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Skippy the Wondermouse

Music: Anastasio

Lyrics: Trey Anastasio/Dina Anastasio/The Dude of Life

Vocals: Trey

Debut: 1984-12-01

Historian: Mark Toscano

Last Update: 2015-06-05

This is one of the few tunes written by Trey with his mother, Dina, when working on various children’s albums in the early ‘80s. It features bizarre kiddie lyrics over a Trey composition that would eventually serve as the bulk of "McGrupp". For the band’s 12/1/84 Nectar’s debut, the song was played with The Dude of Life on vocals, although Trey sang it himself in some subsequent versions. “Skippy” was played very few times, and by 1986, the song had disappeared, and “McGrupp” – more or less the same music with Tom Marshall lyrics instead – had taken its place.

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Recommended Versions: 1984-12-01, 1985-03-04, 1985-09-27, 1985-10-30

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