop it back down into the funk, bringin' us full circle - Aaah, what a jam.
, comment by lumpblockclod
lumpblockclod Since about 15 people have commented on it, yes, the 6/8/12 Sand -> Nellie Kane was on the short list of contenders. Perhaps it was my bias against cutting off Sand at 8 min in favor of Nellie Kane that kept me from giving it the nod, who knows. BTW, most underrated segue (not surprisingly, given the songs involved) has to be the 6/17/12 Caspian -> Silent.
, comment by lumpblockclod
lumpblockclod @Spirit said:
6and maybe its just a i wasnt there but i have listened to the shows but i think san fran is FLUFF personified.
Have to respond to this one. I wasn't there either, and there isn't much I find interesting in either of the first two BGCA shows (yes, I have 8/18 as the best Simple, and it is, but it's still not one of my favorite versions). But I highly recommend you give the C&P -> Light -> Sally -> C&P another listen if you think it's anything other than Phish at their best. IMO, obviously, but still...
, comment by LukeyCharm25
LukeyCharm25 @lumpblockclod said:
Since about 15 people have commented on it, yes, the 6/8/12 Sand -> Nellie Kane was on the short list of contenders. Perhaps it was my bias against cutting off Sand at 8 min in favor of Nellie Kane that kept me from giving it the nod, who knows. BTW, most underrated segue (not surprisingly, given the songs involved) has to be the 6/17/12 Caspian -> Silent.
That is a very good segue, the caspian> silent... I completely agree that the Sand was cut off way short, but since we're talking about segues..
, comment by pauly
pauly I love the FyF show def. best show of 3.0..That Undermind is in my top 3 jams of the year . But, the set I keep going back to over and over again is, 6-7's 2nd set
, comment by GhostlikeSwayze
GhostlikeSwayze clearly biased because I attended, but the Fluffhead from 6/22 should be at least considered for best encore...first fluffhead encore since 1990. And the Twist should have been more than just the best twist of the year
, comment by phanphare
phanphare Sand> Nellie Kane and Birds> BOTT were the best segues of 2012 and neither are mentioned
, comment by pauly
pauly i thought the "smoothest" segue was ,Birds-> Back on Train
, comment by Shukky
Shukky Should a best gag or stage banter category (not including NYE or FYF show) be added? They seemed to have a ton of fun this summer whether it was Trey playing the guitar with a lightsaber, or Fishman tucking it, or my personal favorite was when Fishman picked up the guituar and began to try to begin playing Weekapaugh since Trey would not leave the drums. Classic fun right there espically coming out of that monster of a start to the second set at DC with Mikes, McGrupp, BOTT, HYHU, Bike, Paugh.

, comment by careful_w_that_axe_Miller
careful_w_that_axe_Miller Great list. "Best" is a tough word.
, comment by Phart_Door
Phart_Door I only saw two shows this year, 8/15 and 12/28, and feel very lucky to have seen some of the year's "Best of."
, comment by thewindblowshigh
thewindblowshigh I know its not a phish original, but I thought the bust-out of Happiness is a Warm Gun at Jones Beach this year was totally unexpected. I was kinda hoping that this would open the door for more past Halloween bust-outs, unfortunately it didn't quite catch on. Man would I love to here anything from Remain In The Light this summer. Its funny that the Beatles song just happened to be the same night and set as Skin It Back, the award winning bust-out.
, comment by thewindblowshigh
thewindblowshigh Wow, totally spaced and forgot Crosseyed is on Remain In The Light
, comment by phearless
phearless @MiguelSanchez said:

there is no finer sign of an intense night than an evening that involves both tears and vomit.
lulz. great write up though @lumpblockclod
, comment by phearless
phearless @pauly said:
i thought the "smoothest" segue was ,Birds-> Back on Train

Definitely was one of em. The crowd was bumpin as soon as they slammed smoothly straight into -> BOTT
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 @lumpblockclod Great write-up...Thanks for mentioning that BGCC Theme..it definitely got lost in the whole C&P -> Light -> Sally...a beautiful version that should be checked out...
Trey nailed that one...

, comment by fluff_hen
fluff_hen Great writeup lumpblockclod, so much fun to read. At first I disagreed with the pick of CDT as best jam of 8/31, but I got stuck in traffic tonight and replayed most of that show, and damn, if it isn't even more awesome than Undermind or Runaway Jim. It's beautiful, powerful, intricate, ever-evolving, wow! Why didn't I remember it coming out of the show? I guess I was just overwhelmed with awesome. What an amazing year we had; here's to 2013!
, comment by Thunder
Thunder I could go with a couple different choices (everything's subjective), but it's not a stretch to agree with pretty much all your calls. Very well done, and great meme, thanks!
, comment by Potato_Sacks
Potato_Sacks I strongly disagree with the sentence "If only they didn't go into Show Of Life" I think it's a-okay to go into a song where they personally thank the audience.
, comment by esquandolas
esquandolas No Mikes/Week nor YEM mentioned in the "best of" list is quite interesting. Oversight, or underplaying? Thanks lumpy for the list - makes a great playlist.
, comment by IdRatherBeOnTour
IdRatherBeOnTour How does Show of Life after Hood ruin the encore??? I thought hearing them play any extra song or single song period is a good thing???
, comment by huntNphish
huntNphish I wish heavy things from 6/15, would get mentioned for something.
, comment by Mirms
Mirms I'm with you Cap'n!! The jam in Heavy Things is sublime.

That 3 song nugget gets a lot of airtime at my house. (Birds> BOTT> Heavy Things).

