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Skippy the Wondermouse

Music: Anastasio

Lyrics: Trey Anastasio/Dina Anastasio/The Dude of Life

Vocals: Trey

Debut: 1984-12-01

Historian: Mark Toscano

Last Update: 2016-02-11

Written in the early ‘80s by Trey with his mother, Dina, “Skippy” features bizarre kiddie lyrics over a Trey composition that would eventually serve as the bulk of “McGrupp.” The 12/1/84 Nectar’s debut featured The Dude of Life on vocals, although Trey sang it himself in subsequent versions. “Skippy” was played on only four known occasions, the last being 10/30/85. After that time “McGrupp” – more or less the same music but with Tom Marshall’s lyrics – had taken its place

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