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She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride

Vocals: Mike

Original Artist: Taj Mahal

Original Album: The Natch'l Blues (1968)

Debut: 1986-12-06

Historian: Jeremy Welsh

Released on Taj Mahal’s album, Natch’l Blues, “She Caught the Katy” tells a story of unrequited love in a light-hearted manner. Phish performed this blues number on four known occasions through 1988 (12/6/86, 4/29/87, 8/29/87 and 7/30/88). After eleven years and over eight hundred shows (not including an 8/10/97 soundcheck appearance), Phish broke-out “She Caught the Katy” at the Desert Sky Pavilion in Phoenix on 7/21/98. This funked-out version flowed out of a very strong “Ghost” at the end of the second set and segued into “Funky Bitch” (a notable ending to the show, with Mike singing the last two numbers). Phish has also covered “Corrina” off of the same original album.

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