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As were began planning for what would be come The Phish Companion, one of the stumbling blocks was a title. Personally, I wanted something a little more encyclopedic-sounding than what we ended up with, but here is a list of other 134 other titles considered...

  • A Comprehensive Companion to the Music of Phish
  • A Family Aphair
  • A Highway Encyclopedia: The Travelers of a Nation
  • A Lizard's Tale
  • A Mockingbook of Phishtory
  • A Phamily Affair
  • A Phan's Notes
  • A Simple Guide for You who Enjoy Myself
  • A Simple Guide to the Music of Phish
  • A Simple Guide to the Music of Phish
  • Amongst The Divided Sky
  • An Encyclopedic Companion to the Music of Phish
  • An Encyclopedic Phishtory
  • Can of Worms
  • Can You Still Have Fun
  • Come Waste Your Time With Me
  • Control for Smilers
  • Dig These Phossils
  • Diggin Phossils
  • Esther's Leather Sack
  • Fly Famous Book
  • Friendly Help for Phish Fans
  • Full Phare
  • Gearshifts, Hose, and Foam
  • Guysers: The History of Phish as Told by Its Fans
  • Helping Friendly Book
  • Henrietta's Band
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker
  • Index Phossils
  • Index Phossils: a Guide to the Evolution of Phish
  • It's Hard To Hear The Music With Your Mind Closed
  • Just the Phacts, Man.
  • Let's Go: Gamehendge
  • Lizard Chronicles
  • Lizards' Stash
  • My Band's Got a Mind of Its Own
  • Pages from Phishtory
  • Phamily Album
  • Phan Fare
  • Phandonia
  • Phandonia's Fossils
  • Phandora's Loupe
  • Phandora's Lure
  • Phandora's Tome
  • Phandora's Box
  • Phandora's Encyclopedia
  • Phandora's Legend
  • Phedora
  • Pheeling the Groove
  • Phinding Finding the Right Groove
  • Phish Addiction -- The Phixx
  • Phish Bytes
  • Phish for Dummies
  • Phish from the Net
  • Phish Market Stew
  • Phish: 1900-1997
  • Phishin and Fusion
  • Phishin Cyclopedia
  • Phishing for Dummies
  • Phishozoic Traveller
  • Phishtorical Musings
  • Phishtory
  • Phistorical Phacts and Phigures
  • Phor You
  • Phossil's Index: a Guide to the Evolution of Phish
  • Posters' Nutbag
  • Pull Some Dirt Out Of Your Pocket To Eat
  • Reach (carrying on the verb focus of titles like Hoist, Rift, BBreathes, Surrender)
  • Reprise
  • Runaway Jams
  • Samples in a Book
  • Seeing Through The Lights
  • Shared Grooves
  • Sharin in the Groove
  • Sharing in the Groove
  • Ship of Phools
  • Spawning Grounds
  • Steal This Bphook
  • Steal This Hook
  • Swimming Through the Wind
  • Tackle Box
  • The Armchair Aquarian
  • The Armchair Aquarium
  • THE Book
  • The Book of Facts
  • The Book of Icculus
  • The Book of Phacts
  • The Book of Phishtory
  • The Book of Phriends
  • The Book: A Prescription for Phish Addiction
  • The Bphook
  • The Bphook of Phacts
  • The Bucking Phook
  • The Colonel's Fans
  • The Encyclopedia Phandonia
  • The Encyclopedia Phandora
  • The Gamehendge Phonebook
  • The Glide Book
  • The Glide Encyclopedia
  • The Glide Guide
  • The Glidin' 'Cyclopedia
  • The Mighty Legend
  • The Mockingbook
  • The Mockingbphook
  • The One That Got Away
  • The Ones That Got Away
  • The Phbook
  • The Phinance Box
  • The Phirst 100 Years
  • The Phish Encyclopedia
  • The Phish Gatherum Vol. I
  • The Phishin' Cyclopedia
  • The Phishing Companion
  • The Phishing Compendium
  • The Phishtorical Companion.
  • The Phook
  • The Phunbook: Let Your Phingers do the Walkin
  • The Sacred Creed
  • The Scuba Tank
  • The Underwater Compendium
  • The Wandering Whirled Of Phish
  • This Book, It Really Sucks Tonight
  • This Bphook is Physterical
  • Trophy Hook
  • Washa Uffitze
  • Water your team in a bee hive, I'm-a sent you
  • We've Got a Book
  • We've Got a Title
  • We've Got It Simple
  • We've Got the Book
  • What's It All About?
  • You'll Never Get Out of This Maze
  • Zonticuddy