Dug the Bowie from that night too with all of the teases of previous songs in the jam. Has that been done before?
, comment by Shukky
Shukky I was listening to SPAC again yesterday and even though it was a shorter total song time the Tube -> Psycho Killer -> Tube segue was just flawless and is another contender for great segues from the summer.
, comment by WaxBrain
WaxBrain Fantastic review. Stoked I got to see a bunch of these jams. I think the "Golden Age" 7-3-12 was def a ridiculous, ridiculous jam. Aint even a big fan of that tune, but the jam was mind-bending. Piper SPAC too. Right on. .....and now: 30.
, comment by Bathtub_Zen
Bathtub_Zen 6/28/12 The Curtain With deserves some attention as well. It was intense
, comment by MasterKung
MasterKung hmm check out 12/30/12 DWD again...also Rock n Roll 8/15/12
, comment by RoundTheRoom
RoundTheRoom @lumpblockclod said:
Since about 15 people have commented on it, yes, the 6/8/12 Sand -> Nellie Kane was on the short list of contenders. Perhaps it was my bias against cutting off Sand at 8 min in favor of Nellie Kane that kept me from giving it the nod, who knows. BTW, most underrated segue (not surprisingly, given the songs involved) has to be the 6/17/12 Caspian -> Silent.
Great write-up dude. Agreed with basically everything. Want a really dark horse segue from this year (again, not surprisingly, given one of the songs involved)? 12/29/12 Waves -> Caspian (talked about in the MSG Type II Cast episode).
, comment by johnnyd
johnnyd Great write-up, @lumpblockclod.

My nomination for segue of the year (which I have hyped here and there in the forum):
SPAC 7.7.2012 Golden Age -> 2001.

There's a key change in the GA jam at about 5:43 LP time and that is where they start setting it up - mostly Page with the textures. For the next 1:15 is like a subtle cross-fade to the point where it kinda sounds like a 2001-esque jam, and then bam, there it is.

For me, not even close. My favorite segue of the year by far.
, comment by RovingReporter
RovingReporter I like this, but my lord you have to give some love to the Worcester shows!!! The first night was fire. I was at a lot of shows, and I truly believe this was the best top-to-bottom show of the tour. If not the tour, then at least Leg 1.

Anywho, I really enjoyed this. Brought me back to a fine year in Phish's vast catalog.
FACTSAREUSELESS Good article. Great fun. Agree with a lot of it.
I have to say, though, that as terrific a show as FYF/Dick's was, I think it's a tad overrated.
I don't like shows that get fluffed because of a gag. It's very good, but I didn't even think it was the best show of the Dick's run. In fact, didn't think it was 2nd best either.
I thought the best shows of the summer were 8/19, 6/7, 7/8 and 9/1.
Also thought St.Louis was kind of ignored by everyone. Also loved 7/6.
Whatever. I'm sure most don't agree, but those are my two cents.
Nice job on the write-up.
, comment by dylphish
dylphish What about Weekpaug> Seven Below for surprise jam from 6/23? There's one that no one talks about.
, comment by MOTHERTUCKER
MOTHERTUCKER No love for the 7.7 SPAC DWD--blister in the sun?? Color me nostalgic but
I love a show w a running tease throughout - The segues were flawless and the drop into Boogie is underrated. The Energy levels during the Sabatoge Encore that night seem in need of mentioning too, monster night, underrated IMHO
, comment by MoeWibbley
MoeWibbley @huntNphish said:
I wish heavy things from 6/15, would get mentioned for something.
Agree... it's a fantastic version.
, comment by MoeWibbley
MoeWibbley @Purple_Humpback_Whale said:
honorable mention to best segue Waves> Bug 6/28/12
Agree strongly. This is an underrated gem.
, comment by phootyjon
phootyjon thanks for the roadmap brother.

i've been nerd about 2012 and I agree with nearly all assessments except.....

the category for Best Surprise Jam should be named BEST HOSE MOMENT...which goes undoubtedly to LxL from 8/28.

Best Jam should and does go to Light from 9/1; Best show to 8/31 and Best Leg 1 going to 7/3.

thanks! till summer!
, comment by User_22582_
User_22582_ Please stop the Show of Life bashing it's enough already...many of us like the song and you are just being cruel and rude at this point
, comment by phleahman
phleahman I saw Worcester, SPAC, Pelham, Atlanta, and Charlotte. I have listened to all of 2012 and I agree with almost all of the opinions expressed in both the review and the posts. Although I am not sure it is really deserving of some "best" award, the While My Guitar Fently Weeps from Pelham was magical....
, comment by MyPhriend26
MyPhriend26 I listened to every show from last year, and I agree with most of the original, but I would argue, like some other folks above, that the Deer Creek run is tragically overlooked in this list. Not trying to bash the OP, but I want to make the case for two of the best shows I've seen...

As to DC night 1, set 1: Curtain With. Enough said.

Really the entire second set from night 1 is just phenomenal.

Mike's > McGrupp should at least be considered for unexpected segue. Who saw that coming?!?!

The BOTT jam is outstanding, and then follows with a seamless transition into a full band Psycho Killer tease and then the HYHU madness. That's got to have an honorable mention for best segue...

And, like other have said, the jam from Waves > Bug is pure bliss.

On to night two, how does Sweet Jane (unplayed since 1998) not get at least an honorable mention for bust out of the year? I was going apeshit in the lawn when the opened with CC, D&M, SJ. I mean great songs not seen since 2010, 2011, and 1998 in a row? What a way to start a show...

The DWD > Sand to open that second set is perfection. Despite what might be the worst segue of 2012, when Trey pulled the ripcord 4 mins into Twist for a completely unnecessary second set Rift, the Gin jam > Fluffhead that follows is so freakin' nasty...

Just would've liked to see more respect for these shows. That's all.
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