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Performances Song History

Tell Me Something Good

Music/Lyrics: Stevie Wonder

Vocals: Unknown Guest

Original Artist: Rufus with Chaka Khan

Original Album: Rags to Rufus (1974)

Debut: 1987-03-06

Historian: Craig DeLucia

This 1970s funk classic written by Stevie Wonder only shows up at one Phish show: 3/6/87 at Goddard. Reprising Chaka Khan’s original role, an unknown female joined the band on lead vocals. While the song didn’t have legs with Phish, Fishman still performs the song with his band, Pork Tornado (check out 4/7/99 or 4/13/99), and Trey has covered the song with Dave Matthews and Friends (visit 12/15/03 or 1/15/04).

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