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The Fishin' Hole

Also Known As: Theme from The Andy Griffith Show

Music: Herbert Spencer and Earle Hagen

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Herbert Spencer and Earle Hagen

Albums: Live Phish 09

Debut: 1989-03-01

Historian: Ellis Godard

Its real name is no better known than its lyrics (written years later), but right here is a catchy television classic of yesteryear. A professed fan of ditties, Trey picked up the tune as part of the band’s “secret language.” It has been teased in “Possum” (5/13/89 and 2/10/90), “Antelope” (3/8/90 and 3/28/93), "BBFCFM" (3/9/90), "I Am Hydrogen" (9/17/90) and “Weekapaug” (11/16/90). But the classic performances are the full-fledged debut on 3/1/89, and when the band whistled it to open a second set (8/26/89) and the audience whistled along.

The Andy Griffith Show intro

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