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T.V. Theme

Music: Phish

Vocals: Instrumental

Debut: 1985-09-27

Historian: Mark Toscano

This song constitutes one of the more unexplored conundrums of Phish’s early song mysteries. Labeled consistently for years as “Star Trek jam” on everyone’s tapes, this reasonably short Allman-esque instrumental sounds very little like any Star Trek music. Like another “Melissa” or “Jessica” or some other thusly-named song, Trey and Jeff’s guitars trace a happy little melody around as the rest of the band supports them from behind. Though the band likely performed it more than once, the only known version appears on the curious 10/17/85 Finbar’s show. There is no doubt as to the “original or cover” question: Trey clearly states that it’s a new one they just wrote in the past few days.

Even band archivist Kevin Shapiro was somewhat perplexed when it came to the identification of this song. He was able to offer a piece of information that at least shed a little more light: the band’s original master tape calls the song “T.V. Theme.” Whether it’s an actual T.V. theme, or a fictional ditty the band wrote for their own wacky and wild program, who knows?

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