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St. Stephen

Music: Garcia/Lesh

Lyrics: Hunter

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Grateful Dead

Original Album: Aoxomoxoa (1969)

Debut: 1984-11-03

Historian: Mark Toscano, lumpblockclod

"St. Stephen" is just one of the several Dead songs that appear in the setlists of early Phish shows. So far, only one known performance of this song has been discovered, and it takes the form of a “St. Stephen” jam rather than a complete interpretation of the song. Following an admirable but somewhat embarrassing version of “Bertha,” the guys jammed on “Stephen” for a spell before moving onto the more raucous “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” (which itself ended up hosting a “St. Stephen” tease). Though this early show is fun for novelty and historical purposes, fans looking for a solid version with members of Phish might want to check out any one of several Phil and Friends versions involving Trey: 4/16/99 (which also features Page), 2/12/06 and 6/30/06.

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