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So Lonely

Music/Lyrics: Sting

Vocals: Page (lead), Mike, Trey (backing)

Original Artist: The Police

Original Album: Outlandos d'Amour (1978)

Debut: 1998-11-14

Historian: Ellis Godard

Phish capped a decent show with a strange encore when they preceded “Tweezer Reprise” with this staple from The Police. The verse lyrics (including “Welcome to this one man show / Just take a seat, they’re always free”) didn’t fit, though perhaps the chorus matched the mood of music men on the road and halfway through a four-week tour, their second as an all-married band.

For no known reason, the song was originally listed in setlists for 2/20/97 but was not played that night. In early November 1998, there was a thread on telling people to correct their setlists, just a few days before the song was played live for the first time!

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Looking_For_Owls Reply
Looking_For_Owls I loved this, and always wished they would play it. So psyched that I was actually in attendance the only time they did. And who cares if the lyrics "didn't fit". These song histories are just bizarre sometimes. They're supposed to be song histories, not opinion pieces.
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