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What's the Use?

Music: Phish

Vocals: Instrumental

Albums: The Siket Disc, Alpine Valley

Debut: 1999-07-04

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

Last Update: 2014-10-01

"What's the Use?", the majestic gravitational centerpiece of The Siket Disc, is a lush soaring spacescape of digital effects and electronic loops set to an ominously dark and ponderous bass line. It echoes the crush of the singularity of matter and energy at the core of a gently spiraling galaxy of reason as viewed by a hesitant psychonaut during those first hesitant steps across the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. With the sound of orbiting gravity drive craft whirring overhead the psychonaut chips through the thick layer of ice revealing an ocean of liquid oxygen beneath the surface. The sight of the fluorescent glow-Phish hurtling through the roiling mass of thick air beneath the icy crust inspires pure joy and longing in the heart of all who see them. After taking one last look at the galaxy of reason spiraling overhead the psychonaut leaps once more into the icy abyss of infinite love and greets the inherent death of self with a smile.

"Down with Disease" -> "What's the Use" – 8/14/10, Alpine Valley

“What’s the use in going fast if you’re not in a race?” is the lyrical question that goes unasked on The Siket Disc release of “What’s The Use?” However, an abbreviated version that circulates on unauthorized Bearsville Studio outtakes contains these (and other) lyrics from which the song’s title is derived. This is quite an appropriate question, considering the “Taste(y)” “Norwegian Wood” on Quaaludes melody it is nestled within. “What’s The Use?” debuted on 7/4/99 (after being teased earlier in the set during “Slave”) and was played sporadically during the rest of the east coast leg of the summer ‘99 tour. Following two performances (9/10/99 and 9/14/99) on the west coast leg of the tour, “What’s The Use?” remained frozen in the icy depths with the Glowphish. With the thaw brought on by the radiation of the sun that was summer tour 2000 the frosty instrumental flowed in rivulets from the stages of the Creeks (6/25/00 Walnut Creek and 7/10/00 Deer Creek).

During 2003 “What’s the Use?” oozed out of a spacey “Weekapaug Groove” in Hampton (1/4/03) as well as the jam that followed “Ghost” at the Nassau Coliseum (11/28/03). In 2004, when the band was asking itself the unanswerable question, "What's the Use?" was shelved for the duration. 

Toward the end of 2009 – the year the band started to provide an answer to the imponderable query – Phish became aware that they were nearing an all-time record for the most individual songs played during a given year. "What's the Use?" was one of ten songs played during night three (12/30/09) of the Miami NYE run that helped push them over the top for the record. In 2010 the question was pondered at an opportune time for fans, emerging out of a hot "Down with Disease" on 8/14/10 and officially released on the Alpine Valley CD/DVD combo.

With the exception of the blank space in 2013 which resulted in a 77 show gap between the 8/25/12 Atlanta’s and 8/30/14 Dick’s performances, Phish has stuck with the faulty plan of keeping “What’s the Use?” in a far too irregular rotation of one or two performances a year.  Perhaps another wink at Europa which is tidally locked with its host planet and despite orbiting Jupiter every three days, does not rotate at all.

"What's the Use" – 8/30/14, Commerce City, CO

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