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, comment by DanceTheJig728
DanceTheJig728 I'm digging Helping Friendly Book and The Sacred Creed
, comment by TheEmu
TheEmu Zonticuddy?
, comment by DirtyAl1173
DirtyAl1173 I like the Bucking Phook! Though, some stores might've shied away from it.
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen THE Book.
, comment by Joonze
Joonze the glide guide is cool
, comment by dirtydave420
dirtydave420 When is the new edition coming out and please dont call it TPC 3.0
, comment by IamHIGHdrogen
IamHIGHdrogen You'll never get out of this maze... Truth!
, comment by Bigmankrivs
Bigmankrivs The Bucking Phook!
, comment by AngelMarie
AngelMarie Pheeling Phish
Phish's Sacred Creed
The Helping Phriendly Book
The Empire of Phish

really like "Phossil's Index: a Guide to the Evolution of Phish" this about sums it all up~~~
, comment by Autoo
Autoo A life begun A life once lost A life found again
, comment by EdwardGRobinson
EdwardGRobinson If anyone hasn't read Frederick Exley's "A Fan's Notes" (from which the sixth title listed above is derivative), you should go read it. The character in the book is a fan of the New York Football Giants, not of Phish, but the book will change your life anyway.
, comment by paulj
paulj Whirling Disease?
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 @AngelMarie said:
really like "Phossil's Index: a Guide to the Evolution of Phish" this about sums it all up~~~
, comment by NickSalv
NickSalv You'll never get out of this maze. You'll never get out of this maze. You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze.You'll never get out of this maze. .... UNLESS YOU READ THE BUCKING PHOOK!!!
, comment by zappafrank1970
zappafrank1970 Don't Panic: The Phish Guide To The Galaxy
, comment by Bozo3
Bozo3 "Phish's Time Factory"
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray Chronicles of The Crimson Dago Band
, comment by gratefulkeith
gratefulkeith Lost my mind just a couple of times
, comment by icculus1985
icculus1985 A like "a comprehensive companion to the music of phish". It is to the point.
, comment by BassPlayer
BassPlayer Wasn't "Zonticuddy" one of Mike's words?
, comment by BassPlayer
BassPlayer "Helping Benly Frook" 4-16-92
, comment by HotPale
HotPale "Ineligible to Moderate" sounds good to me, and it's the same damn thing has been saying for a while now!
, comment by phuckface
phuckface "Phuck You In The Eye"
, comment by BoozyGreenherbs
BoozyGreenherbs oh damn, "A Simple Guide to the Music of Phish" was almost used as the title TWO TIMES? Must have been mighty close.
, comment by jennahrose
jennahrose We've got a book
, comment by gratefulkeith
gratefulkeith He wrote the book
, comment by dosemeonturrr
dosemeonturrr Poster's Nutbag made me laugh out loud.
, comment by NorthStarZ
NorthStarZ I liked "THE book", "The Book of Icculus" & "The Book: A Prescription for Phish Addiction" ......Those are the best ones by far. The first two are very evocative....
, comment by DirtyAl1173
DirtyAl1173 @dosemeonturrr said:
Poster's Nutbag made me laugh out loud.
That should be someone's name on .net!
, comment by AngelMarie
AngelMarie one...The Phriendly Book of Evolutionary Phreedom???? or just the ThE BoOk of EvolUTioNarY PHREEDOM````
, comment by GotABlankSpace
GotABlankSpace I like The Phishin' Cyclopedia
, comment by zappafrank1
zappafrank1 Index Phossils! Too funny.
, comment by EvilKingWilson9
EvilKingWilson9 Skippy to Mcgrupp: The chronicle of how a mouse became a dog
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