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Music/Lyrics: Gordon/Murawski

Vocals: Mike

Debut: 2013-10-31

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

Last Update: 2014-06-17

Some moments of natural beauty are perhaps better described without words. The wintry soundscape of “Snow” that tumbled and glistened onto the stage of Boardwalk Hall during the Halloween 2013 Wingsuit set was definitely one of those moments. Had it been introduced by name and performed as an acoustic instrumental, the song would have painted the stark beauty of the green mountain state covered in a blanket of its namesake after a particularly devastating nor’easter. 

Unfortunately, because the Gordon and Murawski penned tune has some (largely inscrutable upon repeated listening) lyrics and those words were sung in Mike’s near unlistenable cracked falsetto, the vision of boreal beauty was transformed into a twinkling yet malodorous poopsicle. It was the frozen turd in the midst of a bowl of the finest new Phish Food scooped up in a long time. The song would be an amazing instrumental. The song would likely have been just fine had the words been sung in Mike’s natural register. As debuted it may be better off left as a one-timer that is ultimately excised from the album. The June 2014 release of Fuego confirmed this cutting room floor fate for the widely maligned tune. Was it something I said?

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psuphan Reply
psuphan Agreed on the review/history, but I think this one has a lot of potential. I hope it reappears after some work, polish, etc. Would be a great tune for an all acoustic set, or even as an intro-outro at some point, and I'd hate to see them shelf it this early.

You want to see an artist in his rawest and most exposed form, I give you Mike when performing on Halloween. That took balls to perform and kudos to him.
Score: 4
TheSilentTrees Reply
I was there too, and, coming from the funkalicious high of Wombat and Abe Vigoda's subsequent appearance, this slow song felt out of place. Bathroom breaks galore. The word "poopsicle" seems quite apt.

I would love to see this song retooled, because there is definitely potential... but, I wouldn't particularly mind if it was forgotten as well.
Score: 0
Slothberries Reply
Slothberries Beautiful song...terrible singing. Im hoping that it makes the album and that modern technology can make Mike sound at least halfway decent.
Score: 0
ry007d Reply
I could not disagree more. The song has a rare and tranquil beauty that is clearly unique from other Mike (and Phish) compositions. Hearing it live made me think of the haunting and melodic Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, and I hope the song receives further treatment.
Score: 0
MOstGhoSt Reply
MOstGhoSt I was there and I liked it. and I liked the snow light effects too. and I could understand the words. the sound was perfectly imperfect somehow. this song has potential.
Score: 0
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