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Sweet Emotion

Music/Lyrics: Tyler/Hamilton

Vocals: Phish

Original Artist: Aerosmith

Original Album: Toys in the Attic (1975)

Debut: 1993-03-16

Historian: Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo)

“Sweet Emotion” is the classic from Toys in the Attic, the first Top 40 song from the first platinum album from Boston-based rock legends Aerosmith. Phish acknowledged this album by including it among the 99 albums under apparent consideration for a cover performance at Festival 8 before falling victim to the knife.

Phish has never offered a full rendition of "Sweet Emotion," though they have jammed the song on three occasions. Two of the jams came during “Tweezer” on 3/16/93 and 11/27/96. By far the best known "Sweet Emotion" jam by Phish is from the second set madness on 5/7/94 at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, captured on Live Phish 18. Shorter “Sweet Emotion” teases can be found in the 4/21/915/3/91, and 5/6/93 versions of “Tweezer,” the 9/21/90 and 5/25/91 versions of “YEM,” while a quote of the song emerged out of the 7/9/99 Merriweather “Mike’s Song” jam. 

Fans of "Sweet Emotion" will also want to check out the delightfully odd acoustic offerings by Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke, either on their 2005 release Sixty-Six Steps or from their tours in support of the album including 10/16/05 at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT.

"Sweet Emotion" – Aerosmith, Official Music Video

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