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Soul Shakedown Party

Music/Lyrics: Bob Marley

Vocals: Page (Lead), Fish, Mike, Trey (Backing)

Original Artist: Bob Marley and The Wailers

Original Album: Single (1970)

Debut: 1997-02-17

Historian: Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo)

Last Update: 2011-07-23

Walk the narrow streets of Amsterdam, and it is hard to travel very far before seeing some tribute to Bob Marley. Given the obvious admiration members of Phish have demonstrated toward Bob Marley it was no great surprise for them to debut a Marley cover during their second ever visit to Amsterdam. “Soul Shakedown Party” opened Phish’s appearance at Amsterdam’s historic Paradiso on 2/17/97. After one more appearance on 2/20/97 in Milan, Italy (sandwiched between “Tweezer” and “Chalk Dust Torture”) the song then went back into mothballs, gone and seemingly forgotten before even one performance on American soil.

All that changed on 2/28/03 at Nassau Coliseum. Emerging out of a monumental second set opening “Tweezer,” “Soul Shakedown Party” shocked the already delirious crowd. This mid-set reggae interlude is but one part of what many seasoned Phish observers feel is one of their most powerful, well-rounded, front-to-back shows ever performed, given the unsurpassed strength of song selection and brilliant diversity of jamming. In a delightfully ironic twist, the breakout of “Soul Shakedown Party” – an event that would have been the highlight of many other shows – wasn’t nearly the biggest bustout of the evening, as the fan obsession “Destiny Unbound” was performed in the first set for the first time in almost 800 shows. 

After the two aforementioned appearances out of "Tweezer," "Soul Shakedown" returned to its show-opening roots as the opener for the party-vibe Vegas gig on 4/17/04, the bustout-infused Miami gig on 12/30/09, and the third day of SBIX on 7/3/11, widely considered among the best first sets of the 3.0 era.

"Soul Shakedown Party" 12/30/09 Miami, FL

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