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She Thinks I Still Care

Music/Lyrics: Royden Dickey Lipscomb (aka Dickey Lee)

Vocals: Mike

Original Artist: George Jones

Original Album: She Thinks I Still Care (1962)

Debut: 2009-03-08

Historian: Chris Bertolet

Memphis songwriter Dickey Lee made a name for himself when George Jones' recording of his destined classic "She Thinks I Still Care" charted on country radio in 1962. While Lee may unfairly dwell in Jones' shadow today, he's in good company.

George Jones, to those with even the slightest predilection for authentic country music, might as well be the Texan spawn of Roman god Bacchus and goddess Minerva. The guitarist and singer's unrivaled recording career -- which now spans six decades and has endured epic battles with heartbreak, dope, and the bottle -- is the stuff of legend. He counts among his achievements 66 studio albums, 13 number one country hits, a seat in the Country Music Hall of Fame, a fruitful musical partnership with one-time wife Tammy Wynette, and the remarkable feat of being alive, still, as this song history is written. His canon is singularly honest, pugilistic, cleansing, and cathartic, not to mention riotously funny. He stands alone.

And get this: he still tours.

In a just world, "She Thinks I Still Care" is more than a one-off Phish cover, and more than just a kitschy interlude amid the madness of the Hampton '09 reunion run. It's an invitation to explore the bottomless treasure of George Jones and his music. Start with The Essential George Jones and lose yourself in something uniquely American.

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