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Mystery Jam Monday Part 36

The Blog is back with another Monday Mystery Jam. This week and every week, we will be playing for an MP3 download courtesy of our friends at / The rules are simple: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). The hint will come on Tuesday and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck.

Tuesday Hint:

The MJ is from a venue Phish has only played once.

Wednesday Answer:

First off, our apologies for the technical difficulties with the Mystery Jam these last couple weeks.  We'll work on getting these minor hiccups fixed.  So, having said that.......Blog FTW!!!  The MJ was the 8/25/93 "YEM." Definitely a version worth seeking out if you've never heard it. So, since no one got the Mystery Jam this week, we will be paying for two downloads next week.  Until then, thank you for your continued support of the Mystery Jam series.
MP3 Downloads Courtesy of


, comment by frantic0blivion
frantic0blivion file not found (again)
i'll try using a different browser...
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez worked on google chrome again.

i'm going to roll with 9-18-99 boogie on

i'll have to check my work will driving around today...
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez that should be "while driving around today."
, comment by Choda
Choda 5/28/94 You Enjoy Myself

, comment by BigPimpinNYC
BigPimpinNYC I also got a "file not found". I'm really curious about this one since one person guessed boogie on and someone else guessed YEM
, comment by Thunder
Thunder I think I'll go with YEM 6/11/94 Red Rocks as my guess. I'm not at guessing the tune, or the show, but usually get the year. Good luck everyone, this has a great little breakdown jam from Trey by the way.
, comment by phisherman17
phisherman17 Ghost 7/19/98 Mountain View, CA. They go into limb by limb a few seconds after this soundclip cuts off
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead file not found. again. wtf?!
, comment by Fluffyfluffyhead
Fluffyfluffyhead I dont have a different browser. not an option. this sucks.
, comment by nematode
nematode yeah file not found on either chrome or firefox for me, same thing as last week
, comment by themangosong
themangosong yem
10/31/95 ?
, comment by flatblackK
flatblackK im one of the sad firefox users that cant play
, comment by djcampfirepants
djcampfirepants It hasn't worked on Firefox for me either week, but it did work on Safari via Mac this week. I wish I could say I was real confident in my guess, but I'm not so...
YEM 11-10-95
, comment by sethadam1
sethadam1 Sorry all, it should be working in all browsers now.
, comment by makisupaman
makisupaman YEM - 1994-05-26 San Francisco
, comment by FunkyCFunkyDo
FunkyCFunkyDo Ya Mar. IT.
, comment by i_yam_highdrogin
i_yam_highdrogin def '03. seven below? no idea the exact date though.
, comment by BathtubG
BathtubG I knew it was 98 from trey's sound. He had a different tone that year
, comment by squalie
squalie YEM 11-3-94
, comment by blackeyedcarey
blackeyedcarey is this an official release, or a random track picked from the archive?

YEM - spring '93; i'll go with 4-14-93

if it's an archival release, i'll guess YEM - 8-14-93
, comment by jmam32
jmam32 Timber 11/28/97
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray YEM

4-5-98 Soundcheck
, comment by BigPimpinNYC
BigPimpinNYC YEM 7-3-98
, comment by isawitagain
isawitagain 6/14/2000 japan

, comment by gperk
gperk Stash-11.14.95
, comment by MJZ1974
MJZ1974 Tube 2-26-97 Stuttgart, Germany?
, comment by Thunder
Thunder 2nd day guess: YEM 10/23/94 Band Shell, Univ of Florida, Gainesville.
, comment by Choda
Choda YEM 12/9/94

, comment by asteroid
asteroid yem from 2/21/97
, comment by phishroc
phishroc You Enjoy Myself 4/5/1994
, comment by wauch
wauch 11/16/95 Timber (Jerry), West Palm Beach Auditorium
, comment by Hood369
Hood369 8/14/2004 twist
, comment by isawitagain
isawitagain i wrote the wrong date for the MJ,
but i do think it is twist,
and either from japan 2000
or europe 1997,

, comment by icculus000
icculus000 Timber 10-20-95

Member Name: Icculus000
, comment by puckman638
puckman638 There are two different clips! The one on the homepage is Ya Mar from IT, 8/2/03.

The clip here ( is a different one....
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel puckman is right, they're two different clips. Don't know this page's clip but would say it's from a 95' YEM.
, comment by squalie
squalie YEM 11-14-94?
, comment by otter
otter tough one...
, comment by jburns52
jburns52 not familiar with the jam but thought i heard an mmmbop tease so i am going to guess 7-6-97- they soundchecked with an mmm bop jam- would have to be YEM
, comment by IdRatherBeOnTour
IdRatherBeOnTour Def a tough one! I'm not hearing the YEM at all????????

Timber (Jerry)
Friday, 10/29/2010
Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
, comment by colemaann
colemaann 10/08/2010 Zilker Park - YEM
, comment by The_Good_Doctor
The_Good_Doctor 6/20/1997 Prague, CZ

Cavern > Twist
, comment by chillingthrillingsounds
chillingthrillingsounds what i find strange is that when i played this on the front page it was a totally different jam than the one here.
, comment by kari108
kari108 So which clip do we vote on? On the other page i was thinking an 03 SAND of some sort but this is a completely different clip
, comment by Corey
Corey There are two different clips. The one above is yem. from where or when idk.. and the one on the homepage has a few possibilities:
Sand or Ghost were my first picks.. but after seeing the Timber.. I'm leaning towards that...
, comment by sethadam1
sethadam1 There was a bug only in browser that do not support the <audio> element (they fallback to Flash, and the bug only affected the Flash version of mystery jam) and only on the front page. It's been fixed. Sorry for the issues, thanks for being patient as we converted to our new native blog.
, comment by MiguelSanchez
MiguelSanchez congrats mystery jam... you win this round!!
, comment by lpenoza
lpenoza I wish I had played this one. I was at that show in the front row center aisle seat, and I'll not ever forget Baby Gramps doing the YEM vocal jam with the guys. I would have won my first MJ...
, comment by tipetoo
tipetoo Anybody who guess that it was post 94 is a fucking idiot. 95 might not have been a dumb guess, but if you thought it was 96 or after, you fail at phish and need to either give it up or get smarter.
, comment by i_yam_highdrogin
i_yam_highdrogin wow, i was embarrassingly far off.. but hey that's what makes phish so great, they're completely timeless.
, comment by i_yam_highdrogin
i_yam_highdrogin @tipetoo said:
Anybody who guess that it was post 94 is a fucking idiot. 95 might not have been a dumb guess, but if you thought it was 96 or after, you fail at phish and need to either give it up or get smarter.

well gee i wish i'd read this before i posted my own apology. eat a dick bro.
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 Nobody should be referred to as an idiot, but if you were listening to the YEM jam and thought it was post 94, you definitely need to listen to more Phish.
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