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Music/Lyrics: Beard/Gibbons/Hill

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: ZZ Top

Original Album: Fandango (1975)

Debut: 1986-12-06

Historian: Ellis Godard

Phish has twice covered “Tush,” the epitome of ZZ Top’s redneck rock though the shortest of the trio’s scores of originals. Both performances (12/6/86 and 8/10/87) rounded out cover-heavy sets, and the second was in a show with two other ZZ Top tunes (“La Grange” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago”). The song, a three-chord ditty about a plan to resolve libidinal urges, helped build the repertoire of what was becoming known as a great bar band from Vermont. But the tune didn’t translate well to larger venues, as witnessed in more recent soundchecks (e.g. 8/14/96).

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