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Welcome to the 97th installment of Mystery Jam Monday at As usual, we will be playing for an MP3 download, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. The rules haven't changed: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). A hint will be posted on Tuesday (if necessary) and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck...

Tuesday Hint: Halfway to victory!!! Looks like the users need a hint, so here's a big one: it's not a Phish original. DON'T YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME, RABELDY!!!!

Wednesday Answer: Congrats to pauly7917 on his fifth victory with a tough one: the overlooked 2/26/03 "Loving Cup." Nevertheless, the Blog will consider this a moral victory. So you'll just have to live with that, Pauly. See you all on Monday...


, comment by wattznext
wattznext 7/19/2003 Piper
, comment by ucpete
ucpete It's from '03... from IT? 46 Days 8/3/03?
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 Fall 94 or Europe 97?
, comment by wattznext
wattznext The snare drum and guitar tone scream 2.0, as does the fact that this (presumed) AUD recording sounds so good.

I thought I heard a bit of a Tweeprise tease right at the end there, which led me to Piper from 7/19/03. I'm downloading from the spreadsheet now to see if I'm correct.
, comment by RabeldyNugs
RabeldyNugs I'll give you guys a little buffer, so I won't post my answer til tonight unless someone gets it b4.
Good luck MMJamers...and expect the unexpected...maybe.
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel 10.30.98 Manteca
, comment by docgonzo1972
docgonzo1972 Sounds like June '04
, comment by ucpete
ucpete Fuck it's that Suzy Greenberg from 12/28/03 isn't it Rabeldy?
, comment by bl002e
bl002e 7/30/03 Twist
, comment by Satansdogs23
Satansdogs23 7/09/03 bathtub gin
, comment by drucifer
drucifer 2-14-03 Fee -> Taste
, comment by wattznext
wattznext I'm not correct ;)
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez shot in the dark...7/30/03 scents and subtle sounds
, comment by bmrobin
bmrobin sounds like summer '03, but i'm not sure about the tune
, comment by TheBenWith
TheBenWith Crosseyed and Painless Jam (Pittsburgh Jam) from 7/29/2003
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel @WayIFeel said:
10.30.98 Manteca
Ok, maybe I was off with my '98 call but I'm definitely hearing a Manteca jam in there.
, comment by Jackaroe
Jackaroe 10/30/98 Tweezer
, comment by TheGuelahPapyrus
TheGuelahPapyrus Simple 7/9/03?
, comment by Real_out_casty
Real_out_casty virginia beach 98
, comment by showhe
showhe 1998-07-17 - Gumbo
, comment by mikh2wg
mikh2wg I will guess the 11-14-95 Stash/Manteca
, comment by NextMovement41
NextMovement41 this is very clearly 2.0 stuff, maybe june '04?

lol @ people saying anything from 1.0
, comment by JMarks1445
JMarks1445 6/17/04 Moma > Free
, comment by zasdertultun
zasdertultun piper 7/26/03
, comment by guildguy
guildguy Ive seen this on youtube killer job
, comment by Choda
Choda DWD 7/18/03
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen Piper 7/31/03
, comment by kipmat
kipmat Split Open And Melt 7/22/03
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 Taking a pure guess here..

2/21/03 Mike's Song
, comment by jragz44
jragz44 I think its a Mike song too.. ill go with 8 10 2004 mikes song
, comment by MrMurph
MrMurph Completely stumped after searching through a lot of 2.0. I have a feeling our legs are being pulled and its a 3.0 jam.
, comment by hoodharry
hoodharry 4/15/04- 2001
, comment by Guyute76
Guyute76 7/15/03 Mr. Completely
, comment by Bozo3
Bozo3 7/29/03 Timber(Jerry)
, comment by bl002e
bl002e 6/20/04 Drowned
, comment by zasdertultun
zasdertultun crosseyed and painless 6/23/04
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose Shot in the dark:

11/22/94 Funky Bitch
, comment by noltrain
noltrain 12/30/03...L.A. Woman
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel 8.2.03 Rock and Roll
, comment by nicu2
nicu2 7/29/03 crosseyed?
, comment by rhevel
rhevel 8/14/04
, comment by pauly
pauly 2-26-03:Lovin'Cup
, comment by RabeldyNugs
RabeldyNugs Finally, pauly7917 got it...I knew you would Pauly!! I had faith in you the whole time!
Nice one blog!
, comment by pauly
, comment by jragz44
jragz44 Nice pick, the yem opener is a doozy! Have this show but looked past this loving cup encore.
, comment by IamHIGHdrogen
IamHIGHdrogen Wow! My first show. Could have got this and totally spaced. Nice pick!
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen Damn good pick, the only Loving Cup I know of that has a little groove in it.
, comment by mangantelopes
mangantelopes The IT Loving Cup
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose Nice one, blog. I was front row at this show and never would have guessed it. What a doozy. The whole show is monstrous. Second set segue fest, but first set is a beaut, too. YEM, Moma (best ever?) and Maze are out of this world.
, comment by markblint
markblint Crosseyed and Painless from Coral Sky??? STILL WAITING....
, comment by DogGone
DogGone soundcheck coventry jam
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark 6-6-96
, comment by Punchyouinthejejunum
Punchyouinthejejunum I didn't guess so I cant speak too much, but some of these guesses are redokulous...
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