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Wild Thing

Music/Lyrics: Chip Taylor

Vocals: Unknown

Original Artist: The Wild Ones

Original Album: The Arthur Sound (1965)

Debut: 1985-11-23

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

"Wild Thing," the ever-coverable song originally performed by The Wild Ones (though the version by The Troggs is much better known), may seem an unlikely song for Phish to play, but apparently it was done. Mike has spoken of covering this song early on at the curious 11/23/85 show, at which Mike had his oft-described spiritual epiphany. According to Mike, “Wild Thing” had been written on a blackboard the band used, on which fans would write down requests of what they wanted to hear. Perhaps a pre-cursor to the Halloween musical costume days to come, this practice was apparently used at occasional gigs, yielding often curious and bizarre setlists that to this day leave fans scratching their heads.

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